Rottapharm Madaus

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Rottapharm Madaus

legal form Spa
founding 1961
Seat Monza , Italy
management Luigi Rovati ( CEO )
Number of employees approx. 2,000
sales 600 million euros (2010)
Branch Pharmacy , human medicine

Rottapharm Madaus is a multinational pharmaceutical group headquartered in Monza ( Italy ). It emerged from the takeover of the German plant pharmaceutical company Madaus by the Italian pharmaceutical company Rottapharm.

The company is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies specializing in the development and sale of natural pharmaceuticals. It employs more than 2,000 people in more than 85 countries and achieved sales of 600 million euros in 2010. The founder and CEO of the company is Luigi Rovati. Competitors are Menarini and Recordati .

In August 2014, the Swedish pharmaceutical company MEDA bought the entire company for 2.3 billion euros.


The company was founded in 1961 by Professor Luigi Rovati, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Pavia , as an independent research laboratory Rotta.

In the following decades, the company grew into a global corporation: In 1978, the German company Opfermann Arzneimittel (based in Wiehl-Bomig ) was taken over, and in 1979 the Portuguese company Delta. In 1986 Rotta acquired the production and sales of the company Rorer Italia and renamed it as the manufacturing sister company of the Rotta laboratory branch to Rottapharm Srl , in 1989 the Spanish laboratory Gamir was added, renaming Rottapharm Srl to Rottapharm SA (public limited company). The French branch Rottapharm Sarl was established in January 1991 . In 1993 another Spanish company, Fides, was bought from the Pharmacia Group and also integrated into Rottapharm SA. Two years later a branch was set up in Beijing (China). Rottapharm-Silesia was founded in Chile in 1996 , initially as a joint venture with the Chilean company Silesia (at the beginning of 2000, Rottapharm acquired the majority of the voting rights in the JV). In 1998 Rottapharm Ltd was founded in Dublin (Ireland), as well as a sales and marketing company in Portugal (Rotta Farmaceutica), Thailand and Guatemala . In the following year, the Italian company Laboratori Guieu was acquired. The Indian company Elder founded an exclusive distributor of Rottapharm products in India under the name EW&F (Earth, Wind & Fire) . In the same year a further sales office was set up in Malaysia . At the beginning of 2000, a new sales agency, Fides-EcoPharma, was set up in Spain, followed by entry into the USA market with Rotta Pharmaceuticals Inc. in November , and sales offices in Panama , Honduras , El Salvador and Costa Rica . In 2002 further sales offices followed in Russia , the Czech Republic , Bulgaria and Romania .

In 2004, the Rotta research and development laboratory and Rottapharm merged and became the joint stock company Rottapharm Spa . The next development step followed in 2005 with the takeover of the company Biochimici PSN, which made it market leader in the Italian market for personal care products.

Another big step was the takeover of the German plant pharmaceutical company Madaus in June 2007 , the largest takeover of an Italian pharmaceutical company in Europe to date.

In June 2014, the owner family announced that they would be listing the company on the stock exchange. Initially, 25 percent of the shares should be sold. But then the IPO was surprisingly canceled. Instead, the Swedish pharmaceutical company Meda bought the entire company for 2.3 billion euros.

Group structure

Rottapharm Madaus is represented in more than 85 countries with its own branches or through sales partners. The company's headquarters and the Rotta Research Laboratory, the research center, are located in Monza, Italy. Production takes place at a total of five locations in Italy, Ireland , Germany , Spain and India .



  • Madaus Egypt ( Cairo , Egypt)
  • Nycomed Madaus (Pty) Ltd. ( Sandton , South Africa)


  • Rotta Beijing Office ( Beijing , China)
  • Rottapharm China - Guangzhou office ( Guangzhou , China)
  • Rotta Pharmaceuticals ( Hong Kong , China)
  • Rottapharm China - Shangai office ( Shanghai , China)
  • Madaus Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. ( Goa , India)
  • Rottapharm Malaysia ( Selangor , Malaysia)
  • Madaus Regional Office Jeddah ( Jeddah , Saudi Arabia)
  • Rottapharm (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ( Bangkok , Thailand)


  • Rottapharm SpA, Headquarters (Monza, Italy)
  • Madaus Ges.mbH ( Vienna , Austria)
  • Madaus Pharma SA / NV ( Brussels , Belgium)
  • Rottapharm SAS ( Paris , France)
  • Rottapharm Ltd. ( Dublin , Ireland)
  • Rottapharm | Madaus GMBH ( Cologne , Germany)
  • Madaus GMBH (Cologne, Germany)
  • Integral SA ( Luxembourg , Luxembourg)
  • Laboratórios Delta, Lda. ( Lisbon , Portugal)
  • Neo-Farmaceutica Lda. (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Rottapharm SL ( Barcelona , Spain)
  • EUROMED SA (Barcelona, ​​Spain)
  • Rottapharm Hellas ( Athens , Greece)
  • Rottapharm Russia ( Moscow , Russia)
  • Rottapharm SA ( Chiasso , Switzerland)

South America


Rottapharm Madaus focuses on the research and development of natural phytopharmaceuticals . In the almost 5000 m² Rotta Research Laboratory in Monza (Italy), around 100 employees work regularly on new active ingredients. The most important facilities include a laboratory for pharmacological biochemistry , a laboratory for cell and molecular pharmacology , a general pharmacology laboratory, a pathology laboratory and a laboratory for neuropharmacology.

The company's own research facilities for pharmaceutical chemistry specialize in the design, synthesis and purification of new chemical substances with pharmacological activities. The remaining laboratories at the Monza headquarters are devoted to quality control, as well as research and development of dermo-cosmetic systems.


Armolipid Plus : dietary supplement
Echinacin : juice from purple coneflower
Sagella : intimate hygiene against infections and inflammation

Rottapharm Madaus specializes in the distribution of phytopharmaceuticals . Among the most famous products, the flu and cold remedies counts Echinacin which supplements Armolipid Plus and Sagella care for and against infections of the genital area.

A non-interventional study by the manufacturer confirms that Echinacin Liquidum has a positive effect on the body: The course of the disease is shortened and, compared to conventional cold and flu remedies , it is better tolerated. A study on the dietary supplement Armolipid Plus , which is used in cases of increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels , came to the following result: In combination with a balanced diet, the LDL cholesterol could be reduced and the HDL cholesterol increased . In a PTA test campaign for Sagella intimate care products, 98 percent of the testers rated criteria such as effectiveness, feeling of freshness, care and handling as “very good” or “good”.

Here is a list of all products in alphabetical order:

Product name ingredients field of use available in
Acimed L-methionine Harnansäuerung in urinary tract infections , to prevent urinary stones , to improve the effect of antibiotics and paracetamol poisoning A.
AFTAB adhesive tablets Triamcinolone acetonide Aphthous ulcers of the oral mucosa D.
Agiocur Seeds and seed coats of Indian psyllium ( Plantago ovata ) chronic constipation ; Diseases in which an easier bowel movement is desired. A, D; CH : Agiolax mite
Agiolax Seeds and seed coats of Indian psyllium (Plantago ovata), senna pods standardized to sennosides Constipation A, D, CH
Agiolax Pico Sodium picosulfate Constipation D.
Agnofem Agnus castus Period symptoms , premenstrual syndrome PMS, irregular cycles, breast tenderness / mastodynia A; D: agnolyte
Armolipid Plus Red yeast rice , berberine , policosanol , folic acid , coenzyme Q10 , astaxanthin lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood A.
Biomagnesin Madaus magnesium Muscle spasms D.
Calcigen D Calcium , vitamin D3 osteoporosis D.
DEDREI vital Queen of the Night ( Cactus grandiflorus ), Hawthorn ( Crataegus ), Camphor ( Cinnamomum camphora ), Aether sulfuricus, Valerian (Valeriana) Cardiovascular problems D.
Dona Crystalline glucosamine sulfate - sodium chloride arthrosis A, D
Echinacin drops / liquidium, juice, capsettes, tablets, lipstick Press juice from Echinacea purpurea (purple coneflower herb) Treatment and prevention of colds A, D (+ ointment), CH (only drops)
Estromineral gel Soy extract with 90% isoflavones , Lactobacillus sporogenes, lactic acid , diglycerol complex, Calendula officinalis extract Impairment of the vaginal mucosa during menopause A.
Estrominal tablets Soy isoflavones, Lactobacillus sporogenes, calcium, vitamin D3 Menopausal symptoms D.
Estromineral serena tablets Soy isoflavones, Lactobacillus sporogenes ( Bacillus coagulans ), honokiol in magnolia extract , magnesium, calcium, vitamin D3 Sleep disorders and mental tension in the context of menopausal symptoms A.
GO-ON Sodium hyaluronate Arthrotic complaints A, D
EXTIN® N Ammonium chloride Urinary tract infection D.
Laryngsan zinc Food supplements D.
Legalon 70 mg / 140 mg capsules Dry extract from milk thistle fruits Liver damage, inflammatory liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver A, D, CH
Legalon SIL Silibinin from milk thistle extract Tuber agaric - poisoning ; in Austria national approval for hepatitis C (non-responders) A, D, CH
Lectinol ampoules Mistletoe liquid extract (Viscum album) standardized to mistletoe lectin to improve the quality of life in the treatment of breast cancer A, D
Lomaherpan® cold sore cream Dry extract from lemon balm leaves Cold sores (herpes simplex labialis), frequent herpes infestation A.
LomaProtect lip protection stick Dry extract from lemon balm leaves Protection against fever blisters A.
Lucovit 'Ginkgo biloba tablets Ginko leaf extract declining memory and difficulty concentrating A.
My Bellence Vitamins Nutrient combination for women D.
Nosweat capsules Sage leaves extract excessive sweating A.
Prosta Urgenin capsules Saw palmetto fruit extract (Sabal serrulata) Discomfort when urinating ( micturition problems ) A; D: Prosta Urgenin® Uno ; CH:
Reparil 20 mg dragées Amorphized aescin Phlebitis , varicose veins , spinal pain , post- concussion headache , tendinitis A, D
Reparil gel Aescin, diethylamine salicylate Phlebitis and vein care, varicose veins , sports injuries, tendinitis A; D: Reparil® Gel N ; CH: Reparil® N Gel
Reparil Ice Spray Menthol , camphor Sports injuries A, D
Sagella 'active gel Thyme extract, hyaluronic acid Care if the intimate area is infected with bacteria and fungi A.
Sagella active washing lotion Thyme extract, lactic acid Hygiene if the intimate area is infected A, CH
SAGELLA MEN Shower lotion D.
SAGELLA Sensitive Nursing balm D.
SAGELLA pH 3.5 Intimate hygiene for women up to menopause D.
SAGELLA hydramed Intimate hygiene for women with an increased risk of infection D.
SAGELLA poligyn Intimate hygiene during menopause D.
Salviagale Fennel , chamomile , clove , peppermint , sage, thyme; fluoride herbal toothpaste A, D
Salviathymol N Sage, eucalyptus , peppermint, cinnamon tree, clove, fennel, anise , thymol, levomenthol Inflammation of the mouth, periodontal disease D.
Spasmolyte Trospium chloride 20mg Urinary incontinence , urge to urinate, irritable bladder , pollakiuria A, D; CH: Spasmo Urgenin Neo
Tasectan Gelatin tannate diarrhea D.
Uralyt-U granules Hexapotassium hexasodium trihydrogen pentacitrate Urinary stones A, D
Urgenin bladder capsules Bearberry leaf extract, cranberry -Frucht concentrate Urinary tract infection A.
Urivesc 60 mg prolonged- release capsules Trospium chloride Urge incontinence with overactive bladder, urge to urinate A, D
Representatives Heparin Sodium Vein therapy D.
Zymafluor Sodium fluoride Caries A, CH

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