2008 Summer Olympics / Athletics - High Jump (Women)

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Olympic rings
Beijing National Stadium, 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.jpg
sport athletics
discipline high jump
gender Women
place Beijing National Stadium
Attendees 31 athletes from 22 countries
Competition phase 21./23. August 2008
gold gold Tia Hellebaut ( BEL ) BelgiumBelgium 
Silver medals silver Blanka Vlašić ( CRO ) CroatiaCroatia 
Bronze medals bronze Chaunté Howard ( USA ) United StatesUnited States 

The high jump at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing was held on August 21 and 23, 2008. 31 athletes took part.

The Belgian Tia Hellebaut became Olympic champion . She won ahead of the Croatian Blanka Vlašić . The American Chaunté Howard won bronze .

Current titleholders

Olympic Champion 2004 Jelena Slessarenko ( Russia ) RussiaRussia  2.06 m Athens 2004
World Champion 2007 Blanka Vlašić ( Croatia ) CroatiaCroatia  2.05 m Osaka 2007
European Champion 2006 Tia Hellebaut ( Belgium ) BelgiumBelgium  2.03 m Gothenburg 2006
Pan American Champion 2007 Romary Rifka ( Mexico ) MexicoMexico  1.98 m Rio de Janeiro 2007
2008 Central American and Caribbean Champion Levern Spencer ( St. Lucia ) Saint LuciaSt. Lucia  1.91 m Cali 2008
South American Champion 2007 Caterine Ibargüen ( Colombia ) ColombiaColombia  1.84 m São Paulo 2007
Asian Champion 2007 Tatiana Efimenko ( Kyrgyzstan ) KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan  1.94 m Amman 2007
African champion 2004 Anika Smit ( South Africa ) South AfricaSouth Africa  1.88 m Addis Ababa 2008
Oceania Champion 2008 Women's high jump not in the championship program Saipan 2008

Existing records

World record 2.09 m Stefka Kostadinowa ( Bulgaria ) BulgariaBulgaria  Rome , Italy August 30, 1987
Olympic record 2.06 m Jelena Slessarenko ( Russia ) RussiaRussia  Athens Final , Greece August 28, 2004


There were three female doping sinners in this discipline who were convicted and disqualified in 2016.

  • Anna Tschitscherowa , Russia - initially third. She was stripped of her bronze medal for doping abuse.
  • Jelena Slessarenko , also from Russia - initially fourth. Their placement was also canceled for doping abuse.
  • Wita Palamar , Ukraine - initially fifth. Her result has been deleted for doping abuse.


August 21, 2008, 10:50 am

The qualification was carried out in two groups. The qualification height for the direct entry into the final was 1.96 m. None of the participating jumpers approached this height at all, as it became clear that a jumped 1.93 m was sufficient to qualify for the final. Fifteen athletes (highlighted in light green) reached the final. However, among them were the three above. Doping fraudsters, so that only twelve of the finalists made it into the ranking.

Group A

Svetlana Radzivil from Uzbekistan - here on an Uzbek postage stamp - fails with 1.89 m in the qualification
space Surname nation 1.80 m 1.85 m 1.89 m 1.93 m height annotation
1 Tia Hellebaut BelgiumBelgium Belgium - O O O 1.93
2 Ariane Friedrich GermanyGermany Germany - O xo O 1.93
3 Svetlana Schkolina RussiaRussia Russia O O O xo 1.93
4th Romana Dubnová Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic O xo O xxo 1.93
5 Doreen Amata NigeriaNigeria Nigeria O O O xxx 1.89
6th Svetlana Radzivil UzbekistanUzbekistan Uzbekistan O xo O xxx 1.89
7th Amy Acuff United StatesUnited States United States O O xo xxx 1.89
8th Zheng Xingjuan China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China xo O xxo xxx 1.89
9 Karina Vnukova LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania O O xxx 1.85
10 Sharon Day United StatesUnited States United States xo O xxx 1.85
Antonia Stergiou GreeceGreece Greece xo O xxx
12 Ekaterina Yevseeva KazakhstanKazakhstan Kazakhstan O xxo xxx 1.85
13 Noeng Ruthai Chaipech ThailandThailand Thailand O xxx 1.80
Ina Gliznuța Moldova RepublicRepublic of Moldova Moldova O xxx
DOP Wita Palamar UkraineUkraine Ukraine in the final, later disqualified
Anna Chicherova RussiaRussia Russia

Group B

Levern Spencer from St. Lucia skips 1.85 m in qualification, which is not enough for the final
space Surname nation 1.80 m 1.85 m 1.89 m 1.93 m height annotation
1 Marina Aitowa KazakhstanKazakhstan Kazakhstan O O O O 1.93
Ruth Beitia SpainSpain Spain O O O O
Wita Stjopina UkraineUkraine Ukraine O O O O
4th Antonietta Di Martino ItalyItaly Italy xo O O O 1.93
5 Iva Straková Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic O O xxo O 1.93
6th Chaunté Howard United StatesUnited States United States O O O xo 1.93
Blanka Vlašić CroatiaCroatia Croatia O O O xo
8th Emma Green SwedenSweden Sweden O O O xxo 1.93
9 Melanie Skotnik FranceFrance France O O O xxx 1.89
10 Nicole Forrester CanadaCanada Canada O O xo xxx 1.89
11 Anna Iljuštšenko EstoniaEstonia Estonia O xxo xo xxx 1.89
12 Nadiya Dusanova UzbekistanUzbekistan Uzbekistan xxo O xxx 1.85
13 Levern Spencer Saint LuciaSt. Lucia St. Lucia - xo xxx 1.85
ogV Tatiana Efimenko KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan xxx without height
Romary Rifka MexicoMexico Mexico xxx
DOP Jelena Slessarenko RussiaRussia Russia in the final, later disqualified


August 23, 2008, 7:00 p.m.

There were fifteen athletes in the final, none of whom had reached the qualifying height of 1.96 m, because in the elimination it became apparent that 1.93 m would be enough for the final. Two high jumpers from the Czech Republic and one participant each from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Russia, Spain, the Ukraine and the United States competed for the medals. Three other athletes - two from Russia and one from Ukraine - were convicted and disqualified eight years after these games during follow-up controls for doping abuse .

The inner circle of favorites included the Croatian world champion from 2007 and European championship fourth from 2006 Blanka Vlašić, the Italian vice world champion from 2007 Antonietta Di Martino, the US vice world champion from 2005 Chaunté Howard and the Belgian European champion from 2006 Tia Hellebaut. The three doping fraudsters should also be counted here, but there is no need to go into more detail about these athletes.

Six high jumpers were still in the competition when the height of 1.99 m was required. By then, Vlašić, Hellebaut, the Spaniard Ruth Beitia and the German Ariane Friedrich had mastered everything in the first attempt. Howard and the Swede Emma Green had two failed attempts, whereby Green had only taken the last 1.96 m with their third jump. Only Vlašić kept her white vest at 1.99 m. It took Hellebaut two and Howard three tries to jump the height. Beitia, Friedrich and Green failed three times each. Ruth Beitia and Ariane Friedrich took fourth place together. Emma Green was sixth.

At 2.01 m, Vlašić, Hellebaut and Howard had a medal, but the ranking had yet to be clarified. Vlašić failed again, Hellebaut mastered the task with her second jump, Howard tore three times, she won the bronze medal with a jump of 1.99 m. It went the same way over 2.03 m: Vlašić took the height straight away, Hellebaut with her second attempt. Now 2.05 m were placed and the sequence was reversed for the first time: Hellebaut showed strong nerves and was successful with the first jump, while Vlašić had her first failed attempt at the competition. But she stayed in the race and took the second jump. It continued with 2.07 m, which would have been an Olympic record . Here the decision was made. Vlašić failed three times, while Hellebaut refrained from further attempts after a failed jump. Tia Hellebaut won gold because she needed fewer attempts over 2.05 m at the same height. For Blanka Vlašić there was the silver medal.

Tia Hellebaut was the first Belgian Olympic champion in the women's high jump . Blanka Vlašić won the first Croatian medal in this discipline.

space Surname nation 1.85 m 1.89 m 1.93 m 1.96 m 1.99 m 2.01 m 2.03 m 2.05 m 2.07 m Bottom line annotation
1 Tia Hellebaut BelgiumBelgium Belgium O O O O xo xo xo O x- 2.05 NO
2 Blanka Vlašić CroatiaCroatia Croatia O O O O O O O xo xxx 2.05
3 Chaunté Howard United StatesUnited States United States O O xo xo xxo xxx 1.99
4th Ruth Beitia SpainSpain Spain O O O O xxx 1.96
Ariane Friedrich GermanyGermany Germany O - O O xxx
6th Emma Green SwedenSweden Sweden O O O xxo xxx 1.96
7th Marina Aitowa KazakhstanKazakhstan Kazakhstan O O O xxx 1.93
Antonietta Di Martino ItalyItaly Italy O O O xxx
9 Iva Straková Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic O O xxo xxx 1.93
Wita Stjopina UkraineUkraine Ukraine O O xxo xxx
11 Svetlana Schkolina RussiaRussia Russia O xo xxo xxx 1.93
12 Romana Dubnová Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic O xo x- - - - - - - 1.89
DOP Anna Chicherova RussiaRussia Russia Result canceled in 2016
Jelena Slessarenko RussiaRussia Russia
Wita Palamar UkraineUkraine Ukraine

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