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Coat of arms of Liebertwolkwitz
Coat of arms of Leipzig
district of Leipzig
Leipzig district 34 Liebertwolkwitz.svg
Coordinates 51 ° 16 '58 "  N , 12 ° 27' 50"  E Coordinates: 51 ° 16 '58 "  N , 12 ° 27' 50"  E.
surface 9.27 km²
Residents 5387 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density 581 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation Jan. 1, 1999
Post Code 04288
prefix 034297
Borough Southeast
Transport links
Highway A38 A14
railroad Leipzig – Geithain
bus 75, 143, 172, 690, S-Pösna-Park,
night bus: N8
Source: District catalog 2008 of the city of Leipzig,

Liebertwolkwitz is a district and, according to the administrative nomenclature, a district of Leipzig . The place, located in the southeastern district , was an independent municipality until it was incorporated on January 1, 1999. With the first documentary mention in  1040 , Liebertwolkwitz is one of the oldest settlements in the region. The place name is often used by the locals to Wolk's abbreviated, the inhabitants accordingly as Wolkser referred.


The following places border on Liebertwolkwitz:

Meusdorf Zuckelhausen , Holzhausen Seifertshain
Wachau Neighboring communities Fox grove
Auenhain ,
Störmthal Großpösna

The district of Liebertwolkwitz is congruent with the district of Liebertwolkwitz ; and forms the southeastern part of the city of Leipzig. It is the highest district of Leipzig and with the Galgenberg ( 168  m above sea level ) and the historically significant Monarch Hill ( 160  m above sea level ) has the two highest natural elevations in the city. The Schaukelgraben rises in the south of Liebertwolkwitz - a brook that flows through the entire village in a north-easterly direction and flows into the Pösgraben . This in turn forms a natural border between Liebertwolkwitz and Holzhausen.


The village was first mentioned in 1040 under the name Niwolkesthorp and was probably founded by Slavs in the 7th or 8th century . The Romanesque church fell victim to a fire in 1575. A rectangular hall building with a wide west tower was then built. In 1702 the tower was raised and redesigned in the baroque style. At the end of the 17th century, the poet and writer Heinrich Anselm von Ziegler and Kliphausen acquired the Liebertwolkwitz manor and died there.

The monarch's hill belonging to Liebertwolkwitz is of historical importance , from which the Emperor of Austria , the Tsar of Russia and the Prussian king commanded their troops against Napoleon I in 1813 during the Battle of Leipzig (October 16-18, 1813) . In 1725, Zacharias Hildebrandt had built a church organ that was destroyed in the Battle of the Nations. On October 14, 1813, two days before the actual “Battle of Nations” began, the area south of Markkleeberg, Wachau and Liebertwolkwitz became the scene of the famous cavalry battle near Liebertwolkwitz . In the battle, the Prussian lieutenant dragoons Guido von der Lippe fell in pursuit of the French marshal Joachim Murat ; the scene was immortalized in a painting by Richard Knötel . A memorial on the Galgenberg , which also belongs to Liebertwolkwitz, reminds us that Napoleon had his command post there on October 16, 1813.

Until 1856, Liebertwolkwitz was part of the Electoral Saxon or Royal Saxon District Office in Leipzig . From 1856 the place belonged to the court office Leipzig I and from 1875 to the administrative authority of Leipzig . Around 1880, industrial companies began to settle in Liebertwolkwitz, which, among other things, use the clay deposits in the area. This is how mainly clinker and pan stone works were created. This branch of industry is still located in the village today. The bathing establishment was built in 1908 and now houses a fitness club.

In 1996 Liebertwolkwitz signed a partnership agreement with the French community of Les Epesses .


Sons and daughters of the place

Connected to the place

  • Heinrich Anselm von Ziegler and Kliphausen (1663–1697), novelist and historiographer, lived and died in Liebertwolkwitz
  • Gustav Köllmann (1874–1966), mechanical engineer and industrialist, founded the subsidiary Köllmann-Getriebebau GmbH in 1935 in Liebertwolkwitz
  • Hans Marschall (1893–1970), politician (DDP, LDPD) and publicist, lived and died in Liebertwolkwitz
  • Günter Busch (1930-2006), soccer player and coach, played from 1942 to 1948 for MTV 1858 Liebertwolkwitz



The Leipzig-Liebertwolkwitz train station is on the Leipzig-Geithain railway line .


The largest sports club is SV Liebertwolkwitz , which offers a wide range of sports with 10 departments, including bowling, badminton, volleyball, skiing and riding. The best known is probably the soccer department, which will compete in the Saxon state class North in the 2019/20 season. Another representative is the table tennis club TTV Grüne Linde Liebertwolkwitz . In addition to club sports, there are also several private providers.


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