2008 Summer Olympics / Athletics - 10,000 m (women)

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Olympic rings
Beijing National Stadium, 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.jpg
sport athletics
discipline 10,000 meter run
gender Women
place Beijing National Stadium
Participants 31 athletes from 17 countries
Competition phase August 15, 2008
gold gold Tirunesh Dibaba ( ETH ) EthiopiaEthiopia 
Silver medals silver Shalane Flanagan ( USA ) United StatesUnited States 
Bronze medals bronze Linet Chepkwemoi Masai ( KEN ) KenyaKenya 

The 10,000-meter run at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing was held on August 15, 2008 in the National Stadium. 31 athletes took part, 27 of them reached the finish line, two were doped and subsequently disqualified.

The Ethiopian Tirunesh Dibaba was the Olympic champion , silver went to Shalane Flanagan from the United States, and bronze went to the Kenyan Linet Chepkwemoi Masai .

Current titleholders

Olympic Champion 2004 Xing Huina ( People's Republic of China ) China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China  30: 24.36 min Athens 2004
World Champion 2007 Tirunesh Dibaba ( Ethiopia ) EthiopiaEthiopia  31: 55.31 min Osaka 2007
European Champion 2006 Inga Abitowa ( Russia ) RussiaRussia  30: 31.42 min Gothenburg 2006
Pan American Champion 2007 Sara Slattery ( USA ) United StatesUnited States  32: 54.41 min Rio de Janeiro 2007
Central America and Caribbean champion 2008 Bertha Sánchez ( Colombia ) ColombiaColombia  35: 16.36 min Cali 2008
South American Champion 2007 Lucélia de Oliveira Peres ( Brazil ) BrazilBrazil  34: 11.95 min São Paulo 2007
Asian Champion 2007 Kareema Saleh Jasim ( Bahrain ) BahrainBahrain  34: 26.39 min Amman 2007
Africa Champion 2008 Tirunesh Dibaba ( Ethiopia ) EthiopiaEthiopia  32: 49.08 min Addis Ababa 2008
Oceania Champion 2008 10,000 meter run not in the championship program Saipan 2008

Existing records

World record 29: 31.78 min Wang Junxia ( People's Republic of China ) China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China  Beijing , People's Republic of China September 8, 1993
Olympic record 30: 17.49 min Derartu Tulu ( Ethiopia ) Ethiopia 1996Ethiopia  Sydney final , Australia September 30, 2000


There were two doping cases in this discipline.

  • The silver medalist Elvan Abeylegesse , who, as a born Ethiopian, started for Turkey, was stripped of her medal in March 2017 for doping abuse .
  • The sixth-placed Russian Inga Abitowa was disqualified by the IOC in September 2016 for taking illicit doping substances.

The following runners moved up one rank or two ranks. The doping fraud had a significant impact, especially for Linet Masai, who initially came fourth, who had to assume that she had missed a medal. Such a disappointment cannot be made up for with the award of the well-deserved medal after many years.

Starting position

The favorite for this race was the Ethiopian Tirunesh Dibaba. In both 2005 and 2007 T. Dibaba had triumphed as world champion. Even at the last World Championships, the superiority of the Ethiopian runners was not as great as expected. The surprising Vice World Champion Kara Goucher from the United States and the equally surprising World Cup third Jo Pavey from Great Britain were also here in Beijing and were among the group of medal contenders . But the two other Ethiopians in the field were also rated strongly. These were Tirunesh Dibaba's sister Ejegayehu Dibaba, third in the 2005 World Cup and silver medalist at the 2004 Olympic Games , and Mestawet Tufa. The representatives from Kenya were also to be expected, especially Linet Masai.


August 15, 2008 , 10:45 p.m.

The competition was held as a final race without preliminary heats.

The race was extremely fast from the start. The first seven 1000-meter sections were all just over and once even under three minutes. Born in Kenya, Lornah Kiplagat, who started for the Netherlands, ensured this high speed over the first six kilometers, with which she gradually blasted the field further and further. A top group was formed with Kiplagat, the three Ethiopians E. Dibaba, T. Dibaba and Tufa, the Kenyans Lucy Wangui Kabuu and Masai, the Russian Marija Konovalova and the US American Shalane Flanagan. Abeylegesse and Abitowa, who were later disqualified for doping reasons, were also in this group, but are only intended to play a subordinate role in this description.

After the sixth kilometer at Kiplagat, the forces weakened. She left the leadership work to others, was finally unable to keep up the pace and lost contact with the top. Pressure was continued up front. T. Dibaba, Masai and Wangui Kabuu separated a little from Flanagan. All other runners from the group that existed up until then lost the connection, Tufa gave up the race a little later. With three kilometers to go, it got even faster. Now there were two 1000 meter sections with times of about 2:55 minutes. Only T. Dibaba kept up with the doped Abeylegesse. The last kilometer was covered in 2: 48.64 minutes. Tirunesh Dibaba ran very deliberately to the Olympic victory. Behind them there was a big surprise with Shalane Flanagan. Almost half a minute behind, she won the silver medal and improved her own North American record by more than ten seconds. Linet Masai was rewarded with the bronze medal a good four seconds behind Flanagan. Marija Konowalowa finished fourth, just over nine seconds behind Masai, ahead of Lucy Wangui Kabuu. Long-time leading Lornah Kiplagat came in sixth, ahead of New Zealander Kimberley Smith and Vice World Champion Kara Goucher.

Olympic champion Tirunesh Dibaba broke the 30-minute limit for the first time since the world record set by the Chinese Wang Junxia , set at the 1993 World Championships , and set a new Olympic and African record. She won the third gold medal for Ethiopia in the women's 10,000 meter run after Derartu Tulu's successes in 1992 and 2000 .
Shalane Flanagan won the second medal for the United States in this competition after bronze for Lynn Jennings in 1992 in Barcelona .

Split times
Meanwhile Leading 1000 m time
1000 m 3: 00.46 min Lornah Kiplagat with a large leading group 3: 00.46 min
2000 m 6:00:15 min Lornah Kiplagat with a large leading group 2: 59.79 min
3000 m 9: 03.83 min Lornah Kiplagat with a leading group 3: 03.68 min
4000 m 12: 6.60 min Lornah Kiplagat with a leading group 3: 02.77 min
5000 m 15: 09.98 min Lornah Kiplagat with a smaller leading group 3: 03.38 min
6000 m 18: 12.85 min Lornah Kiplagat with a top group of eight 3: 02.87 min
7000 m 21: 14.46 min Tirunesh Dibaba with a top group of three 3: 01.61 min
8000 m 24: 09.40 min Tirunesh Dibaba 2: 54.94 min
9000 m 27: 06.02 min Tirunesh Dibaba 2: 56.08 min
10,000 m 29: 54.66 min Tirunesh Dibaba 2: 48.64 min
space Surname nation time annotation
1 Tirunesh Dibaba EthiopiaEthiopia Ethiopia 29: 54.66 min OR / AF
2 Shalane Flanagan United StatesUnited States United States 30: 22.22 min NM
3 Linet Chepkwemoi Masai KenyaKenya Kenya 30: 26.50 min NO
4th Maria Konovalova RussiaRussia Russia 30: 35.84 min PB
5 Lucy Wangui Kabuu KenyaKenya Kenya 30: 39.96 min PB
6th Lornah Kiplagat NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 30: 40.27 min
7th Kimberley Smith New ZealandNew Zealand New Zealand 30: 51.00 min
8th Kara Goucher United StatesUnited States United States 30: 55.16 min PB
9 Kayoko Fukushi JapanJapan Japan 31: 01.14 min
10 Joanne Pavey United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain 31: 12.30 min PB
11 Sabrina Mockenhaupt GermanyGermany Germany 31: 14.21 min PB
12 Ejegayehu Dibaba EthiopiaEthiopia Ethiopia 31: 22.18 min
13 Hilda Kibet NetherlandsNetherlands Netherlands 31: 29.69 min
14th Zhang Yingying China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 31: 31.12 min
15th Yōko Shibui JapanJapan Japan 31: 31.13 min
16 Peninah Jerop Arusei KenyaKenya Kenya 31: 39.87 min
17th Tatyana Aryasova RussiaRussia Russia 31: 45.57 min
18th Yukiko Akaba JapanJapan Japan 32: 00.37 min
19th Bai Xue China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 32: 20.27 min
20th Anikó Kálovics HungaryHungary Hungary 32: 24.83 min
21st Kate Reed United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain 32: 26.69 min
22nd Nathalie De Vos BelgiumBelgium Belgium 32: 33.45 min
23 Preeja Sreedharan IndiaIndia India 32: 34.64 min
24 Amy Yoder Begley United StatesUnited States United States 32: 38.28 min
25th Dulce María Rodríguez MexicoMexico Mexico 32: 58.04 min
26th Dong Xiaoqin China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 33: 03.14 min
27 Isabel Checa SpainSpain Spain 33: 17.88 min
DNF Asmae Leghzaoui MoroccoMorocco Morocco
Mestavet Tufa EthiopiaEthiopia Ethiopia
DOP Elvan Abeylegesse TurkeyTurkey Turkey Result revoked in September 2016
Inga Abitowa RussiaRussia Russia Result revoked in March 2017
DNS Nataliya Berkut UkraineUkraine Ukraine

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