The Bible - Moses

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German title The Bible - Moses
Original title Moses
Country of production USA , Italy , Germany
original language English
Publishing year 1995
length 176 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Roger Young
script Lionel Chetwynd
production Lorenzo Minoli
Gerald Rafshoon
Laura Fattori
music Marco Frisina
Ennio Morricone
camera Raffaele Mertes
cut Benjamin A. Weissman

The Bible - Moses (international title Moses , alternatively The Bible: Moses , Italian title La Bibbia - Mosè ) is a two-part television film by Roger Young from 1995 , which tells of the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and the life and suffering of theirs Chief Moses , embodied by Ben Kingsley . Frank Langella and Christopher Lee are in charge of the roles .


First part

The Israelites are enslaved in Egypt when Pharaoh Ramses orders the murder of all male firstborns. Only a baby abandoned in a wicker basket on the Nile by his mother Jochebed can survive at the court of Pharaoh, thanks to the help of Ptira, the daughter of Ramses - Moses, who later, by God's decision, left the oppressed people of Israel Slavery is supposed to lead to the Promised Land , where "milk and honey flow". Together with the Pharaoh's son Mernefta, Moses grows forever before his eyes how much his people are oppressed. He feels torn between the Egyptians and the Hebrews.

Several years have passed when Moses in anger kills an overseer, the tormentor of his Israelite brother Aaron. Then he has to flee. In the desert he saves Zippora, the daughter of the priest Jidro from Midian, from harassment by several men and finds refuge with her family. Zippora becomes his wife. One day, while he was tending sheep on Mount Sinai , God spoke to him from a burning bush and ordered him to free his people from Egyptian bondage and lead them away. God demonstrates his power by turning Moses' staff into a serpent. Moses is unsure and afraid of what to do next, but Zippora encourages him to follow God's will. The Israelites received Moses with suspicion as he grew up as an Egyptian prince. To make matters worse, Moses and his brother Aaron also fail negotiations with the new Pharaoh Mernefta, whom Moses knows only too well, but who now ensures that the life of the Israelites becomes even harder. These in turn blame Moses, who begins to doubt, but is instructed by God to take up the fight against the Egyptians. These are now afflicted by ten terrible plagues : First, the water of the sea turns blood red and becomes inedible for seven days, then the land is teeming with frogs, then mosquitoes and then biting flies attack people and animals and a cattle plague kills them their animals. Next, black leaves grab a lot of people. The 7th plague consists of gigantic hailstones, and then locusts cover the land and attack the crops. Then there will be a great three day darkness over the land and the 10th and final plague will be that all boys born to Egyptian women will die. Now the Pharaoh finally lets the Israelites go, but sends them an army after them because he wants to let them fall into a trap at the Red Sea .

Second part

A divine miracle enables Moses and the Israelites to cross the sea that divides in half while their persecutors drown. Their further path through the desert is arduous, so that the Israelites are looking for an outlet and turn their anger against Moses. However, God intervenes and ensures that the hungry are fed. Although Moses is fully and completely fulfilled by his mission, he still bears heavily on the burden of responsibility. So he calls godly men to be judges to assist him. An erupting storm, which totally frightens the people, leads God to speak directly to the people of the Israelites, who now want Moses to continue to be their prophet. To receive the Ten Commandments , Moses is absent for several weeks, after which there is unrest. The fear of the people is so great that they create an idol, a golden calf .

After Moses' return, he angrily announces the death sentence on the apostates. Even Moses 'sister Mirjam quarreled with him because she was jealous of Moses' wife Zippora. This leads to Mirjam suffering from a serious illness, whereupon Moses asks God for help. When the "Promised Land" seems almost attainable, the Israelites have to realize that the people of the Canaites are far superior to them. In their great fear, they decide to depose Moses as their leader and return to Egypt. Only Joshua and Caleb take the side of Moses. Moses then proclaims the word of God, which consists of ten commandments. God's punishment follows immediately, the rebels now have to wander through the desert for forty years. But God mitigates the punishment to the extent that he makes sure that people have at least the bare minimum. Only Joshua and Caleb are allowed to enter the Promised Land.

Production, background, publication

Production companies were Istituto Luce SpA (Rome) (= Lux Film SpA) and Beta Film GmbH (Ismaning) on ​​behalf of TNT ( Turner Network Television , Atlanta), RAI - Rete Uno (Rome), France 2 (Paris), Antena 3 , ARD , Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF (Vienna), MTM, Czech TV, and NCRV / BSkyB . Shooting took place in Agadir and Ouarzazate in Morocco , among others .

The Bible - Moses is one of a series of 16 film adaptations of the Old Testament and takes positions 7 and 8 within this series. Director Roger Young had previously filmed the story of Josef in Ouarzazate , in which Oscar winner Ben Kingsley was also cast alongside Paul Mercurio in the role of Josef. This first Bible film by Young won an Emmy in the category "Best Picture" that same year. In 1997 he made the Bible film about Solomon under his direction . A film adaptation about Jesus within the 5-part series with stories from the New Testament was also in the hands of Young in 1999, as was Paul in 2000 .

In Italy, the film was shown under the title La Bibbia - Mosè for the first time on December 18, 1995 on RAI 1 and in the USA under the international title Moses , or alternatively The Bible: Moses on April 7, 1996. In Germany, the two-part film was shown on April 25, 1996 . and December 26, 1996 in the program of the ARD Premiere. On March 9, 2004, Kinowelt / Studiocanal released it on DVD with a German soundtrack. In addition, on October 27, 2017, Alive released a complete box with all films from both the Old and New Testaments entitled The Bible (17 DVDs) as part of the “TV Jewels” series .

The film was also released in Argentina (February 2004 on video), Bulgaria, Brazil, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Sweden.


  • Background music conducted by Enrico de Melis,
    • performed by the Orchestra Sinfonica AMOdi R. under the direction of Marco Frisina ,
    • Choir Accademia Polifonica de Roma, overall direction: Fabrizio Barchi
    • Solo part: Paola Cecchi

Voice actor

The dubbing was carried out by JohannisthalSynchron GmbH in Berlin; the script and the dialogue were directed by Klaus E. Laurien. The voice actors for the German version are:


Moses and the Ten Commandments , pencil drawing by Carl Gottlieb Peschel on paper

According to biblical tradition, the prophet Moses was commissioned by God to lead the people of the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery to Canaan . It was to be a forty year hike. Moses is said to have been abandoned on the bank of the Nile after his birth and found and raised by Pharaoh's daughter. It is said to have come to this because Pharaoh is said to have ordered the killing of all male children of the Israelites. Moses is said to have died at the age of 120 on Mount Nebo in the East Bank after seeing the land on the other side of the Jordan , which like all other Israelites of his generation he was not allowed to enter.


Prisma was of the opinion that "this lavish film adaptation of the Bible convinces with its dense atmosphere and Ben Kingsley, who impressively depicts Moses' transformation from hesitant doubter to charismatic leader".

Also was "visually stunning film version of the Moses story with Oscar winner Ben Kingsley," the "since his Oscar-winning performance in Gandhi on charismatic characters subscribed" to be. The figure of Moses is "drawn true to the Bible right down to his psyche".

TV Today, on the other hand, said: "Really tough, the ham."

"A respectable film adaptation of the Moses story with noteworthy approaches to a reinterpretation of the title character, who is not portrayed as an outstanding hero and leader figure, but as an average person plagued by weaknesses and doubts, who through the commission given by God is also in Conflicts with yourself and the people. The overall impression, however, is impaired by the all-too-frequent use of common display patterns from traditional biblical monumental films, which realistically depict the miracles with all the means of trick technology. "


  • Producers Gerald Rafshoon, Lorenzo Minoli and Laura Fattori were for one in 1996
    • Primetime Emmy nominated for Outstanding Mini-Series.

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