Ruta 1 (Bolivia)

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Ruta 1 in Bolivia
Ruta 1 (Bolivia)
Basic data
Operator: Administradora Boliviana
de Carreteras
Overall length: 1215 km

Departments :

Carretera en el Altiplano - Bolivia.jpg
Ruta 1 on the Altiplano
Course of the road
Border crossing Peru - Bolivia
flow Desaguadero River
La Paz Department
Locality (0)  Desaguadero
Locality (24)  Guaqui
Locality (95)  El Alto R2 R3
Locality (130)  Achica Arriba
Locality (135)  San Antonio de Senkata
Locality (149)  Calamarca
Locality (161)  Tolar
Locality (173)  Ayo Ayo
Locality (193)  Patacamaya R4
Oruro Department
Locality (214)  Sica Sica
Locality (220)  Lahuachaca
Locality (232)  Colpapucho Belén
Locality (239)  Konani
Locality (250)  Panduro
Locality (260)  Vila Vila
Locality (268)  Kemalla
Locality (283)  Caracollo R4 R44
Locality (324)  Oruro
Locality (354)  Machacamarca R6
Locality (377)  Poopó
Locality (404)  Pazña
Locality (440)  Challapata
Locality (452)  Ancacato
Locality (503)  Thola Palca
Locality (532)  Cruce Culta
Potosí Department
Locality (554)  Challah Mayu
Locality (598)  Tinguipaya
Locality (618)  Tarapaya
Locality (643)  Potosí R5
Locality (680)  Cuchu Ingenio R14
Chuquisaca Department
Locality (765)  Padcoyo
Locality (826)  Camargo
Locality (868)  Villa Abecia
Locality (893)  Las Carreras R20
Tarija Department
Locality (898)  El Puente
Locality (951)  San Lorencito
flow (954)  Río Tomayapo
Locality (993)  Santa Bárbara
Locality (1005)  Tarija R11
Locality (1215)  Bermejo
Border crossing Bolivia - Argentina
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The Ruta 1 is a state highway in the South American Andean country Bolivia .


The road has a length of 1,215 km and crosses the Bolivian Altiplano from north to south, from the Peruvian border on the southern edge of Lake Titicaca to the Argentine border in the southern Altiplano. The road crosses the departments of La Paz , Oruro , Potosí , Chuquisaca and Tarija . It begins in the north at the city of Desaguadero and ends in the south in the city of Bermejo , from where it continues on the Argentine side as Ruta Nacional 50 via Aguas Blancas to Pichanal .

The Ruta 1 is completely paved.


The road has been declared part of the Bolivian national road network " Red Vial Fundamental " by decree 25.134 of August 31, 1998 .

Route sections

La Paz Department

Oruro Department

Potosí Department

Chuquisaca Department

Tarija Department

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