Burgstall Löwendorf

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Burgstall Löwendorf
Creation time : around 1448
Castle type : Hilltop castle
Conservation status: departed
Standing position : Nobles
Place: Pemfling -Grafenkirchen

The Burgstall Löwendorf is an abandoned hilltop castle in the Grafenkirchen district near the municipality of Pemfling in the Upper Palatinate district of Cham in Bavaria .

Geographical location

The exact location of the former castle complex is not certain. Either the castle was located at the point of the elevated tank on an open knoll above the village, where a well shaft is said to have been recognizable in 1930, or 150 m west on a 660 m high rock knoll about 130 m above the Mühlbach valley. Both locations show no clear traces. Nothing is known about the appearance of the castle; a manor house is assumed to be the successor building .


The place Löwendorf is mentioned for the first time in 1345, but a knightly family did not appear here until 1448 . The foundation of the castle is unclear, but an existing castle complex is indicated in 1448 by the multiple mentioning of a Conrad eytenharter ... about the living stone whose influential family in the region may have built the castle. Jörg Eyttenharter calls himself “zu Lebendorf” again in 1474, which suggests that the castle only existed for a short time or was never completed. Löwendorf does not appear as Hofmark until 1636 in the country tables . Hans Georg von Marolding is stated as the owner , whereby it is noted that the Hofmark has had to be administered by the court for several years because the Marolding does not profess the Catholic religion. Under the family of Paur Löwendorf with Waffenbrunn been linked to a personal union and told Waffenbrunn the fate.


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