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TV station ( private law )
Program type Special program (music)
reception Cable , satellite
business January 7, 2002 to January 14, 2007
Seat Berlin , Germany
owner Viacom
executive Director Catherine Mühlemann , Tim Ellis
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VIVA Plus was a German music television station that went on air on January 7, 2002 at 1:00 p.m. as the successor to VIVA Zwei based in Cologne . It was initially run by VIVA Media AG , later by Viacom based in Berlin . On January 14, 2007, the station was transferred to Comedy Central , which began broadcasting a day later.


When the television station started broadcasting, VIVA Media AG held 51% and AOL Time Warner 49% until the takeover of Viacom in summer 2004 . In the beginning, the station set itself the goal of becoming the “ CNN of music television”. The program was dominated by information treadmills, so-called "crawls", and the hourly VIVA Plus news . In addition, there were correspondents in London , Los Angeles , Berlin and Hamburg who reported daily from the cities on current topics. The daily program Cologne Day was also broadcast from the VIVA Plus studios in Cologne . a. different musicians were invited. More correspondents were planned for the summer to report from Barcelona , Munich , Frankfurt am Main and Tokyo . However, the idea of ​​the station did not seem to work and further plans did not materialize because the expected group sales were not achieved and the largest single shareholder AOL Time Warner put more commitment into a new concept - that of a pure clip station, such as the then competing station MTV2 Pop .

VIVA Plus was then radically converted and the concept of an interactive channel, which was pursued to the last, followed, in which viewers were involved through televoting. From this point onwards, the VIVA Plus program was shaped by the interactive program Get the Clip and its variations grouped according to music genre. Get the Clip was a kind of playlist that the viewer could put together via SMS or IVR . If the election was transmitted by SMS, a short message could also be sent, which was then shown in the television program.

The transmitter was finally optically adapted to the parent transmitter VIVA . The program scheme slowly recovered and was gradually expanded to include new, unmoderated formats before VIVA Media AG was taken over by Viacom in 2005 and most of these formats were discontinued. Most recently, three different call-in programs in the style of the channel 9Live were broadcast on VIVA Plus and thus accounted for up to 40% of the daily broadcast time.

On the morning of January 14, 2007, Viacom replaced VIVA Plus with the comedy broadcaster Comedy Central. From this point on, the main format of VIVA Plus, Get the Clip, was on the program list of the mother station VIVA. Since January 2011, the program has only been broadcast twice a day from Monday to Friday and could no longer be seen on the weekend. The last edition of the show ran on February 19, 2014.

Due to the steadily increasing filling of the VIVA Plus program with call-in programs and ringtone advertising as well as the upcoming end of broadcasting operations, the music channel iMusic1 was founded by the former VIVA employee Mola Adebisi , which initially followed the get-the-clip principle completely pursued.

Former moderators

  • Alex - moderation Cologne Day
  • Chris Multer - Correspondent Hamburg, Moderation Cologne
  • Daniel Ende - Moderation Cologne Day
  • Futschi Matheis - Moderation Cologne Day
  • Jan Hendrik Becker - correspondent Berlin
  • Julia Althoff - Moderation Cologne Day
  • Katjuschka Altmann - Moderation Cologne Day
  • Michael Wigge - London correspondent
  • Mirjam Weichselbraun - Moderation Cologne Day
  • Simone Bargetze - Los Angeles Correspondent
  • Tobias Trosse - Moderation News Plus
  • Yousef Hammoudah - moderation Cologne Day



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