Schachendorf Castle

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Schachendorf Castle after an engraving by Michael Wening from 1721

Schachendorf Castle, only preserved in remains, was located in the district of Schachendorf in the Upper Palatinate town of Cham in the Cham district of Bavaria (Schachendorf 33).


The master castle of the Lords of Schachendorf was in Schachendorf . However, it is unknown when the first Schachendorfer settled here. The noble seat of the Schachendorfer is first mentioned in documents in 1375. As early as 1390, the Schachendorfer no longer appear as the owners of the castle property. In 1391 Achatz der Püdenstorfer appears as the owner in a document , in 1398 he is called Achatz der Pudmstorfer zu Schächendorff . For the period up to the beginning of the 16th century, the Cham documents no longer provide any information about the owners of the country castle.

Schachendorf is one of the newest court brands in the Cham regional court. In the middle of the 16th century it is recorded in the country table as the possession of the Gleißenthal . In the 17th century there was a frequent change of ownership: in 1636 Mathias Rosenhammer is attested as owner on Grafenwiesen , in 1680 Christoph Albrecht Vischl , in 1661 councilor of Cham, sold the Hofmark to Christoph Seitz von Wolfersing . His widow married Johann Christoph von Gleißenthal again in 1682 , who sold Schachendorf in 1683 to his father Johann Ludwig von Gleißenthal on Zandt . Schachendorf remained with the Gleißenthals until the 19th century. Around 1700 the barons of Schuss appear here on Sattelpeilnstein . A Rittmeister Max von Romaier is also temporarily certified here; In 1820 this was allowed to form a second class patrimonial court . In 1842 the Dominicals were acquired by the state from the Freiherr von Gleißenthal and the aristocratic jurisdiction ended.

The castle building burned down around 1850. During the reconstruction, two farms were built on the ruins, which belonged to the brothers Johann and Anton Sauer. The former farm buildings of the castle became a Tafern farm. Before it came into the possession of the Schierer family, it belonged to a Josef Haller. In 1880, however, the Taferlnwirtschaft buildings burned down and the last remnants of the old Hofmarkschloss had almost disappeared.

Schachendorf Castle then and now

After the engraving by Michael Wening in 1721, Schachendorf was a slightly angled two-story building. To the east is a tower with a baroque onion dome . Presumably today's village chapel (from 1888) stands in the same place. The complex includes some commercial buildings that are enclosed by a simple palisade fence . The entrance is guarded by a gate tower.

From the castle today are listed foundations and vaults received the old castle from the 15th century.


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