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Rehbach on a map from 1906

The village of Rehbach is a district of Leipzig in Saxony . He belongs to the district Hartmannsdorf - Knautnaundorf in the city district southwest.

Geographical location

Rehbach is located in the extreme southwest of the Leipzig urban area about one kilometer west of Leipzig- Knauthain . In the north, the Rehbacher Flur borders the urban area of Markranstädt , to the south the A 38 passes the town.


Rehbach is a small village that emerged as part of the German settlement in the east. To this day the place has retained its village character and around the Anger there are a number of larger farms with buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. Rehbach is one of the villages with the best-preserved historical structure.

Rehbach Church 1844-Extract.jpg
The church around 1840
Rehbach Church.jpg
Historical recording (around 1974)
2016 08 Church Rehbach.jpg
in August 2016, after the complete renovation

The village church, a choir tower church, was built in the 14th century. The appearance of the church underwent major changes in the Baroque period and is dominated by a high octagonal tower with a curved dome and a lantern. The elevation of the tower as well as the enlargement of the church windows and an extension of the nave to the west were completed in 1705. In the second half of the 19th century, galleries supported on cast iron pillars were built. It has been extensively renovated in recent years. The Rehbacher Kirche was part of the Protestant parish of Knauthain as a branch church since 1540 . Part of the Knauthain parish since 2001.

Until 1815, Rehbach belonged to the Hochstift-Merseburg office of Lützen , which had been under Electoral Saxon sovereignty since 1561 and belonged to the secondary school principality of Saxony-Merseburg between 1656/57 and 1738 . As a result of the resolutions of the Congress of Vienna , the western part of the Lützen district became part of Prussia in 1815. Rehbach, which remained with the eastern part of Lützen in the Kingdom of Saxony , was assigned to the Leipzig district office in 1815. It came to the Markranstädt court office in 1856 and to the Leipzig district administration in 1875 . The Rehbach volunteer fire brigade has existed since 1830 . In 1974 their new fire station was built.

On October 1, 1973 Rehbach came to Knautnaundorf through incorporation , together with this on March 1, 1994 to the former municipality of Kulkwitz , and on January 1, 1999 the village finally became part of the city of Leipzig like Knautnaundorf. Rehbach was assigned to the Hartmannsdorf-Knauntnaundorf district in the south-west of the city in accordance with the administrative structure of Leipzig.

In 1999, Rehbach began extracting sand and gravel in a 60 hectare open-cast mine . So come z. B. the gravel from Rehbach used in the construction of the city ​​tunnel in the ready-mixed concrete. Large parts of the motorway embankment of the federal motorway 38 were also built with material from Rehbach.

Panorama of Rehbach (towards the north)


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