Bredenbruch (Gummersbach)

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City of Gummersbach
Coordinates: 51 ° 3 ′ 24 ″  N , 7 ° 38 ′ 5 ″  E
Height : 308 m above sea level NN
Residents : 338  (Dec. 31, 2019)
Postal code : 51647
Area code : 02261
Bredenbruch (Gummersbach)

Location of Bredenbruch in Gummersbach

Weversches house from NO
Weversches house from NW

Bredenbruch is a district of Gummersbach in the Oberbergischer Kreis in southern North Rhine-Westphalia , Germany .


The place is about 8 km from the city center at the Aggertalsperre at the foot of the so-called Burg Zinne , a peninsula formed by the Genkel and Agger dam arms . Landstrasse 323, the main connecting route between Gummersbach and Meinerzhagen , touches the village directly, but after the new road was built in the early 1980s it no longer passes through it. In this way, good transport links were maintained without too much disruption.


The indicative show of 1472 of style Überkinger Lehngerichts be Wineke and Hans van Breenbrock (= Bredenbruch) as vassals called and court owner. The family name derived from a field name, then a place name means something like "broad break" (from old Saxon. Bred ; break = swampy terrain, cf. eng. Brook ). The Turkish tax list lists Claes tom breden broeck in 1542/43 .



The Weversche Haus , named after a Meinerzhagen judge family, is a so-called Festes Haus or "Kasteel" (Low German for fort ). According to tradition, Louis Gatien Lebreton Deschapelles (a French aristocratic refugee from the Revolution ) acquired the probably much older predecessor building around 1793 and redesigned it according to his needs. There is evidence that Deschapelles lived here with his servant until his return to France, which took place in 1802.


The Bredenbruch bus stop is connected to the 318 bus (Gummersbach - ( Niedernhagen -) Lieberhausen / Piene / Pernze ).

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