Hinterer Buberg tower hill

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Hinterer Buberg tower hill
Creation time : probably 12th century
Castle type : Hill castle, moth
Conservation status: Burgstall
Place: Weißdorf - Castle - "Bugberg"
Geographical location 50 ° 11 '58.5 "  N , 11 ° 50' 55.6"  E Coordinates: 50 ° 11 '58.5 "  N , 11 ° 50' 55.6"  E
Hinterer Buberg tower hill (Bavaria)
Hinterer Buberg tower hill

The Tower Hill Rear Buberg is an Outbound medieval hilltop castle from the type of a motte (moth) on the Bugberg about 350 m north of the town center in the bow , in the municipality of White village in the district of Hof in Bavaria .

Traces of the terrain are visible in the forest of the former moth enclosure , which was probably founded in the 12th century . It is a circular moat with a dome inside. The tower hill was probably located on an old road and, in terms of settlement history, belonged to Bug or Oppenroth .


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