List of Austrian proposals for the Oscar nomination in the category of best international film

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The list of Austrian proposals for the Oscar nomination in the category of best international film (until 2019 best foreign language film ) includes all films submitted for Austria to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) for the category of best international film .

Of these, two films, Die Fälscher by Stefan Ruzowitzky at the Academy Awards 2008 and Liebe by Michael Haneke at the Academy Awards 2013, were awarded the Oscar for the best foreign language film. With 38 - Even the Vienna was by Wolfgang luck in the Oscar ceremony in 1987 and revenge by Götz Spielmann at the Academy Awards in 2009 were two other films nominated for the Oscar in this category.

Michael Haneke's film Caché, which was submitted for the 2006 Academy Awards , was not admitted because it was not mainly shot in the language of the sending country, but in French.

For the 2010 Academy Awards , Austria originally wanted to submit The White Ribbon - A German Children's Story by Michael Haneke, but the film was ultimately submitted as the German candidate for best foreign language film and received an Oscar nomination in the categories of best foreign language film and best camera .

For the 2017 Oscars , the German-French-Austrian co-production Before the Dawn was initially proposed by the producers for the selection of the German candidate as the best foreign language film. After Germany had nominated the German-Austrian co-production Toni Erdmann instead , Austria announced on September 6, 2016 that it would be sending Vor der Morgenröte into the race. The Austrian contribution to the international Oscar was initially rejected by AMPAS, the reason being the “imbalance of creative participation”. When AMPAS published the full list of nominated titles a few days later, Vor der Morgenröte was listed there.

With the Franco-German-Austrian co-production Happy End , the Association of the Film and Music Industry (FAMA) proposed a film by Michael Haneke as an Austrian contribution for the 2018 Academy Awards for the sixth time. His films were suggested most often, followed by Götz Spielmann with three submissions and Barbara Albert , Robert Dornhelm and Stefan Ruzowitzky with two submissions each.

Austrian suggestions

Year of award Movie Director Production countries Result
1962 Anyone Gottfried Reinhardt AustriaAustria Austria , FR GermanyGermany BRBR Germany  Not nominated
1970 Moss on the stones Georg Lhotsky AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
1978 I want to live Jörg A. Eggers AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
1980 Tales from the Vienna Woods Maximilian Schell Germany BRBR Germany Federal Republic of Germany , AustriaAustriaAustria  Not nominated
1981 Egon Schiele - excesses Herbert Vesely Germany BRBR Germany Federal Republic of Germany , France , AustriaFranceFrance AustriaAustria  Not nominated
1982 The Bockerer Franz Antel AustriaAustria Austria , FR GermanyGermany BRBR Germany  Not nominated
1984 The last round (Strawanzer) Peter Patzak AustriaAustria Austria , FR GermanyGermany BRBR Germany  Not nominated
1985 Right behind the door Mansur Mahdavi AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
1986 Malambo Milan Dor AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
1987 38 - That was Vienna too Wolfgang luck AustriaAustria Austria , FR GermanyGermany BRBR Germany  Nominated
1988 Wherever and back - Welcome to Vienna Axel Corti SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland , Federal Republic of Germany , AustriaGermany BRBR Germany AustriaAustria  Not nominated
1989 The wide country Luc Bondy Germany BRBR Germany Federal Republic of Germany , France , Austria , ItalyFranceFrance AustriaAustria ItalyItaly  Not nominated
1990 The seventh continent Michael Haneke AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
1991 Requiem for Dominik Robert Dornhelm GermanyGermany Germany , Romania , AustriaRomaniaRomania AustriaAustria  Not nominated
1992 I love Vienna Houchang Allahyari AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
1993 Benny's video Michael Haneke AustriaAustria Austria , SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland  Not nominated
1994 India Paul Harather AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
1995 I pledge Wolfgang Murnberger AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
1996 The ant route Michael Glawogger AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
1997 Hannah Reinhard Schwabenitzky AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
1998 The fish Robert Dornhelm AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
1999 The seventh farmers Stefan Ruzowitzky AustriaAustria Austria , GermanyGermanyGermany  Not nominated
2000 North edge Barbara Albert AustriaAustria Austria , Germany , SwitzerlandGermanyGermany SwitzerlandSwitzerland  Not nominated
2001 The stranger Götz Spielmann AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
2002 The piano player Michael Haneke AustriaAustria Austria , Germany Poland , FranceGermanyGermany  PolandPoland FranceFrance  Not nominated
2003 Native Robert Schindel , Lukas Stepanik GermanyGermany Germany , Poland , AustriaPolandPoland AustriaAustria  Not nominated
2004 Bad cells Barbara Albert GermanyGermany Germany , Austria , SwitzerlandAustriaAustria SwitzerlandSwitzerland  Not nominated
2005 Antares Götz Spielmann AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
2006 Caché Michael Haneke FranceFrance France , Austria , Germany , ItalyAustriaAustria GermanyGermany ItalyItaly  Not allowed
2007 Play life Antonin Svoboda AustriaAustria Austria , SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland  Not nominated
2008 The Fakers Stefan Ruzowitzky AustriaAustria Austria , GermanyGermanyGermany  Won
2009 revenge Götz Spielmann AustriaAustria Austria Nominated
2010 A moment of freedom Arash T. Riahi AustriaAustria Austria , France , TurkeyFranceFrance TurkeyTurkey  Not nominated
2011 La Pivellina ( The Little One ) Tizza Covi , Rainer Frimmel ItalyItaly Italy , AustriaAustriaAustria  Not nominated
2012 To breathe Karl Markovics AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
2013 love Michael Haneke AustriaAustria Austria , GermanyGermanyGermany  Won
2014 The wall Julian Pölsler AustriaAustria Austria , GermanyGermanyGermany  Not nominated
2015 the dark valley Andreas Prochaska AustriaAustria Austria , GermanyGermanyGermany  Not nominated
2016 I see I see Veronika Franz , Severin Fiala AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
2017 Before the dawn Maria Schrader GermanyGermany Germany , France , AustriaFranceFrance AustriaAustria  Not nominated
2018 happy end Michael Haneke FranceFrance France , Germany , AustriaGermanyGermany AustriaAustria  Not nominated
2019 Waldheim's waltz Ruth Beckermann AustriaAustria Austria Not nominated
2020 Joy Sudabeh Mortezai AustriaAustria Austria Not allowed
The most successful directors
Director Submissions Nominations Awards
Michael Haneke 6th 1 1
Götz Spielmann 3 1 0
Stefan Ruzowitzky 2 1 1
Barbara Albert 2 0 0
Robert Dornhelm 2 0 0
Wolfgang luck 1 1 0

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