Strombach (Gummersbach)

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City of Gummersbach
Coordinates: 51 ° 1 ′ 27 ″  N , 7 ° 31 ′ 46 ″  E
Height : 285 m above sea level NN
Residents : 2524  (June 30, 2016)
Postal code : 51643
Area code : 02261
Strombach (Gummersbach)

Location of Strombach in Gummersbach

Strombach is a district of the city of Gummersbach in the Oberbergisches Kreis in southern North Rhine-Westphalia .

Location and description

The place is about 3.0 km from the city center.


First mention

The place was mentioned for the first time in 1381, and Pilgrim v. Waldenberg called Schinkerl and his wife ... the church in Ründeroth a pension from properties in Strombecke, among others .

The village of Strombach belonged to the imperial rule of Gimborn-Neustadt until 1806 .

The formerly independent district of Lope has belonged to Strombach since around the 1950s. In 1546 Lope was first mentioned in a document in the Turkish tax list of the Strombach farmers with the place name "yn der Lope" .

Strombach, view from the west


  • Beach handball court
  • sports ground


  • Strombach women's choir
  • The gymnastics club Strombach eV 1894 is active as a mixed sports club across the district boundaries and offers popular and health sports for all age groups. The club is particularly successful in the handball department. TV Strombach and the neighboring TV Gelpetal have been cooperating under the name HC Gelpe / Strombach and operate over 20 teams since 2018. In the youth sector, almost all age groups are registered at the HVM level. Three women's teams will play in the 2019/2020 season in the North Rhine (regional) league of the West German handball association as well as in the upper and regional leagues of the Middle Rhine handball association. Two men's teams play in the major and regional leagues of the Middle Rhine handball association.
  • The volunteer fire brigade , which was founded in 1924 and consists of 20 active comrades, provides fire protection and general help in the area.
  • Men's choir Strombach 1876 eV

Schools and educational institutions

  • AWO kindergarten
  • Municipal kindergarten Hoppetosse
  • Lohmann Foundation for disabled children

bus connections

  • Line 316: Gummersbach - Strombach - Hülsenbusch - Berghausen - Neuremscheid - Engelskirchen
  • Line 317: Gummersbach - Rospe - Strombach - Schnellenbach - Ründeroth
  • Line 361: Gummersbach - Steinenbrück - Strombach (formerly further to Gummerroth Dorfplatz)
  • Line 365: Gummersbach - Berstig - Hanfgarten - Strombach
  • Line 366: Gummersbach - Strombach - Lobscheid - Dieringhausen

All lines are served by buses of the Oberbergische Verkehrs-AG (OVAG) and the Verkehrsgesellschaft Bergisches Land (VBL).

Stops in Strombach are:

  • Strombach Weststrasse
  • Strombach middle
  • Transylvanian settlement
  • Lope

Church institutions

The Evangelical Church current Bach was appointed on Dec. 30, 2012 deconsecrated and closed. An initially planned use as a columbarium was rejected by the presbytery .

Web links

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