The naked cannon 33⅓

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German title The naked cannon 33⅓
Original title Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult
The naked cannon 3.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1994
length 79 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Peter Segal
script David Zucker ,
Robert K. Weiss
production Robert K. Weiss
music Ira Newborn
camera Robert M. Stevens
cut James R. Symons

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The Naked Cannon 33⅓ is a 1994 comedy film . It is the third part of the "Die nackte Kanone" series and thus the continuation of Die nackte Kanone from 1988 and Die nackte Kanone 2½ from 1991.


The now retired protagonist of the first two films, Frank Drebin, has completely settled into the role of the househusband, which manifests itself, for example, in watching soap operas or baking cupcakes. Likewise, Frank's marriage to Jane is beginning to crumble as they disagree on babies.

One day Frank gets a visit from his old colleagues Nordberg and Ed, who tell him about a current bomb threat and the involved Tanya Peters. Since Peters is their only clue at this point, they ask Frank to go undercover to the clinic where Tanya Peters works for a few hours . Not knowing that this is a fertility clinic and sperm bank, Frank fakes an old football injury. He only noticed the type of clinic when he was asked to submit a sample intended to count sperm. However, he finds out Tanya's address and writes it down on a napkin with lipstick.

When they get home, Jane waits for him to follow her marriage counselor's advice to treat themselves to a night of love, just as intimately and intensely as they were at the beginning of their relationship. As she takes off Frank's shirt, she notices scratch marks on his back that Frank had read from “Dr. Rosenblatt ”, a dominatrix from the sperm bank, who was supposed to support him in submitting a sample. Jane doesn't believe Frank's story with the “other woman” and immediately suspects that he has worked as a police officer again. Because Frank had promised her never to return to the police force, she leaves him immediately.

Thereupon Frank turns back to the case, somewhat bent, and volunteers as an undercover agent for a stay in a prison. Rocco Dillon imprisoned there is said to be the originator of the bomb threat. Frank is supposed to gain his trust and find out the target of the bomb threat.

When Frank arrives at the prison in the identity “Der Schlitzer”, Rocco and his cellmate Tyrone's escape plans are already in full swing. At lunch, Rocco wants to hand over the recorded plans to Tyrone, but is caught by a guard. Frank starts a fight in the dining room to protect Rocco from solitary confinement. Tyrone is put in solitary confinement.

Frank, now in Rocco's trust, works out a new breakout plan and successfully executes it with Rocco. The two of them are picked up by Rocco's mother and driven to Rocco's remote house on the lake.

Jane has meanwhile found the napkin that Frank had misplaced in her pocket, now believes that he was telling the truth and drives to Tanya's address. Frank and Jane pretend they don't know each other, and Rocco, on Frank's advice, decides to keep her hostage.

Then Frank learns that Rocco wants to blow up the Oscars. Meanwhile, he and Rocco's mother are supposed to take care of Jane.

Frank reveals himself to Rocco's mother as a police officer, overpowers her and comes through the entrance with Jane - disguised as a prominent couple. They suspect the bomb is hidden in a winning envelope. After Frank appeared as Phil Donahue , who announced some of the winners with Raquel Welch , he learned that the bomb was in the last cover of Best Picture .

Frank intervenes and Rocco is catapulted through the roof of the building into his client's helicopter, envelope in hand, where it explodes.

Frank and Jane never want to part again and have children nine months later.

Allusions to other films

The third part also parodied various feature films: The scene with the strollers on the stairs comes from the film The Untouchables , whose scene in turn paid homage to the film Battleship Potemkin . In reference to Jurassic Park , the police car is trampled by a dinosaur at the beginning. The shadow of a dinosaur is later shown in the police station, a nod to Alfred Hitchcock's cameo appearances in his films. A film called " Geriatric Park" is nominated at the Academy Awards. When Jane runs away in the car with her friend Louise, reference is made to Thelma & Louise . The shower scene in the prison, in which Drebin is harassed by a beefy homosexual inmate, relates to the escape from Alcatraz . The escape from the prison, the tunnel construction and the distribution of the rubble from the tunnel construction through the trouser pockets in the prison yard are allusions to the film Broken Chains . There are also parallels to Leap to Death , in which a gangster has an extraordinarily close relationship with his mother and a police superintendent smuggled into prison in order to bring down the perpetrator. After a successful test near Rocco's house, Rocco acts like Beavis and Butt-Head in the English version by repeating the word cool several times and the typical Beavis and Butt-Head laugh.


  • The man chasing his lawnmower up the stairs in the opening scene is Will Ferrell .
  • Earl Boen , who became known as the psychiatrist in the Terminator series, plays the family therapist Dr. Stuart Eisendrath .
  • The housekeeper plays Ann B. Davis , who became known as the housekeeper Alice Nelson in the series Three Girls and Three Boys (Original title: The Brady Bunch ).
  • The guard who discovers the escape plan in the prison is R. Lee Ermey , who played the drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket .
  • When Tyrone is being held by uniformed men after a fight, he says the original phrase “Can't we all just get along?” While reporters hold out microphones to him. This is a reference to Rodney King , who was a victim of police violence and who triggered the subsequent riots in Los Angeles in 1992 .
  • Numerous well-known people have short guest roles and play themselves at the Academy Awards: Weird Al Yankovic and Vanna White as guests, Mariel Hemingway , Elliott Gould , Raquel Welch , Olympia Dukakis and James Earl Jones as laudators, Mary Lou Retton , Morgan Fairchild , Shannen Doherty and Florence Henderson as nominees and Pia Zadora as singer.
  • There is an untranslatable play on words when it comes to the best film awards ceremony: it is said that all but one of the films have been commercially successful. When Drebin grabs the envelope, he shouts "It's the bomb" because he fears that the letter bomb is in the envelope. People in the audience cheer and stand up thinking their film has won. This is a reference to the fact that a commercial film flop in the US is called "box-office bomb" or simply "bomb". So the makers of the flopped movie thought they won.
  • At the end of the film, someone with glasses, a red and white striped sweater and a bobble hat mingles with the applauding audience, this is a reference to Walter from Where is Walter? (Originally: Wally / Where's Wally?).
  • In one of the last scenes, in which Papshmir is filmed sitting on the toilet, he reads an issue of Playboy with Anna Nicole Smith (who plays Tanya Peters in the film) on the cover of the magazine.
  • For OJ Simpson this was the last film so far. Shortly after filming was completed, he was brought to trial on suspicion of murder . This was also the main reason why there was no other film in the series.
  • Fred Ward, who plays Rocco Dillon here, also plays a prisoner in the parodied film Escape from Alcatraz .
  • 33 1/3 is an allusion to the speed at which a record spins, it usually reaches a speed of 33 1/3 rpm . Originally the film was supposed to be given the additional title "For the Record" in the English original, but a decision was made against it because it was feared that too few people would understand the allusion.


"In its irreverence still functioning satire, which however has more luck with the parody of famous and less glorious film role models than with the predictable, clumsy plot framework and glaring tastelessness."



The film was dubbed by the Berliner Synchron Wenzel Lüdecke company. The dialogue script and direction are by Arne Elsholtz .

figure actor Voice actor
Lt. Frank Drebin Leslie Nielsen Horst Schön
Jane Spencer Priscilla Presley Uta Hallant
Captain Ed Squat George Kennedy Klaus Piontek
Nordberg OJ Simpson Arne Elsholtz
Elliott Gould Elliott Gould Christian Brückner
Rocco Dillon Fred Ward Kurt Goldstein
Dr. Iron wire Earl Boen Lothar Blumhagen
Dr. Roberts Doris Belack Barbara Ratthey
James Earl Jones James Earl Jones Gerd Holtenau
Olympia Dukakis Olympia Dukakis Bettina Schön
Papshmir Raye Birk Klaus Jepsen
Raquel Welch Raquel Welch Almut Eggert
Ted Olsen Ed Williams Karl-Ulrich Meves
Tanya Peters Anna Nicole Smith Melanie Pukass

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