List of electoral districts in the crown land of Salzburg

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This list of electoral districts in Salzburg lists all electoral districts in the crown land of Salzburg for the elections of the Austrian House of Representatives . The constituencies existed between 1907 and 1918.


After the Reichsrat had decided on the general, equal, secret and direct male suffrage in autumn 1906, the major reform of the electoral law through the sanctioning of Emperor Franz Joseph I came into effect on January 26, 1907 . With the new Reichsrat election regulations, a total of 480 electoral districts were created, each with one member to be elected, who was determined by direct election with a possible runoff. In Salzburg there were six constituencies before the abolition of the class electoral law, with the rural communities and the cities (together with the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry) each sending two delegates and the large landowners and the general electoral class each sending one delegate. With the introduction of universal male suffrage, seven electoral districts were created in Salzburg, which were divided into three so-called city constituencies and four rural community constituencies. In addition to the two city constituencies for Salzburg and its immediate surroundings, there was another city constituency in which the eligible voters of a number of cities and markets, but also individual localities from a municipality were combined. The rural community constituencies consisted of a certain number of judicial districts, from which the places from the city constituencies were again excluded.


The table contains the following information:

No.: Constituency number with a link to the constituency article
Constituency type: Indication of whether it is a city constituency or a rural municipality constituency
Region: Cities or judicial districts that make up the constituency. The rural municipality constituencies include the specified judicial districts without the cities and towns contained in the constituencies 1 to 6. Of the place names marked with "(O)", only the named place, not the whole municipality, is part of the electoral district.
WB: Number of eligible voters in the 1911 Reichsrat election
Party 1907: Party affiliation of the member of the electoral district based on the Reichsrat election in 1907, CS = Christian Social Party , DVP = German People's Party
Party 1911: Party membership of the member of the electoral district in relation to the Reichsrat election in 1911
No. Constituency type region WB Party 1907 Party 1911
1 City constituency Salzburg center 5508 DVP DVP
2 City constituency Salzburg districts Nonntal , Lehen , Riedenburg , Elisabethvorstadt and the communities Maxglan , Gnigl , Leopoldskron , Aigen , Morzg 5379 DVP DVP
3 City constituency Hallein , Radstadt , Oberndorf , Neumarkt , Straßwalchen , Seekirchen , Abtenau , Golling , Kuchl , Werfen , Bischofshofen , Sankt Johann ,
Sankt Veit , Wagrain , Sankt Michael , Mauterndorf , Tamsweg , Hofgastein , Taxenbach , Rauris , Zell am See , Mittersill , Saalfelden , Lofer , Bad Gastein (O), Schwarzach
6646 DVP DVP
4th Rural municipality constituency Judicial districts Salzburg , Oberndorf , Mattsee 5443 CS CS
5 Rural municipality constituency Judicial districts Neumarkt , Sankt Gilgen , Hallein , Thalgau , Golling , Abtenau 7423 CS CS
6th Rural municipality constituency Judicial districts Werfen , Sankt Johann , Radstadt , Tamsweg , Sankt Michael 7314 CS CS
7th Rural municipality constituency Judicial districts Gastein , Zell am See , Taxenbach , Mittersill , Saalfelden , Lofer 7185 CS CS

Individual evidence

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