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Evang. Parish Church AB, Christ Church
Orthophoto of the Freidhof

The Evangelical Cemetery Matzleinsdorf is a denominational cemetery in Vienna's 10th district of Favoriten . It is located at the beginning of Triester Straße at No. 1 near Matzleinsdorfer Platz and is bordered to the north by Gudrunstraße .


Entrance to the Russian military cemetery
Overview of the military cemetery

After the dead of the two evangelical denominations AB and HB had been buried in the Catholic cemeteries in Vienna until 1856, the decision was made to create their own evangelical cemetery. For this purpose, a plot of land in front of the line wall on the edge of the former suburb of Matzleinsdorf was purchased. On April 7, 1858, the new cemetery was inaugurated. The cemetery chapel was built by the important architect Theophil Hansen and was consecrated on September 27, 1860. The cemetery, which originally belonged to Wieden, became part of the new Margareten district after its division in 1861 . The area has been a favorite since 1874 . Since there were repeated discussions about the future of the cemetery, a Protestant cemetery was also created in the Vienna Central Cemetery . But the Matzleinsdorf Evangelical Cemetery has survived to this day, so that both cemeteries have been occupied since then. During the Second World War , the cemetery was badly damaged in the course of the bombing of the southern railway , near which it is located.

The Russian military cemetery on the site of the Matzleinsdorf Evangelical Cemetery was occupied between 1945 and 1947 in a mass grave and 32 individual graves with members of the Red Army.

Christ Church

Christ Church in the Matzleinsdorf Evangelical Cemetery in Vienna
Interior of the Christ Church

The former cemetery chapel became a preaching station and subsidiary church in 1899, where services were held regularly. Since 1924 it has been the seat of its own Protestant parish AB (Lutheran), the parish of Favoriten Christ Church of the Evangelical Superintendent of AB Vienna .

The church itself was built between 1858 and 1860 according to plans by Theophil Hansen . Its striking appearance is reminiscent of an Orthodox church. Hansen had orientated himself on the Byzantine architectural style in the then ruling period of historicism . A large dome rises over the crossing. The exterior is characterized by exposed bricks and is structured by profiles and cornices. Strong corner pillars are crowned by pinnacles . Originally there was a fresco by Carl Rahl above the entrance , which showed the angel at the tomb of Christ. This picture was replaced at the beginning of the 20th century by a mosaic on a gold background depicting Christ with a banner.

Inside there are a total of 35 angel figures, mainly on the column capitals, including four large, carved angels under the organ loft, symbolizing prayer, worship, teaching and proclamation and reminding of figureheads on ships. On the spandrels below the dome are frescoes of the symbols of the evangelists. In 1968 Günther Baszel created glass windows in the chancel showing the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. In 1971 another four glass windows followed to the right and left of the chancel with the representation of the raising of Lazarus, the youth of Nain, the daughter of Jairus and the story of the rich man and poor Lazarus. After Baszel's death in 1989, the remaining four windows were added to designs by E. Bauernfeind.

There are two openings for bells in the front gable. These two bells were manufactured by the Pfundner foundry in 1934 and sound in the tones f´´ and gis´´.

Graves of important personalities

Grave of Friedrich Hebbel
Grave of Baron Karl

The Matzleinsdorf Evangelical Cemetery has a large number of celebrity graves. Numerous personalities are of local importance for Vienna, some of them also nationally important. The graves of:

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