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Janet Simpson ( Janet Mary Simpson ; born September 2, 1944 in Barnet, London Borough of Barnet ; † March 14, 2010 ) was a British sprinter .

In 1964 she was seventh over 200 meters at the Tokyo Olympics . In the 4 x 100 meter relay , she won the bronze medal with the British quartet in the cast Simpson, Mary Rand , Daphne Arden and Dorothy Hyman .

At the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Kingston in 1966 , she was eighth over 220 yards and won silver with the English team in the 4-by-110-yard relay.

Two years later she was fourth over 400 meters at the Olympic Games in Mexico City in 1968 and came seventh with the British team in the 4 x 100 meter relay.

At the European Championships in Athens in 1969 , she was seventh over 400 meters. In the 4 x 400 meter relay , which was held for the first time , she set a world record with Rosemary Stirling , Pat Lowe and Lillian Board with 3: 30.8 minutes.

In 1972 she retired from the Olympic Games in Munich over 400 meters in the lead. In the 4 x 400 meter relay, she finished fifth with the British relay.

In 1965 and 1966 she was English champion over 220 yards.

Her mother Violet Webb had won an Olympic bronze medal in the 1932 relay. Janet Simpson was married to the Swiss sprinter Philippe Clerc . The later divorced marriage resulted in a son and a daughter.

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