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Carlos Sosa Rodríguez (born April 30, 1912 in Caracas , † July 10, 1997 ) was a Venezuelan diplomat and President of the UN General Assembly .

After studying law, he obtained a doctorate in law from the University of Paris and the Central University of Venezuela . He then worked as a lawyer in Caracas and in 1947 served as vice chairman of the Caracas Federal District Bar Association. In 1949 he was appointed Chief Auditor of the Venezuelan Government.

In 1950 he entered the diplomatic service and was Ambassador to Great Britain until 1952 . From 1958 to 1966 he was permanent representative to the United Nations . As such, he was initially Vice President of the UN General Assembly in 1960 .

The Venezuelan diplomat became President of the 18th UN General Assembly on September 17, 1963, succeeding Muhammad Zafrulla Khan . On December 1, 1964, he was replaced by Alex Quaison-Sackey . From 1970 to 1971 he was a negotiator in the disarmament talks between Venezuela and Colombia .


In addition to a number of legal articles, he also wrote a book on international maritime law:

  • "Le Droit Fluvial International et les Fleuves de l'Amérique Latine", Paris 1935 (Pedonne)

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