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Adolf Gustav Rupprecht Maximilian "Gustl" Bayrhammer (born February 12, 1922 in Munich , † April 24, 1993 in Krailling ) was a Bavarian folk actor .


Gustl Bayrhammer wanted to become an actor from his youth against the will of his father, the well-known theater actor Max Bayrhammer . He first completed the business school in Munich . During the war he was a radio operator in the Air Force .



He used most of his pay for acting lessons with Heinrich George at the Schillertheater in Berlin, where he finally graduated from the Reichstheaterkammer with success. When the theater had to close in 1944, he and his colleague Toni Berger were hired by Robert Marencke for the Sigmaringen court theater . In 1945 Bayrhammer and Berger stood together on stage for the first time.

In Sigmaringen learned Bayrhammer his future wife, Irmgard Henning know. Numerous theater engagements followed in Munich , Tübingen , Augsburg , Karlsruhe and Salzburg .

The actor's breakthrough came in 1966 with the lead role in the television satire Das Bohrloch or Bavaria is not Texas , where he played alongside Fritz Straßner and Ludwig Schmid-Wildy . The success of the film ensured Bayrhammer role offers at the Münchner Volkstheater and the Münchner Kammerspiele . One of his most famous stage roles was that of " Petrus " in the play The Brandner Kaspar and the Eternal Life .

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Gustl Bayrhammer became known nationwide for the role of crime scene commissioner "Melchior Veigl", which he played from 1972 to 1981. There was also a supporting role for his dachshund "Oswald". In the 1980s and 1990s he acted as a speaker and performer in the White-Blue stories . He also had numerous guest appearances in well-known television series of Bavarian Radio , including Munich Stories , Police Inspection 1 or on ZDF at the Royal Bavarian District Court . In addition to his television engagements, Bayrhammer also remained loyal to the Munich theater.

Meister Eder and his pumuckl

Alfred Pongratz had spoken the role of Meister Eder in the radio play series Meister Eder und seine Pumuckl by Ellis Kaut until his death in 1977 , and Bayrhammer received the radio play role during his funeral. He had already spoken to the mechanic Mr. Schmidt in several episodes, who was spoken to in the new series by Fritz Straßner and Max Grießer . Bayrhammer became best known for his impersonation of the master carpenter Franz Eder in a film from 1982 and in the children's series Meister Eder und seine Pumuckl , produced from 1982 to 1989 , in which he played with other folk actors . After the end of the shooting, Bayrhammer unsuccessfully campaigned against the demolition of old town houses in the Lehel district of Munich , which also included the setting of the carpenter's workshop in a backyard at Widenmayerstraße 2 . In 1991 the actor appeared again as "Meister Eder" in the film Pumuckl and the Blue Klabauter , but died before the film was finished. Since the original sound could not be used due to a lot of background noise, it had to be resynchronized . This was taken over by Wolf Euba in place of the late Bayrhammer.

Private life and death

Grave of Gustl Bayrhammer

At the end of the 1980s, Bayrhammer, who had previously been a heavy smoker, suffered his first heart attack during a theater performance of Wittiber . In the period that followed, he lost weight, stopped smoking completely and reduced his workload. Bayrhammer succumbed to his second heart attack on April 24, 1993 at the age of 71 while taking a nap in his house in Krailling . He was buried in the cemetery in Krailling near Munich . He left behind his wife Irmgard Henning (1919–2003), their son Max Bayrhammer and three grandchildren. Bayrhammer had been a member of the Schlaraffia Association under the knight name "Skipps ben Kneißl" since 1953 and initially acted as a court jester in the Reych Monachia and then for 20 years as a chief laraffe.



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In 2018, Gustl-Bayrhammer-Strasse and the primary school on Gustl-Bayrhammer-Strasse in the Freiham development area in Munich were named after him.

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