Chevrolet D series

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Series D
Production period: 1917-1918
Class : Upper class
Body versions : Touring cars , roadsters
Engines: Otto engine :
4.7 liters (45 kW)
Wheelbase : 3048 mm
Empty weight : 1427-1450 kg

The Chevrolet Series D (Engl. Chevrolet Series D ) was an upper class -PKW, the only model year 1918 Chevrolet was established as a top model. The vehicle was introduced in late 1917 and was available as a five-seater touring car model D-5 with four doors and a four-seater roadster model D-4 with two doors. All vehicles were painted green and the visible wooden parts were kept in mahogany . The cars had overhead controlled V8 engines (OHV) with a 90 ° cylinder angle. The engine with a displacement of 4719 cm³ developed an output of 61 bhp (45 kW). The engine power was transmitted to the rear wheels via a cone clutch and a manual three-speed gearbox. The rear wheels were fitted with external band brakes. The retail price for both models was US $ 1,550.

At the end of 1918, the model was discontinued after 4833 copies without a successor.


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