Samir S. Shihabi

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Samir S. Shihabi

Samir Sobhi Shihabi ( Arabic سمير الشهابي, DMG Samīr aš-Šihābī ; * May 27, 1925 ; † August 25, 2010 ) was a Saudi Arabian diplomat . He was President of the UN General Assembly from 1991 to 1992 .


Samir Shihabi graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and Economics . Later followed studies at Yale University , Cambridge University and the University of New York . Here he also obtained a Master of Arts in Middle East Studies.

After joining the diplomatic service in 1949, he was initially employed in the Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry. In 1956, he was First Secretary at the Embassy in Bern and then from 1959 to 1961 chargé ( "charge d'affaires") at the embassy in Rome . In 1961 he returned to the Foreign Ministry, where he became Director of the Department for the United Nations and International Organizations . In 1964 he became the first Saudi ambassador to Turkey . He remained in this post until 1973, after which he was ambassador to Somalia for one year .

In 1974 he returned to the Foreign Ministry, where he became Senior Advisor to the Foreign Minister and Acting Deputy Foreign Minister. As such, from 1974 he also took part in delegations to the UN . In 1980 Shihabi became ambassador to Pakistan .

Shihabi became Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the UN in September 1983. As such, he also played a major role in founding the International Association of Permanent Representatives to the United Nations. He was twice elected president of this association.

On September 17, 1991, he was elected President of the 46th UN General Assembly to succeed Guido de Marco . He held this office until September 15, 1992, when he was replaced by Stoyan Ganew .

Shihabi was after the end of his diplomatic career advisory curator at the American University of Cairo ( American University in Cairo , AUC).

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