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Coat of arms of Osek
Osek (Czech Republic)
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Basic data
State : Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Region : Ústecký kraj
District : Teplice
Area : 4236.8569 ha
Geographic location : 50 ° 37 '  N , 13 ° 41'  E Coordinates: 50 ° 37 '25 "  N , 13 ° 41' 27"  E
Height: 307  m nm
Residents : 4,757 (Jan 1, 2019)
Postal code : 417 05
License plate : U
Status: city
Districts: 3
Mayor : Jiří Macháček (as of 2018)
Address: Zahradní 246
417 05 Osek
Municipality number: 567779
Website : www.osek.cz
Location of Osek in the Teplice district

Osek ( German  Ossegg ) is a city in the Czech Republic . It belongs to the Okres Teplice of the North Bohemian region Ústecký kraj .



The city is located in northern Bohemia on the southern slopes of the Ore Mountains . The municipality extends north to Betteleck on the German border.

Community structure

The town of Osek consists of the districts Dlouhá Louka ( Langewiese ), Hrad Osek ( Riesenberg ) and Osek ( Ossegg ). Basic settlement units are Dlouhá Louka, Dubina, Hrad Osek, Hrdlovka-Nový Dvůr ( Neudorf ), Klášterní, Mackov ( Motzdorf ), Nová Ves ( Willersdorf ), Osek-střed, Pod Stropníkem, Sídliště Hrdlovská, Špičák-Styrník and Tyrnova.

The municipality is divided into the cadastral districts of Dlouhá Louka, Hrad Osek, Hrdlovka-Nový Dvůr, Mackov, Nová Ves u Oseka and Osek u Duchcova.

Neighboring places

Český Jiřetín (Georgendorf) Rechenberg bee mill Moldava (Moldova)
Lom (fraction) Neighboring communities Hrob (monastery tomb), Háj (Haan)
Mariánské Radčice (Maria Ratschitz) Bílina (Bilin) Duchcov (Dux)


Ossegg Monastery
Memorial to those who died in the 1934 mine disaster

The city is mainly due to the Cistercian - Kloster Ossegg known name which was founded in the year 1192, and the monastery church of the Assumption. The center of today's city arose in the area of ​​the historic old town. The actual settlement from the 12th century stood at the foot of the Ore Mountains, on an old trade route, a Bohemian path from Bohemia via Bílina ( Bilin ) to Saxony , now called the Old Salt Road. To the northwest of the monastery are the ruins of the former Risemburg protective castle .

The former village of Ossegg was elevated to a market in 1872. In 1914 Ossegg was granted city rights.

After the First World War , Ossegg was added to the newly created Czechoslovakia in 1919 . Due to the Munich Agreement , Ossegg belonged from 1938 to 1945 to the district of Dux , administrative district of Aussig , in the German Reichsgau Sudetenland . After the end of the Second World War , the German-speaking population was largely expropriated and expelled .


Until 1945 Ossegg was mostly populated by German Bohemia , which were expelled.

Population development until 1945
year Residents Remarks
1830 0800 in 116 houses
1857 2957 on October 31st
1871 1150 in 129 houses
1900 4083 (as community 8810) mostly German residents
1930 8421
1939 7699
Population since the end of the Second World War
year 1970 1980 1991 2001 2003
Residents 3 728 5 663 5 194 5 030 4,975

More Attractions

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City arms

The green, lower field of the coat of arms symbolizes the pastures in the area and the silver field stands for the former silver and tin mining. In the upper strip, the left field with the abbot's staff is reminiscent of the important monastery, the right field shows the tribal coat of arms of those of Hrabischitz , Ossegg von Riesenburg and Kostka von Postupitz , an upright rake with seven prongs. The Czech word "hrábě" means rake and gave the name of this ancient noble family in Bohemia as the "bearer of the coat of arms with the rake". The middle fields with an oak tree and the mallets and iron indicate the abundance of forests and mining in the area around the village.

sons and daughters of the town

  • Julius Thiele (1851–1910), drilling entrepreneur
  • Ernest Klee (1888–1973), Sudeten German dramatist and poet
  • Karl Lieffen (1926–1999), actor
  • Heinrich Douffet (1934–2017), geologist and monument conservator
  • Wolfgang Sandner (* 1942), professor of music theater criticism


Web links

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