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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the Münsterhausen market
Map of Germany, position of the market Muensterhausen highlighted

Coordinates: 48 ° 19 '  N , 10 ° 27'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Swabia
County : Gunzburg
Management Community : Thannhausen
Height : 492 m above sea level NHN
Area : 18.48 km 2
Residents: 1972 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 107 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 86505
Area code : 08281
License plate : GZ, KRU
Community key : 09 7 74 160
Market structure: 5 parts of the community
Association administration address: Christoph-v.-Schmid-Str. 7
86470 Thannhausen
Website :
Mayor : Erwin Haider (Neutral Citizens' Block / CSU )
Location of the Münsterhausen market in the Günzburg district
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Münsterhausen is a market in the Swabian district of Günzburg, which is part of the Donau-Iller planning region, and is a member of the Thannhausen administrative community .



The community is located between Ulm and Augsburg , in the Mindeltal on the eastern edge of the natural area of ​​the Lower Iller-Lech gravel plates . The town of Münsterhausen is more on the eastern edge of the Mindeltal, the two districts Hagenried and Oberhagenried on the western edge of the wide valley. East of the Mindeltal begins the natural area of ​​the " Staudenplatte ", or the "Zusamplatten und Stauffenberggebiet", which form the Augsburg-Western Forests Nature Park . The two eastern districts of Reichertsried and Häuserhof are already in this natural area.

Parish parts

The municipality has five officially named municipal parts (the type of settlement is indicated in brackets and the number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2019):

There are the districts of Hagenried, Münsterhausen and Oberhagenried.


The annual precipitation is 862 mm. It is more in the upper third of the measuring points of the German Weather Service . The driest month is February, and it rains the most in June. In the wettest month, about 2.3 times more rain falls than in the driest month.

(see also: List of weather stations in the district of Günzburg )


Until the church is planted

The first secure documentary mention of today's Münsterhausen dates from the year 1384. This document confirms the ownership of the Ursberg monastery . The rule in the formerly independent towns of Münster and Hausen belonged to the margraviate of Burgau . From the year 1433 the villages were in often changing fiefdoms . Münsterhausen was raised to the market in 1580 and became the seat of a maintenance office of the Augsburg bishopric . From 1660 onwards, the Barons von Heidenheim held local rule until they died out in 1789. With the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss of 1803, the places came to Bavaria . The community emerged in 1818 from the formerly independent towns of Münster and Hausen. The cathedral further north and Hausen to the south were still structurally separated at that time.

Territorial reform of the 1970s

Until the regional reform , the community belonged to the district of Krumbach . This was dissolved on July 1, 1972, Münsterhausen came to the district of Günzburg. On January 1, 1978, the previously independent municipality of Hagenried was incorporated. On May 1, 1978, the Oberhagenried part of the dissolved Edelstetten municipality was added, which had fewer than 25 inhabitants at the time.

Population development

Between 1988 and 2018 the market grew from 1,724 to 1,965 by 241 inhabitants or 14%.

  • 1961: 1512 inhabitants
  • 1970: 1622 inhabitants
  • 1987: 1709 inhabitants
  • 1991: 1888 inhabitants
  • 1995: 2083 inhabitants
  • 2000: 2084 inhabitants
  • 2005: 2072 inhabitants
  • 2010: 1992 inhabitants
  • 2015: 1979 inhabitants
Panoramic picture Münsterhausen, viewed from the west


Local election 2020

Since the local elections in 2020, the municipal council has only 12 members instead of 14 as before. The reason for this is the population, which has fallen below 2000. In the municipal council election, the Neutraler Bürgerblock (NBB) Münsterhausen e. V. six seats (53.7% of the votes) and six seats on the CSU / FWG list (46.3% of the votes).

Erwin Haider (NBB / CSU) has been mayor since May 1, 2020; he received 89.8% of the vote with no opposing candidate.

Previous elections

In the 2014 local elections, out of 14 local council seats, the CSU / FWG had seven seats and the Neutral Citizens' Block (NBB) Münsterhausen e. V. seven seats.

Mayor was Robert Hartinger (CSU / FWG) from 2008 to 2020.


Pilgrimage Church of
Our Lady
View from the northeast
  • The baroque pilgrimage church of Our Lady . The Catholic Church was first mentioned in 1706. Afterwards it underwent multiple modifications and extensions.

See also: List of architectural monuments in Münsterhausen and List of ground monuments in Münsterhausen

Established businesses

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