Olympic Summer Games 2008 / Athletics - 3000 m obstacle (women)

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Olympic rings
Beijing oly stadium track aug 16 96171 o.jpg
sport athletics
discipline 3000 meter obstacle course
gender Women
Attendees 51 athletes from 37 countries
Competition location Beijing National Stadium
Competition phase August 15, 2008 (preliminary)
August 17, 2008 (final)
Winning time 8: 58.81 min ( WR )
gold medal RussiaRussia Gulnara Galkina ( RUS )
Silver medal KenyaKenya Eunice Jepkorir Kertich ( KEN )
Bronze medal RussiaRussia Tatiana Petrowa ( RUS )

The 3000-meter obstacle course at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing was held on August 15 and 17, 2008 in the National Stadium. 51 athletes took part.

The Russian Gulnara Galkina , who was the first runner to run under nine minutes, set a new world record as the Olympic champion at the first staging of this competition at the Olympic Games . The Kenyan Eunice Jepkorir Kertich won the silver medal, and the bronze went to Tatiana Petrowa from Russia.

Current titleholders

Olympic Champion 2004 Competition not in the Olympic program Athens 2004
World Champion 2007 Ekaterina Volkova ( Russia ) RussiaRussia  9: 06.57 min Osaka 2007
European Champion 2006 Alesja Turawa ( Belarus ) BelarusBelarus  9: 26.05 min Gothenburg 2006
Pan American Champion 2007 Sabine Heitling ( Brazil ) BrazilBrazil  9: 51.13 min Rio de Janeiro 2007
Central America and Caribbean champion 2008 Ángela Figueroa ( Colombia ) ColombiaColombia  10: 18.23 min Cali 2008
South American Champion 2007 Zenaide Vieira ( Brazil ) BrazilBrazil  10: 07.93 min São Paulo 2007
Asian Champion 2007 Zhao Yanni ( People's Republic of China ) China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China  10: 48.18 min Amman 2007
Africa Champion 2008 Zemzem Ahmed ( Ethiopia ) EthiopiaEthiopia  9: 44.58 min Addis Ababa 2008
Oceania Champion 2008 Competition not in the championship program Saipan 2008

Existing records

World record 9: 01.59 min Gulnara Samitowa ( Russia ) RussiaRussia  Heraklion , Greece 4th July 2004
Olympic record Competition at the Olympic Games not yet held


There was another doping case in this discipline, which was not determined until years after the Games. The Russian Ekaterina Volkova , who had initially won the bronze medal, was convicted of doping abuse during a follow-up test. Her bronze medal was stripped of her in 2016.

The athletes placed after her in the final each moved up one place in the official ranking. It was no longer possible for the British Helen Clitheroe to retrospectively realize the final participation prevented by the doping fraud.

Preliminary round

There were three preliminary runs. The first four of each run - highlighted in light blue - and the next three fastest athletes - highlighted in light green - qualified for the final.

Forward 1

The Ethiopian Mekdes Bekele is eliminated as ninth in her preliminary run

August 15, 2008 , 8:25 pm

space Surname nation time annotation
1 Gulnara Galkina RussiaRussia Russia 9: 15.17 min
2 Ruth Bisibori Nyangau KenyaKenya Kenya 9: 19.75 min
3 Wioletta Frankiewicz PolandPoland Poland 9: 21.88 min
4th Cristina Casandra RomaniaRomania Romania 9: 22.38 min NO
5 Habiba Ghribi TunisiaTunisia Tunisia 9: 25.50 min NO
6th Helen Clitheroe United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain 9: 29.14 min NR / actually qualified for the final
7th Zhu Yanmei China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 9: 29.63 min PB
8th Lindsey Anderson United StatesUnited States United States 9: 36.81 min
9 Mekdes Bekele EthiopiaEthiopia Ethiopia 9: 41.43 min
10 Fionnuala Britton IrelandIreland Ireland 9: 43.57 min
11 Valentyna Horpynych UkraineUkraine Ukraine 9: 43.95 min
12 Rosa Morató SpainSpain Spain 9: 45.33 min
13 Victoria Mitchell AustraliaAustralia Australia 9: 47.88 min
14th Türkan Erişmiş TurkeyTurkey Turkey 9: 48.58 min
15th Clarisse Cruz PortugalPortugal Portugal 9: 49.45 min
16 Minori Hayakari JapanJapan Japan 9: 49.70 min
17th Widad Mendil AlgeriaAlgeria Algeria 9: 52.35 min

Forward 2

The Portuguese Jéssica Augusto does not reach the final as fifth of her preliminary run

August 15, 2008 , 8:37 pm

space Surname nation time annotation
1 Tatiana Petrova RussiaRussia Russia 9: 28.85 min
2 Roisin McGettigan IrelandIreland Ireland 9: 28.92 min
3 Jenny Barringer United StatesUnited States United States 9: 29.20 min
4th Zulema Fuentes-Pila SpainSpain Spain 9: 29.40 min PB
5 Jéssica Augusto PortugalPortugal Portugal 9: 30.23 min
6th Ancuța Bobocel RomaniaRomania Romania 9: 35.31 min
7th Sophie Duarte FranceFrance France 9: 38.08 min
8th Sofia Assefa EthiopiaEthiopia Ethiopia 9: 47.02 min
9 Muna Durka SudanSudan Sudan 9: 53.09 min
10 Veerle Dejaeghere BelgiumBelgium Belgium 9: 54.65 min
11 Hanane Ouhaddou MoroccoMorocco Morocco 9: 56.41 min
12 Veronica Nyaruai Wanjiru KenyaKenya Kenya 10: 01.69 min
13 Oxana Juravel Moldova RepublicRepublic of Moldova Moldova 10: 04.38 min
14th Aslı Çakır Alptekin TurkeyTurkey Turkey 10: 05.76 min
15th Eirini Kokkinariou GreeceGreece Greece 10: 22.39 min
16 Zhao Yanni China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 10: 36.77 min
DNF Mardrea Hyman JamaicaJamaica Jamaica

Forward 3

The German Antje Möldner retires despite the German record as sixth of her heat

August 15, 2008 , 8:49 pm

space Surname nation time annotation
1 Eunice Jepkorir Kertich KenyaKenya Kenya 9: 21.31 min
2 Marta Domínguez SpainSpain Spain 9: 22.11 min
3 Zemzem Ahmed EthiopiaEthiopia Ethiopia 9: 25.63 min PB
4th Elena Romagnolo ItalyItaly Italy 9: 27.48 min NO
5 Anna Willard United StatesUnited States United States 9: 28.52 min
6th Antje Möldner GermanyGermany Germany 9: 29.86 min DR
7th Rasa Troup LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania 9: 30.21 min NO
8th Donna MacFarlane AustraliaAustralia Australia 9: 32.05 min
9 Sara Moreira PortugalPortugal Portugal 9: 34.39 min
10 Katarzyna Kowalska PolandPoland Poland 9: 47.02 min
11 Barbara Parker United KingdomUnited Kingdom Great Britain 9: 51.93 min
12 Li Zhenzhu China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China 10:04:05 min
13 Inna Poluškina LatviaLatvia Latvia 10: 18.60 min
DNF Korine Hinds JamaicaJamaica Jamaica
Dobrinka Shalamanova BulgariaBulgaria Bulgaria
Zenaide Vieira BrazilBrazil Brazil
DOP Ekaterina Volkova RussiaRussia Russia in the final, later disqualified


space Surname nation time annotation
1 Gulnara Galkina RussiaRussia Russia 8: 58.81 min WR
2 Eunice Jepkorir Kertich KenyaKenya Kenya 9: 07.41 min AF
3 Tatiana Petrova RussiaRussia Russia 9: 12.33 min
4th Cristina Casandra RomaniaRomania Romania 9: 16.85 min NO
5 Ruth Bisibori Nyangau KenyaKenya Kenya 9: 17.35 min PB
6th Zemzem Ahmed EthiopiaEthiopia Ethiopia 9: 17.85 min NO
7th Wioletta Frankiewicz PolandPoland Poland 9: 21.76 min
8th Jenny Barringer United StatesUnited States United States 9: 22.26 min NM
9 Anna Willard United StatesUnited States United States 9: 25.63 min
10 Elena Romagnolo ItalyItaly Italy 9: 30.04 min
11 Zulema Fuentes-Pila SpainSpain Spain 9: 35.16 min
12 Habiba Ghribi TunisiaTunisia Tunisia 9: 36.43 min
13 Roisin McGettigan IrelandIreland Ireland 9: 55.89 min
DNF Marta Domínguez SpainSpain Spain
DOP Ekaterina Volkova RussiaRussia Russia

August 17, 2008 , 9:30 p.m.

In the final there were two Kenyans, two Russians, Spaniards and US-Americans, as well as one runner each from Ethiopia, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania and Tunisia. The third Russian athlete was disqualified for doping abuse in 2016 .

This competition was brand new in the international competition program and was held for the first time at the Olympic Games. So the starting position with regard to a group of favorites was still quite confusing. In any case, the runners from Russia with the world champion from 2007 and vice world champion from 2005 Jekaterina Wolkowa, the vice European champion and vice world champion Tatjana Petrowa and the world record holder and World Cup seventh Gulnara Galkina - former Gulnara Samitova. Of these, however, Volkova was one of the doping sinners of these games convicted of doping in 2016. The participants from Kenya with the World Cup third Eunice Jepkorir and the World Cup fourth Ruth Bisibori Nyangau were also counted among the very narrow favorites. In addition, there were the French World Cup fifth Sophie Duarte and the Romanian Cristina Casandra as World Cup sixth in 2007 and World Cup seventh in 2005. However, Duarte was already eliminated in the run-up. All other favorites had qualified for the finals.

This first 3000-meter obstacle final at the Olympic Games was an unconditional tempo run from the start. Galkina led the field with world record breaking times. She covered the first kilometer in 2: 58.63 minutes and the second in 3: 00.57 minutes. None of her competitors was even close to being able to cope with this high pace. Galkina broke away from her pursuers early on and increased the distance to the rear as the distance increased. The field beyond fell into small groups. At the finish, Gulnara Galkina was the first Olympic champion to have a lead of almost nine seconds over this distance and was the first ever runner to break the 9-minute mark. In the end, Eunice Jepkorir caught the silver medal, Tatjana Petrowa won bronze just five seconds behind the Kenyan after her compatriot Volkova was disqualified. Cristina Casandra came fourth ahead of Ruth Bisibori Nyangau. Sixth place went to Ethiopian Zemzem Ahmed ahead of Wioletta Frankiewicz from Poland and US American Jenny Barringer - later Jenny Simpson.

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