2008 Summer Olympics / Athletics - Long Jump (Women)

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Olympic rings
Beijing National Stadium, 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.jpg
sport athletics
discipline Long jump
gender Women
place Beijing National Stadium
Attendees 42 athletes from 33 countries
Competition phase August 19-22, 2008
gold gold Maurren Higa Maggi ( BRA ) BrazilBrazil 
Silver medals silver Blessing Okagbare ( NGR ) NigeriaNigeria 
Bronze medals bronze Chelsea Hammond ( JAM ) JamaicaJamaica 

The long jump at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing was held on August 19 and 22, 2008. 42 athletes took part.

The Brazilian Maurren Higa Maggi was Olympic champion . The silver medal went to the Nigerian Blessing Okagbare , Chelsea Hammond from Jamaica won bronze.

Current titleholders

Olympic Champion 2004 Tatiana Lebedeva ( Russia ) RussiaRussia  7.07 m Athens 2004
World Champion 2007 7.03 m Osaka 2007
European Champion 2006 Lyudmila Kolchanova ( Russia ) RussiaRussia  6.93 m Gothenburg 2006
Pan American Champion 2007 Maurren Higa Maggi ( Brazil ) BrazilBrazil  6.84 m Rio de Janeiro 2007
2008 Central American and Caribbean Champion Bianca Stuart ( Bahamas ) BahamasBahamas  6.54 m Cali 2008
South American Champion 2007 Maurren Higa Maggi ( Brazil ) BrazilBrazil  6.91 m São Paulo 2007
Asian Champion 2007 Olga Rypakowa ( Kazakhstan ) KazakhstanKazakhstan  6.66 m Amman 2007
African champion 2004 Janice Josephs ( South Africa ) South AfricaSouth Africa  6.64 m Addis Ababa 2008
Oceania Champion 2008 Makelesi Tumalevu ( Fiji ) FijiFiji  5.70 m Saipan 2008

Existing records

World record 7.52 m Galina Tschistjakowa ( Soviet Union ) Soviet UnionSoviet Union  Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg ), Soviet Union (now Russia ) June 11, 1988
Olympic record 7.40 m Jackie Joyner-Kersee ( USA ) United StatesUnited States  Final from Seoul , South Korea September 29, 1988


There were three doping cases in this discipline .

  • Ljudmyla Blonska , Ukraine She was one of the few cases with timely evidence of doping. Four days after her first appearance at these games, the heptathlon , she tested positive for the anabolic steroid methyltestosterone . After the B sample was also positive the next day, it was initially suspended. Another day later she was disqualified and permanently excluded from the games. A lifelong ban followed later.
  • Tatiana Lebedeva , Russia. She was convicted during follow-up investigations into doping abuse. In January 2017 she was stripped of her silver medals in long and triple jump . The athletes placed after her in the final each moved up one place in the official ranking. It was no longer possible for the Russian Tatyana Kotova to retrospectively realize the final participation, which was prevented by Lebedeva's doping fraud. In addition, the Swede Carolina Klüft would have been entitled to start three more attempts in the final of the eight best jumpers.
  • Chrysopigi Devetzi , Greece. Her results in the long and triple jump were also canceled following follow-up examinations in January 2017 for doping abuse. In the long jump she was eliminated in the qualification, in the triple jump she had initially won bronze.


August 19, 2008, 9:40 a.m.

The qualification was carried out in two groups. The qualification distance for the direct entry into the final was 6.75 m. Since only two athletes exceeded this distance (highlighted in light blue), the final field was filled with the next best jumpers from both groups to twelve participants (highlighted in light green). In the end, however, only eleven athletes were included in the ranking, because one of them - the Russian Tatiana Lebedewa - was convicted of doping abuse and disqualified in 2017 . In the end, 6.59 m had to be achieved to participate.

Group A

The Cuban Yargelis Savigne jumps 6.49 m and is eighth in her qualifying group
space Surname nation 1st attempt Second attempt 3. Attempt Expanse annotation
1 Maurren Higa Maggi BrazilBrazil Brazil 6.68 m 6.79 m - 6.79 m
2 Carolina Klüft SwedenSweden Sweden 6.70 m x - 6.70 m
3 Grace Upshaw United StatesUnited States United States 6.47 m 6.68 m x 6.68 m
4th Oxana Udmurtova RussiaRussia Russia 6.48 m x 6.63 m 6.63 m
5 Tabia Charles CanadaCanada Canada 6.33 m 6.61 m 6.49 m 6.61 m
6th Funmilayo Jimoh United StatesUnited States United States 6.42 m 6.28 m 6.61 m 6.61 m
7th Chelsea Hammond JamaicaJamaica Jamaica 6.60 m x x 6.60 m
8th Yargelis Savigne CubaCuba Cuba x x 6.49 m 6.49 m
9 Denisa Ščerbová Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic 6.40 m 6.46 m 5.17 m 6.46 m
10 Patricia Sylvester GrenadaGrenada Grenada 6.44 m 6.42 m 6.38 m 6.44 m
11 Viktoria Rybalko UkraineUkraine Ukraine x x 6.43 m 6.43 m
12 Karin Melis Mey TurkeyTurkey Turkey x 6.42 m x 6.42 m
13 Nina Kolarič SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia 4.92 m 6.19 m 6.40 m 6.40 m
14th Naide Gomes PortugalPortugal Portugal x x 6.29 m 6.29 m
15th Volha Sjarhejenka BelarusBelarus Belarus 6.25 m 6.02 m 6.09 m 6.25 m
16 Pamela Mouele-Mboussi Congo RepublicRepublic of the Congo Republic of the Congo x 5.94 m 6.06 m 6.06 m NO
17th Rhonda Watkins Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago x 5.88 m x 5.88 m
18th Tricia Flores BelizeBelize Belize 5.25 m x - 5.25 m
ogV Jana Velďáková SlovakiaSlovakia Slovakia x x x without space
DOP Lyudmyla Blonska UkraineUkraine Ukraine suspended before the final
Chrysopigi Devetzi GreeceGreece Greece Result later canceled

Group B

The Estonian Ksenija Balta is 6.38 m not enough for the final qualification
space Surname nation 1st attempt Second attempt 3. Attempt Expanse annotation
1 Brittney Reese United StatesUnited States United States x 6.87 m - 6.87 m
2 Keila Costa BrazilBrazil Brazil 6.65 m 6.70 m - 6.70 m
3 Jade Johnson United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain 6.33 m 6.15 m 6.61 m 6.61 m
4th Blessing Okagbare NigeriaNigeria Nigeria 6.37 m 6.49 m 6.59 m 6.59 m
5 Tatiana Vladimirovna Kotova RussiaRussia Russia 6.37 m 6.57 m x 6.57 m actually qualified for the final
6th Concepción Montaner SpainSpain Spain 6.53 m 6.42 m 6.43 m 6.53 m
7th Bronwyn Thompson AustraliaAustralia Australia x 6.53 m x 6.53 m
8th Iryna Charnushenka-Stasiuk BelarusBelarus Belarus 6.48 m x x 6.48 m
9 Kumiko Imura JapanJapan Japan 6.44 m 6.47 m x 6.47 m
10 Viorica Țigau RomaniaRomania Romania x 6.38 m 6.44 m 6.44 m
11 Ruky Abdulai CanadaCanada Canada x 6.41 m 6.25 m 6.41 m
12 Ksenija Balta EstoniaEstonia Estonia x 6.38 m x 6.38 m
13 Jung Soon-ok Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea x x 6.33 m 6.33 m
14th Olga Rypakova KazakhstanKazakhstan Kazakhstan x 6.30 m 6.04 m 6.30 m
15th Ivana Španović SerbiaSerbia Serbia x x 6.30 m 6.30 m
16 Oleksandra Stadnyuk UkraineUkraine Ukraine x 6.19 m x 6.19 m
17th Marestella Torres PhilippinesPhilippines Philippines 4.27 m 5.94 m 6.17 m 6.17 m
18th Arantxa King BermudaBermuda Bermuda 6.01 m x x 6.01 m
ogV Anju Bobby George IndiaIndia India x x x without space
Jackie Edwards BahamasBahamas Bahamas x x x
DOP Tatiana Lebedeva RussiaRussia Russia in the final, later disqualified


August 22, 2008, 7:20 pm

Eleven athletes had qualified for the final, two of them by qualifying distance and another nine by their placements. There were three US women, two Brazilians and one participant each from Jamaica, Canada, Great Britain, Nigeria, Russia and Sweden. Another final participant - the Russian Tatiana Lebedewa - was convicted of doping abuse and disqualified in 2017 .

The level of performance in the last few years had decreased significantly compared to the 1980s, which was certainly also due to a change in doping control practice. The reigning world and Olympic champion from 2004 Tatjana Lebedewa from Russia, who competed here as the clear favorite, was disqualified almost nine years later. There was a larger group of other athletes with a medal chance. Among them were the Russian World Cup third Tatjana Kotowa, the World Cup fourth and vice European champion Naide Gomes from Portugal, the Brazilian World Cup sixth Maurren Higa Maggi, her compatriot Keila Costa as World Cup seventh, the US World Cup eighth Brittney Reese and the World Cup fifth in 2005 and the European Championship third Oxana Udmurtowa from Russia.

Of the jumpers who had started promisingly, Kotowa and Gomes were already eliminated in the qualification, although Kotowa would have been eligible to start in the final after Lebedewa's disqualification. Lebedewa's results are not taken into account in the following process description of the finals due to their subsequent disqualification.

In the final, the decisions about the later medal distribution were all made in the first round, which of course only became clear after the competition was over. Maurren Higa Maggi managed the only regular 7-meter jump of all competition with 7.04 m. With that she had won the gold medal quite surprisingly. She then had only one valid attempt on lap five with 6.73 m. The Nigerian Blessing Okagbare reached 6.91 m with her first jump, which brought her the silver medal in the end. In the fifth round she had another long attempt with 6.83 m, which would also have been enough for second place. The bronze medalist Chelsea Hammond from Jamaica also achieved her best result of 6.79 m in the first round. Brittney Reese took fourth place, who jumped 6.76 m on lap two. The fifth-placed Oxana Udmurtowa also had her best attempt with 6.70 m in the second round. The British Jade Johnson was sixth with 6.64 m from round two.

Chelsea Hammond, who had to assume that she had not received a medal for almost nine years, was particularly affected by Lebedewa's doping fraud. Submitting the bronze medal after this long period is only a weak compensation.

Maurren Higa Maggi won the first gold medal for Brazil in the women's long jump .
Second placed Blessing Okagbare and third placed Chelsea Hammond were also the first medalists from Nigeria and Jamaica in this discipline.

space Surname nation 1st attempt Second attempt 3. Attempt 4th attempt 5th attempt 6th attempt Bottom line annotation
1 Maurren Higa Maggi BrazilBrazil Brazil 7.04 m x x x 6.73 m x 7.04 m
2 Blessing Okagbare NigeriaNigeria Nigeria 6.91 m 6.62 m 6.79 m 6.70 m 6.83 m x 6.91 m PB
3 Chelsea Hammond JamaicaJamaica Jamaica 6.79 m 6.68 m 6.51 m x 6.64 m 6.59 m 6.79 m PB
4th Brittney Reese United StatesUnited States United States 6.65 m 6.76 m 4.23 m x 6.46 m 6.67 m 6.76 m
5 Oxana Udmurtova RussiaRussia Russia 6.69 m 6.70 m 6.67 m 6.61 m 6.65 m 6.49 m 6.70 m
6th Jade Johnson United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain 6.51 m 6.64 m 6.40 m 6.59 m 6.43 m x 6.64 m
7th Grace Upshaw United StatesUnited States United States 6.58 m x 6.52 m x x x 6.58 m
8th Carolina Klüft SwedenSweden Sweden x 6.49 m 6.42 m not in the final of the
eight best jumpers
6.49 m actually qualified for the final of the top eight
9 Tabia Charles CanadaCanada Canada 6.16 m 6.38 m 6.47 m 6.47 m
10 Keila Costa BrazilBrazil Brazil x x 6.43 m 6.43 m
11 Funmilayo Jimoh United StatesUnited States United States 6.24 m x 6.29 m 6.29 m
DOP Tatiana Lebedeva RussiaRussia Russia disqualified in January 2017

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