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The list of foreign archaeological institutes in Greece includes the 17 foreign archaeological institutes in Greece , which are recognized by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism and are all based in Athens . The conditions for recognition as an “archaeological school” by the Greek state include the establishment of a separate headquarters in Athens, a library and a photo archive. In addition, an archaeologist from the respective country is to be appointed as director permanently living in Greece.

The four archaeological institutes listed below in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark set up the Nordic Library at Athens , a special library for the archeology of Greece, as a joint venture in 1996 .

In addition to the foreign institutes, the Greek Archaeological Society in Athens is also active in the field of archaeological research in Greece.

designation founding management History / publications Excavation / research focus image
American School of Classical Studies at Athens 1881 Jenifer Neils

Assistant Director:

Eric Driscoll

1932: Hesperia magazine begins to be published

1992: Opening of the Vienna Archaeological Laboratory

Corinth (since 1896)

Agora of Athens (since 1931)

The ASCSA building .
Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens 1980

Deputy Director and Acting Director:

Stavros A. Paspalas

In the 1960s excavations in Zagora (Andros) under the aegis of the Archaeological Society of Athens

1980 establishment of the institute

Torone , Chalcidice

Paliochora on Kythera

Zagora , Andros

Nea Paphos , Cyprus

Belgian School te Athene / École belge d'Athènes 1985 Jan Driessen

1962: Center national des fouilles à l'extérieur

1965: Comité des fouilles belges en Grèce asbl ( CFBG )

Early 1970s: Construction of the excavation house in Kephalou Melathron, Thorikos (base until 2003)

1985: Recognition by the Greek government, permanent seat in Athens

2002: Foundation of the Center belge de recherches archéologiques en Grèce ( BCAOG / CBRAG )

2003: Foundation of the École belge d'Athènes ( BSA / EBA ) under Greek law

Thorikos (since 1963)

Mission in Crete

Titans at Corinth

British School at Athens 1886


John Bennet

Assistant Director:

Michael Loy

1894: Start of publication of The Annual of the British School at Athens

1974: Opening of the Fitch Laboratory for Archaeometry







Surveys in Laconia , Boeotia , Ithaca , numerous islands and Crete

The library of the BSA .
Canadian Institute in Greece / Institut Canadien en Grèce 1974


Jacques Perreault

Assistant Director:

Jonathan E. Tomlinson

1974: Founded as the Canadian Archaeological Institute at Athens

1976: Recognition by the Greek government

1991: Start of publication of the Publications of the Canadian Archaeological Institute at Athens

2005: Renamed Canadian Institute in Greece

Argilos , Macedonia

Kastro Kallithea , Thessaly







Underwater surveys in Kalamianos , Saronic Gulf

Survey of shipwrecks from the Persian Wars

Danske Institute in Athens 1992


Kristina Winther-Jacobsen

Assistant Director:

Birgit Olsen

1995: Publication of the Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens began

1997: Publication of the Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens series begins

Kato Vasiliki (ancient Chalcis in Aitolia )


Kattavia in Rhodes

Seaport project in Piraeus


German Archaeological Institute Athens 1874

First director:

Katja Sporn

Second director:

Reinhard Senff

1872: Resolution of the Reichstag

1876: Start of publication of the communications of the German Archaeological Institute, Athenian Department


Kerameikos in Athens

Olympia (since 1874)

Heraion of Samos


Topography of Triphylia in the Peloponnese

Kabirion at Thebes




Building of the DAI in Athens, Fidiou 1 (designed by Ernst Ziller )
École française d'Athènes 1846

Directrice de l'École:

Véronique Chankowski

Directrice des Études:

Amélie Perrier

1850: Subordination to the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres , Athens

1859: Extension to include the Section des Beaux-Arts

1875: Incorporation of the Institut de Correspondance Hellénique

1877: The publication of the annual Bulletin de correspondance hellénique begins

1900: Extension of the Étrangère section

1928: Renaming to École française d'Archéologie d'Athènes

1985: Expansion to include an administrative and an economic council; Extension of the task to all disciplines and time levels








Dikili Tash

Palace of Malia




Amathonte , Cyprus

The residence of the EFA .
Georgian Institute in Athens 1998 Avtandil Mikaberidge
Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens 1995 Christina Souyoutzoglou-Haywood 1995: Recognition as an archaeological school by the Greek government

Survey in Kephalonia , especially in Livathos

Priniatikos Pyrgos , Eastern Crete

Platonists in Athens

Nederlands Instituut in Athena 1976 Winfred van de Put

1976: Archeological Survey School van Nederland in Greece

1976: Founding as the Archeological School van Nederland in Athene

1984: Recognition as an archaeological school by the Greek government

1991: Renaming to Het Nederlands Instituut in Athene , reorganization and expansion of activities

1999: Move into the current institute building

Geraki near Sparta

Neos Halos , Thessaly

Surveys in Zakynthos and Tanagra

Norske Institutt i Athens 1989 Jorunn Økland

1991: Start of publication of Papers from the Norwegian Institute at Athens

1997: Start of publication of the Monographs from the Norwegian Institute at Athens



Petropigi east of Kavala

Austrian Archaeological Institute, Athens Branch 1898


Birgitta Eder

1894: A. Wilhelm, from 1896 W. Reichel as envoy of the Imperial and Royal Ministry for Cultus and Education in Athens

1898: Founding of the OeAI and establishment of the "Athens Secretariat" of the OeAI

1908: Completion of the institute building

since 1921: O. Walter Austrian consul and secretary, later director of the Athens branch, after the connection until 1944 2nd secretary of the DAI Athens

1944: Athens branch closes

1964: Athens branch reopened




Aigina Colonna


Leontion (Kastritsi, Kato Vlasia)


Kleidi (Kato Samikon)

Building of the Austrian Archaeological Institute in Athens
Swiss Archaeological School in Greece / École Suisse d'Archéologie en Grèce 1975 Karl Reber 1965: Swiss Archaeological Mission in Greece Eretria , Euboea
The ESAG house in Eretria.
Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene 1909 Emanuele Papi

1899: Missione Archeologica Italiana di Creta

1914: Start of the publication of the annual Annuario della Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Atene e delle Missioni italiane in Oriente

2002: Start of the publication of the biannual Notes




Haghia Triada , Crete

Aegean islands

Iasos , Turkey

Magna Graecia



Thouria , Messenia



Suomen Ateenan-instituutti 1984


Björn Forsén

Assistant Director:

Antti Lampinen

1985: Recognition as an archaeological school by the Greek government Arethousa , Thessaly

Stratos , Aetolia-Acarnania

Cocytus , Thesprotia

Arachamitai , Arcadia

The house of the SUI .
Svenska Institutet i Athens 1948


Jenny Wallensten

Assistant Director:

Patrik Klingborg

1946: founding resolution

1951: The Acta Instituti Atheniensis Regni Sueciae is published. Skrifter utgivna av Svenska Institutet i Athens

1953: The publication of Opuscula begins. Annual of the Swedish Institutes in Athens and Rome

1976: Move into the current institute building



Agios Elias, Arcadia

Berbati, Argolida





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