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WRK-Orgelbau was an organ building workshop that was founded by the organ builders Klaus Wendhack, Gerd Redeker and Friedrich Kreuzer in Munich in 1969 and built numerous organs up to the turn of the millennium, mainly in Bavaria.


The three company founders met and joined forces while working at Carl Schuster (Munich). In 1990 they built more than 80 new organs.

After a fire destroyed the company building in Munich in 1991, operations were relocated to Grasbrunn in 1992 .

After Klaus Wendhack left the company in the mid-1990s, it was renamed Redeker & Kreuzer Orgelbau .

The company's last known new buildings date from 2000.

Klaus Wendhack

Klaus Wendhack (* 1937 in Nuremberg ) learned organ building from Bauer in Unterasbach , then worked with Willi Peter in Cologne and passed the master's examination in 1968. He was responsible for planning new instruments at WRK-Orgelbau and was in charge of production.

Gerd Redeker

Gerd Redeker (* 1945 in Plattling ) learned from Weise (Plattling) and then went to Schuster in Munich. In 1970 he made the master's examination. At WRK-Orgelbau he was in charge of metal pipe construction and was responsible for intonation tasks.

Friedrich Kreuzer

Friedrich Kreuzer (* 1937 in Regensburg ) learned from Eduard Hirnschrodt (Regensburg) and has been a master craftsman since 1968. At WRK-Orgelbau he took care of commercial matters.

List of works (excerpt)

year place building image Manuals register Remarks
1970 Munich Philip Church
Munich-Obergiesing, Philippus Church (4) .jpg
II / P 12
1970 Scheyern Chapter church in the Scheyern monastery II / P 7th
1970 Zusmarshausen Church of the Resurrection I / P 5
1972 Graefelfing Friedenskirche II / P 12
1972 Munich - Riem St. Martin I / P 5
1973 Wendelstein (Middle Franconia) St. Nicholas II / P 16
1974 Etting (Ingolstadt) St. Michael
Etting St. Michael Gallery 851.jpg
II / P 16
1974 hair St. Raphael Clinic Church
Haar, St. Raphael (WRK) .jpg
II / P 16 Technical new building with electric action using the prospectus and parts of the old Siemann organ. 1998 Expansion and reconstruction by Munich organ builder Johannes Führer to 24 registers.
1974 Gaimersheim Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Admission of the Virgin Mary - Gaimersheim 018.jpg
II / P 18th
1976 Greding St. James
St Jakobus - Greding 060.JPG
II / P 23 With 5 mechanical composer combinations
1977 Munich - Isarvorstadt St. Anton
Muenchen St Anton Organ.jpg
III / P 44 organ
1977 Gnodstadt Ev.-Luth. St. Peter and Paul II / P 14th
1977 hair St. Boniface I. 5 Interim organ. 1979 replaced by a new WRK organ (see there)
1978 Feucht (Middle Franconia) Heart of jesus II / P 22nd
1978 Wolferstadt St. Martin II / P 17th
1978 Munich - Neuperlach St. Philip Neri
Munich-Neuperlach, St. Philipp Neri (WRK) .jpg
II / P 12
1978 Munich - Daglfing St. Philip and Jacob
Rear part of the branch church St. Philip and James with organ.jpg
I / P 6th
1979 Munich St. Pius
Muenchen St Pius Organ.jpg
IV / P 51 Using numerous parts of the predecessor organ by Nenninger. In addition to the organ for Gut Rottenried (today Heilig Geist Augsburg), it is the largest organ from the WRK company. → organ
1979 hair St. Boniface
Haar St Boniface Organ.jpg
II / P 23
1979 Georgensgmünd St. Wunibald
Admission of the Virgin Mary - Gaimersheim 018.jpg
II / P 14th
1979 Munich - Obermenzing Suffering of christ II / P 8th Choir organ; Replaced in 1998 by a Kaps organ; Whereabouts unknown
1979 Weissenfeld St. Bartholomew I / P 6th
1981 Cleaning well Clemens Maria Children's Home II / P 9
1981 Geretrsried-Gartenberg Holy Family II / P 20th
1981 Munich - Großhadern Ecumenical Clinical Church in the Großhadern Clinic
Munich-Großhadern, Clinic Church (WRK) (1) .jpg
II / P 13
1981 Holzingen Ev.-Luth. St. Margaretha Church II / P 11
1981 Zandt St. Leonhard
St Leonhard - Zandt 069.jpg
1982 Gilching Good Rottenried III / P 51 This unusually large house organ was located in a spacious hall in the Rottenried estate near Gilching. With 51 registers, it is the largest organ of the WRK company alongside St. Pius (Munich). However, the owner died in 1994 and the organ was moved to the catholic parish church Heilig Geist Augsburg-Hochzoll .
1982 Nuremberg - Moorenbrunn Mother of good advice II / P 23
1982 Nuremberg - Kornburg Mary Queen
Maria-Queen Kornburg 026.jpg
II / P 18th
1982 Hofstetten (Hitzhofen) St. Nicholas of Flüe
St Nikolaus - Hofstetten EI 033.jpg
II / P 16
1983 Munich - Neuperlach St. Stephan
Munich-Neuperlach, St. Stephan (WRK) .jpg
II / P 15th
1983 Munich - Neuperlach St. Monika
Muenchen St Monika Organ.jpg
II / P 23
1983 Munich - Neuhadern St. Ignatius
Neuhadern, St Ignatius (WRK) .jpg
II / P 18th
1983 Großhabersdorf Ev.-Luth. St. Walburg II / P 23
1983 Germering Dietrich Bonhoeffer Church II / P 19th
1984 Denkendorf St. Laurence
St Laurentius - Denkendorf 063.jpg
II / P 18th
1984 Ingolstadt Pauluskirche
Ingolstadt, Pauluskirche (WRK) (1) .jpg
III / P 21st With coupling manual
1985 Munich - Nymphenburg Christ the King
Muenchen Christkoenig organ.jpg
III / P 44 organ
1985 Nuremberg - Falkenheim St. Wunibald
Nürnberg-Falkenheim St. Wunibald (7) .JPG
II / P 24
1985 Kasing (Koesching) St. Martin II / P 11
1985 Preith St. Brigida
1986 Munich-Waldperlach Jubilate Church
Muenchen Jubilatekirche organ.jpg
II / P 15th
1986 Munich - Isarvorstadt Painful chapel
Munich-Isarvorstadt, painful chapel (interior) (1) .jpg
II / P 7th
1987 Munich - Am Hart To the fourteen holy helpers in need
Munich-Am Hart, To the Fourteen Holy Helpers (5) .jpg
III / P 19th With coupling manual
1987 Feldkirchen (Ingolstadt) St. Mary II / P 10
1988 Ebersdorf (Ludwigsstadt) Magdalenenkirche II / P 13
1988 Forheim Ev.-Luth. St. Margaretha
Forheim St. Margarete 009.jpg
II / P 11
1988 Gilching Good Rottenried II / P 8th In addition to this small house organ, there was also the Opus Magnum by WRK with 52 stops on Gut Rottenried (see there). However, the owner died in 1994 and the current location of the small organ is unknown.
1989 Kirchseeon St. Joseph
St. Joseph (Kirchseeon) interior 2.jpg
III / P 23 With coupling manual
1989 Mitteleschenbach St. Nicholas
Mitteleschenbach Church 3459.jpg
II / P 15th
1989 Grasbrunn-Neukeferloh St. Christopher
Neukeferloh, St. Christophorus (WRK) (0) .jpg
II / P 17th
1989 Unterwattenbach St. Aegidius I / P 9
1990 Moosach (Ebersberg district) St. Bartholomew II / P 17th
1990 Ingolstadt - Irgertsheim St. Laurence
AIMG 1550 Irgertsheim St Laurentius view of the organ.jpg
II / P 11
1990 Ilmmünster St. Pankratius (Herrnrast) I / P ??
1991 Munich - Neuperlach Latare Church
Munich-Neuperlach, Lätarekirche (WRK) .jpg
III / P 22nd With coupling manual
1991 Hofolding Holy cross II / P 11 Three registers of the previous Maerz organ reused.
1993 Neusäß Emmaus Church II / P 10
1994 Your desire St. Martin II / P 13
1999 Hüttenkofen (Mengkofen) Assumption Day
Hüttenkofen Mariä Himmelfahrt Organ.JPG
II / P 14th


Individual evidence

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