Yamaha XT 350

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XT 350 55V, built in 1989
XT 350 fittings

The XT 350 is an enduro (motorcycle) from the XT series of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha .


It was built practically unchanged from 1985 to 2000, only the output was reduced to 13 kW in 1991 due to new noise and exhaust gas regulations by means of throttle plates in the intake tract. The XT 350 is lighter than an XT 600, but similar in design (monocross suspension, seating position). Due to its low weight, it is well suited for off-road use, but also has no problems with long trips. With minor modifications, an XT 350 can also be used for enduro races (GCC, 3h enduro bikes, etc.). Excursions on motocross routes are also possible with other spring elements, only long and hard jumps are unsuitable for the chassis (and thus the driver) due to the design. The strength, however, is clearly in the enduro area, as the engine is very good-natured and has a wide usable speed range.

In Germany it was sold until 1996, in the USA and Australia until 2000. Due to its reliability, the XT 350 is sold for example. B. in Finland still used in the military. The 250 cm³ version of the XT 350 was also available in Greece due to different motorcycle classes (not to be confused with the "real" XT 250, which can be seen as a small offshoot of the XT 500 ).

The engine was also installed in the Yamaha TT 350 with slight modifications (carburettor and valves), which serves as a sports enduro with a better chassis, minimal equipment and one-man approval.

Due to its robustness, the XT 350 is still popular with beginners, as entry into the enduro world is possible for a manageable amount. The supply of spare parts is currently still ensured via Yamaha and the used market.

Technical specifications

  • Type: 55V (1985-1991), 3YT (1991-2000)
  • Empty weight: 140 kg
  • Maximum permissible total weight: 320 kg (180 kg payload)
  • Air-cooled four-stroke engine
  • One cylinder tilted forward, four valves
  • Displacement: 346 cm³ - 86.0 mm × 59.6 mm (bore / stroke)
  • Compression: 9: 1
  • Power: 20 kW / 13 kW (throttled)
  • Torque: 24 Nm
  • Transmission: six gears, manual footshift
  • Top speed: 140 km / h, 125 km / h (throttled)
  • Chain drive
  • Brake: single-piston disc brake at the front / drum brake at the rear
  • Kickstarter
  • Admission for two people


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