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Memorial stele for Sabine Sinjen at the Itzehoe Theater
Sabine Sinjen's grave site

Sabine Sinjen (born August 18, 1942 in Itzehoe ; † May 18, 1995 in Berlin ) was a German stage and film actress .


Sabine Sinjen grew up with her mother, a journalist , in Hamburg and Munich . Her father did not return from the Russian campaign . Her sister Frauke Sinjen (1940–2003), initially a journalist, later also became an actress.

Sabine Sinjen lived and worked primarily in the German-speaking area, only at the beginning of her career did she go to France for several years and made several films there. She was married from 1963 to 1984 with the director Peter Beauvais (1916–1986), her second marriage to the director Günther Huber (1951–2005), with whom she had a son.

Because of a carcinoma of the lacrimal gland , she lost an eye in 1986 after several surgical interventions . Despite her serious illness, she continued to perform in the theater, including in the one-person play The Beloved Voice by Jean Cocteau , and appeared in several television films . She always wore an eye patch that was covered by her hair. In 1995 she succumbed to cancer . Her grave is in the Irrsdorf cemetery near Salzburg .

On August 19, 2014, a memorial plaque with an early picture of Sabine Sinjen was set up at the Itzehoe Theater.

Her written estate is in the archive of the Academy of the Arts in Berlin.


Sabine Sinjen, who initially worked for the children's radio network of the NWDR and took acting lessons from Else Bongers , had one of her first major roles in the movie The Early Ripe in 1957 . In addition to her as innocent, naive Hannelore, Heidi Brühl and Peter Kraus also appeared in this film . She then received a seven-year contract and repeatedly played naive teenagers in the following films. a. also in the qualitatively remarkable film Girls in Uniform alongside Romy Schneider as a classmate. When the film producer Artur Brauner then wanted to pin her to the figure of the young naive, Sabine Sinjen refused and, also because of disagreements about the fee, prematurely terminated the contract in 1960. In 1961 she made her debut at the Berlin Schillertheater in Spring Awakening . Even if she took on film roles in between, she devoted herself to theater work in the following years and was able to celebrate great successes on various stages.

However, even after her contract was terminated, she gained great popularity primarily through her film and television roles, for example from 1962 to 1963 as the daughter of Gustav Knuth in the television series Alle Meine Tiere or in 1966/67 in the Heimat classic about Münster Alle Jahre ( Director : Ulrich Schamoni ), which is shown every year in a Münster cinema at the end of the year. In television games she repeatedly portrayed women in conflict-ridden situations, such as B. 1970 a drug-ill young woman with Lilli Palmer in the role of her mother in the episode Gray Morning of the television crime series Der Kommissar .

From 1988 to 1993 she has for the time still in Berlin from SFB produced radio series Ohrenbär ten radio stories for little people read.


In 1971 Sabine Sinjen signed the confession We have had an abortion! In Stern magazine .

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Readings (eared bear)

Between 1988 and 1993, Sabine Sinjen broadcast ten, except for one, multiple readings as part of the Ear Bear Radio Stories for Little People :

  • Manuela Reichart : Lisa stories . (First broadcast: February 29 - March 4, 1988)
  • Helga Hahner: The boy made of iron . (First broadcast: May 29 - June 2, 1989)
  • Renate Horlemann: The full room . (First broadcast: July 10th - July 14th, 1989)
  • Franjo Terhart : The dragon that couldn't breathe fire . (First broadcast: December 30, 1989)
  • Karla Schneider : The bathrobe tassel line ... (First broadcast: January 22nd - January 25th, 1990)
  • Helga Hahner: The adventures of the cat Miu . (First broadcast: February 3 - February 7, 1990)
  • Renate Ahrens-Kramer : Ballydale is also by the sea . (First broadcast: November 19 - November 25, 1990)
  • Ulrich Karger : Habakuk family and the Ordumok . (First broadcast: May 6th - May 11th 1991)
  • Ingrid Förster: A swallow summer . (First broadcast: April 26th – May 1st, 1993)



  • Sabine Sinjen (with Christiane Landgrebe): Sabine Sinjen - actress. Notes from my life . With a list of all of Sabine Sinjen's film, television and theater roles, compiled by Michael Wenk. Bergisch Gladbach: Lübbe 1995. ISBN 3-7857-0814-9 .

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