Cabinet Haseloff III

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The Haseloff III cabinet has been the state government of Saxony-Anhalt since September 16, 2021 . It replaced Haseloff II's cabinet . In Reiner Haseloff's third term as Prime Minister, the coalition consists of the CDU and SPD - both were already involved in the previous government - as well as the FDP , which returned to parliament after ten years as a result of the state elections in 2021 and became the third coalition partner Bündnis 90 / The Greens replaced.

Cabinet Haseloff III
10. State government of Saxony-Anhalt
Pure Haseloff
Prime Minister Pure Haseloff
choice 2021
Legislative period 8th.
education September 16, 2021
duration 0 years and 1 day
predecessor Cabinet Haseloff II
Party (s) CDU, SPD and FDP
minister 9
opposition leader Oliver Kirchner ( AfD )

Members of the state government

Cabinet Haseloff III - from September 16, 2021
government office image Surname Political party
Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff CDU party conference 2014 by Olaf Kosinsky-5.jpg Pure Haseloff CDU
First Deputy Prime Minister 2018-09 Tierparkfest 10 Armin Willingmann.jpg Armin Willingmann SPD
Minister for Science, Energy, Climate Protection and the Environment
Second Deputy Prime Minister Lydia Hüskens (FDP) (cropped) .jpg Lydia Hüskens FDP
Minister for Infrastructure and Digital
Minister for Labor, Social Affairs, Integration and Equality Petra Grimm-Benne 2281.jpg Petra Grimm-Benne SPD
Minister of State and Head of the State Chancellery , Minister of Culture Silver - replace this image male.svg Rainer Robra CDU
Minister of the Interior and Sport Silver - replace this image female.svg Tamara Zieschang CDU
Minister for Economy, Tourism, Agriculture and Forests Silver - replace this image male.svg Sven Schulze CDU
Minister of Finance Silver - replace this image male.svg Michael Richter CDU
Minister for Education Eva Feussner 2211.jpg Eva Feussner CDU
Minister for Justice and Consumer Protection Silver - replace this image female.svg Franziska Weidinger CDU

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