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Coat of arms of the von Schleinitz family

Schleinitz is a Meißnisches nobility family , from which (according to Balbins sources not proven information) the royal Bohemian cupbearer Ulrich von Slynicz is said to have belonged to the Bohemian gentry as early as 1184. The main seat that gave it its name was the Schleinitz moated castle in the municipality of Leuben-Schleinitz near Meißen .


The family first appears in a document on January 28, 1255 with Johannes de Zlinicz and the reliable line of tribe begins around 1290 with Hermann von Schleinitz .

In 1465 Haubold (Hugold or Haugold) the Elder von Schleinitz (* around 1425, † 1490) appears, from 1481 on at Tollenstein Castle near Warnsdorf and on Schluckenau in northern Bohemia . His two sons are Heinrich, at Hohnstein Castle (* around 1450; † 14 February 1518), Obermarschall in Meißen and Hugold (the younger), at Schleinitz Castle (* around 1455; † around 1512). The Schleinitz headquarters remained in the family's possession until 1594, when Abraham von Schleinitz bequeathed it to his daughter Maria and her husband Christoph von Loß (1574–1620) .

The von Schleinitz were among others in the places Altoschatz , Bedra , Blankenburg , Bornitz , Canitz , Schloss Dahlen , Eisenberg , Gnandstein , Grödel , Grub (e) nitz , Hedersleben , Hof , Jahnishausen , Mautitz , Merseburg , Mosen , Mückenberg , Neschwitz , Neudeck , Niederjahna , Ochsensaal , Ottersitz , Ragewitz , Rumburk , Saathain , Schieritz Castle , Seerhausen , Stauchitz , Steinbach, Tautenburg , Treben , Wendischbora , Zöschau resident. The Meissen line died out in 1891 with the death of Hermann Otto von Schleinitz. Another line existed in Prussia.

Nobility elevations or confirmations of nobility

Coat of arms of the von Schleinitz family

coat of arms

  • The family coat of arms (oldest seal from 1350) shows in the split shield on the right a red rose in silver, on the left in red two silver roses by stake. On the helmet with red and silver covers a silver and a red buffalo horn .
  • The coat of arms from 1879 has the same shield. On the helmet with red and silver covers a red rose between a silver and a red buffalo horn. Shield holders are two resisting, royal crowned, gold-armored and red-tongued black eagles , the wings each covered with golden clover stems , the chest with a shield embroidered in silver and black. Motto: Be ready .

Known family members

Tomb of Wolfgang von Schleinitz († 1523)


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  1. Saxon Main State Archives Dresden