The Real Ghostbusters

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Television series
German title The Real Ghostbusters (TV);
The real Ghostbusters (VHS, radio play & comic adaptation)
Original title The Real Ghostbusters
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1986-1991
length 25 minutes
Episodes 134 (+ 13 "Slimer!" - episodes) in 7 seasons ( list )
genre Animated series , mystery , youth series
idea Dan Aykroyd ,
Harold Ramis
music Shuki Levy
First broadcast September 13, 1986 (USA) on ABC
first broadcast
March 31, 1989 on Sat.1

The Real Ghostbusters is an American animated series produced from 1986 to 1991 based on the 1984 feature film Ghostbusters . Numerous merchandising items such as action figures and vehicles have appeared. In 1997 the follow-up series Extreme Ghostbusters was created .

In The Real Ghostbusters , the troupe, already known from the two films, has to deal with a wide variety of paranormal cases.


Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond 'Ray' Stantz, Dr. Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore run a ghost hunter agency in New York. The secretary Janine Melnitz also works in the agency and lives the harmless ghost Slimer.

The four ghost hunters receive a variety of assignments and encounter all kinds of supernatural apparitions; in addition to ghosts, the “ bad man ” is also the subject of two episodes.

Production and publication

The series was produced by DiC Entertainment and Columbia Pictures Television from 1986 to 1991 , directed by Masakazu Higuchi and Art Vitello. The first 78 episodes come from the pen of J. Michael Straczynski , who later became well known through Babylon 5 .

In order to avoid confusion with the animated series Filmation's Ghostbusters , the title was supplemented by "The Real ". In 1988, from the fourth season (episode 92), the title was in Slimer! And The Real Ghostbusters renamed and made some changes: Slimer now appears more in the foreground in the plot and can speak. The series was broadcast in the US from September 13, 1986 to October 22, 1991 in a total of seven seasons by ABC and regional stations.

The series has also been translated into French, Italian and Spanish, among others. In addition, the entire series was released on DVD in the US and the first season in the UK and Germany.


The offshoot series Slimer! was created in 1988 with 13 episodes, when Slimer became increasingly popular with the very young Real Ghostbusters fans. From then on, The Real Ghostbusters ran in a double pack with this short-lived cartoon series that puts Slimer at the center. The drawing style and the stories were kept as simple as possible. The result is a kind of Tom and Jerry with a ghost. Eventually this offshoot was discontinued when The Real Ghostbusters had a year to go.

The Real Ghostbusters in Germany

Even before the German TV premiere of the series, individual episodes of the first and second season were released by RGA - Columbia Pictures International Video on VHS in Germany. The series was then published under the title The Real Ghostbusters and edited by another dubbing studio. In contrast to the German TV broadcast that began in 1989, the recordings took place in Hamburg. Around 21 episodes were published in several different editions.

In 1989 the series was broadcast by Sat.1, although the original team from Hamburg was dispensed with and the episodes were re-edited in Berlin by Magma Synchron. Sat.1 showed all episodes of the first four seasons in the evening program. In 1992 the series switched to ProSieben's Saturday morning program , where, after all Sat.1 episodes had been repeated, the remaining episodes of the series, which were still outstanding in Germany, were shown.

Episode list


The German TV dubbed version was recorded by Magma Synchron GmbH in Berlin. The dialogue book was written for the entire series by Rebecca Völz , the synchronous direction for the first 64 episodes was carried out by Joachim Kunzendorf , until from episode 65 this was also taken over by Rebecca Völz. The German VHS dubbed version was recorded in Hamburg.

role US Voice Actor German Voice actor Appearance
The ghost hunters
Dr. Peter Venkman Lorenzo Music Michael Harck German Video synchronous recording
Stefan Krause Season 1 & 2
Dave Coulier Season 3 to 7
Dr. Egon Spengler Maurice LaMarche Holger Mahlich German Video synchronous recording
Benjamin Völz Season 1 to 7
Dr. Raymond 'Ray' Stantz Frank Welker Rainer Schmitt German Video synchronous recording
Oliver Rohrbeck Season 1 to 7
Winston Zeddemore Arsenio Hall Lutz Schnell German Video sync episode 1 to 3
Andreas von der Meden German Video sync episode 4 to 21
Nicolas Boell Season 1 to 3
Buster Jones Season 4 to 7
Employees, relatives and friends
Janine Melnitz Laura Summer Astrid Kollex German Video synchronous recording
Dorette Hugo Season 1 & 2
Kath Soucie Season 3 & 4
Miriam Behpour Season 5 to 7
Louis Tully Roger Bumpass Peter Flechtner Season 5 & 6
Jim Venkman Lorenzo Music Lothar Grützner German Video synchronous recording
Friedrich Georg Beckhaus " The Second Bermuda Triangle "
Wolfgang Völz " The eighth wonder of the world "
Dave Coulier " The Treasure of Sierra Tamale "
Cyrus Spengler Peter Cullen Wolf Frass German Video synchronous recording
Jochen Schröder " The Unbelieving Uncle Cyrus "
Katherine Spengler Rose Marie Sigrid Lagemann " The Nightmare Wedding " & " Visit to Ghostworld "
Aunt Lois Marilyn Lightstone Ursula Vogel German Video synchronous recording
Christel Merian " Aunt Lois and the Charlatan "
Samantha Stantz ??? Maud Ackermann " It's nice in the country "
Edward Zeddemore Roscoe Lee Browne Harald Dietl " The Land of Lost Objects "
Elaine Phermon Sara Ballantine Carolin van Bergen " The terrible winged Puma "
Mayor Lenny Clotch Frank Welker Harald Pages German Video synchronous recording
KH Danowski " Got the dog "
Joachim Röcker " 100,000 million Slimers "
Gerd Holtenau " The messengers of death "
Hal Smith Lothar Mann " Lord Kildarby's Bird "
Buster Jones Dieter Kursawe " The spirit that couldn't lose "
Paranormal beings
Slimer Frank Welker Frank Welker German Video synchronous recording
Wilfried Herbst Season 1 to 7
Marshmallow spirit Marlin Wick " The Unbelieving Uncle Cyrus "
Hans-Helmut Müller " The messengers of death " & " One hand washes the other "
Killer watt James Avery Heinz Theo branding " New York has a power outage "
The bad man Frank Welker Jürgen Kluckert " Fear of the Bad Man " & " The Return of the Bad Man "
Sandman Klaus Miedel " Here comes the sandman! "
Sam Hain Bill Martin Arnold Marquis " The ghosts of the night "
Hans W. Hamacher " The night of the pumpkin heads "
genius Charles Adler Wolfgang Spier " Janine and the magic lamp "
Proteus Frank Welker Martin Schmitz " Janine, the ghost hunter "
Captain Jack Higgins Jack Angel Gottfried Kramer German Video synchronous recording
Joachim von Ulmann " The eerie ghost ship "
Dib Devlin ? Christian Rode " Competition with the devil "
Master of Shadows William Marshall Raimund Krone " Who is who? "
Goby Neil Ross Klaus Miedel " The Goby "
Villains, scammers and antagonists
Jeremy Frank Welker Dieter B. Gerlach German Video synchronous recording
Mathias Einert " What is Ragnarock? "
Dr. Bassingame Maurice LaMarche Henry King German Video synchronous recording
Friedrich Georg Beckhaus " Aunt Lois and the Charlatan "
Detlef Bierstedt " The eighth wonder of the world "
Mr. Tummel Frank Welker Helmut Heyne " Tummel and the afterlife "
Crook lord Hamilton Camp Eckart Dux German Video synchronous recording
Jürgen Thormann " The crook hunters "
Lieutenant Frump Maurice LaMarche Heinz Theo branding " The headless motorcycle spirit "
Tom Deininger " Got the dog "
Detlef Bierstedt " Greta, the burst locust "
Sandy Van Sanders Charles Adler Stephan Rabow " Egon the Terrible "
Helen Schreck Laura Summer Marianne Lutz
Walter Peck Frank Welker Uwe Büschken " Slimer slimes through "

German home video releases

In 1989, 21 episodes, with an alternative German dubbed version, were released on several VHS cassettes by RGA - Columbia Pictures International Video. In 2009 the entire first season followed on DVD with the well-known TV dubbed version by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. In 2016 Turbine Medien released the complete series in 2 boxes on DVD. The first 78 episodes of the series in box 1 (on July 15, 2016) and the remaining 56 episodes in box 2 (on September 30, 2016).


Several computer games appeared for the series, see Ghostbusters games . From 1989 to 1990 it was published by Karussell under the title The real Ghostbusters - the original for the television series 30 radio play - cassettes with two stories per cassette. The soundtrack was also released on MC.

In addition, the big book about Ghostbusters by Lars Uwe Höltich , ISBN 3-927801-06-2 , appeared in 1990 . Titan-UK has published a comic re-print with The Real Ghostbusters since 2006 . A Hard Days Fright , Who You Gonna Call , Which Witch Is Which and This Ghost Is Toast have appeared so far ; all paperbacks contain multiple stories.

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