Vuelta a España 2004

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59th Vuelta a España 2004 - final score
Route length 21 stages, 3,034 km
winner Roberto Heras 77:42:46 h
(39.041 km / h)
Second Santiago Perez + 0:30 min
Third Francisco Mancebo + 2:13 min
Fourth Alejandro Valverde + 3:30 min
fifth Carlos García Quesada + 7:44 min
Scoring Erik Zabel 152 P.
Second Alejandro Valverde 144 P.
Third Roberto Heras 142 P.
Mountain scoring Félix Cárdenas 167 p.
Second Roberto Heras 111 P.
Third Santiago Perez 110 p.
Combined rating Roberto Heras 6 p.
Second Santiago Perez 9 p.
Third Francisco Mancebo 13 P.
Team evaluation Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme 233: 04: 50 h
Second Liberty Seguros + 27:22 min
Third Illes Balears + 36:51 min

The 59th Vuelta a España was from September 4 to 26. September 2004 discharged. After 21 stages with a total length of 3,034 kilometers, Roberto Heras won just ahead of Santiago Pérez .

After the opening win in the team time trial, US Postal shaped the first half of the race, in which four drivers of the team ( Floyd Landis , Max van Heeswijk , Benoît Joachim and Manuel Beltrán ) were able to wear the golden jersey of the front runner one after the other. On the 12th stage, defending champion Roberto Heras took over the lead in the overall standings with a stage win at the mountain finish in Calar Alto , which he defended until the end. After the last stage, his lead over runner-up Santiago Pérez was still 30 seconds. Pérez, who had barely appeared before this tour and was more than 4 minutes behind after 12 stages, advanced to discover the Vuelta with 3 stage wins. A little later, however, he was convicted of doping (blood transfusion).

The sprinter Alessandro Petacchi won 4 stages.

The outstanding team was Comunidad Valenciana-Kelme , which provided 4 different stage winners, won the team classification and was able to bring 3 drivers into the top 10 of the overall individual classification.


stage Day Start finish km Stage winner Overall rating
1st stage September 4th Leon 27.7 ( MZF ) United StatesUnited States US Postal United StatesUnited States Floyd Landis
2nd stage 5th September León - Burgos 207 ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi NetherlandsNetherlands Max van Heeswijk
3rd stage September 6th Burgos - Soria 157.1 SpainSpain Alejandro Valverde LuxembourgLuxembourg Benoît Joachim
4th stage 7th of September Soria - Zaragoza 167.5 ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi LuxembourgLuxembourg Benoît Joachim
5th stage September 8th Zaragoza - Morella 186.5 RussiaRussia Denis Menshov SpainSpain Manuel Beltran
6th stage the 9th of September Benicarló - Castellón de la Plana 157.0 SpainSpain Óscar Freire SpainSpain Manuel Beltran
7th stage September 10 Castellón de la Plana - Valencia 170.0 ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi SpainSpain Manuel Beltran
8th stage September 11 Almussafes - Almussafes 40.1 ( EZF ) United StatesUnited States Tyler Hamilton United StatesUnited States Floyd Landis
9th stage 12th September Játiva - Alto de Aitana 162.0 ItalyItaly Leonardo Piepoli United StatesUnited States Floyd Landis
10th stage 13.september Alcoy - Xorret de Catí 174.5 SpainSpain Eladio Jiménez United StatesUnited States Floyd Landis
11th stage September 14th San Vicente del Raspeig - Caravaca de la Cruz 165.8 United StatesUnited States David Zabriskie United StatesUnited States Floyd Landis
Rest day
12th stage 16th September Almería - Calar Alto 145.0 SpainSpain Roberto Heras SpainSpain Roberto Heras
13th stage 17th of September El Ejido - Málaga 172.4 ItalyItaly Alessandro Petacchi SpainSpain Roberto Heras
14th stage September 18 Málaga - Granada 167.0 SpainSpain Santiago Perez SpainSpain Roberto Heras
15th stage September 19th Granada - Sierra Nevada 29.6 ( EZF ) SpainSpain Santiago Perez SpainSpain Roberto Heras
Rest day
16th stage 21st September Olivenza - Cáceres 190.1 SpainSpain José Julia SpainSpain Roberto Heras
17th stage September 22 Plasencia - La Covatilla 169.8 ColombiaColombia Félix Cárdenas SpainSpain Roberto Heras
18th stage September 23rd Béjar - Ávila 196.6 SpainSpain Javier Pascual Rodríguez SpainSpain Roberto Heras
19th stage September 24th Ávila - Collado Villalba 142.0 SpainSpain Constantino Zaballa SpainSpain Roberto Heras
20th stage 25th of September Alcobendas - Navacerrada 178.0 SpainSpain José Enrique Gutiérrez SpainSpain Roberto Heras
21st stage September 26th Madrid 28.2 ( EZF ) SpainSpain Santiago Perez SpainSpain Roberto Heras

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