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The China chronological table provides a quick overview of the long and eventful history of China , beginning with the ancient civilizations , through the long series of imperial dynasties to the time of the republics and important dates, especially in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Periodization of Chinese History

List of articles on the individual periods of Chinese history (in brackets written in Chinese characters ).

  • Ming Dynasty (明): 1368–1644
    • Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang ( Hongwu Emperor) 1368–1398 first Ming Emperor
    • Emperor Zhu Di ( Yongle Emperor) 1402–1424
    • Emperor Zhu Gaochi ( Hongxi Emperor) 1424–1425
    • Emperor Zhu Zhanji ( Xuande Emperor) 1425–1435
    • Emperor Zhu Qizhen ( Zhengtong Emperor) 1435–1449
    • Emperor Zhu Qiyu ( Jingtai Emperor) 1449–1457
    • Emperor Zhu Qizhen ( Zhengtong Emperor) 1447–1464
    • Emperor Zhu Jianshen ( Chenghua Emperor) 1464–1487
    • Emperor Zhu Youtang ( Hongzhi Emperor) 1487–1505
    • Emperor Zhu Houzhao ( Zhengde Emperor) 1505–1521
    • Emperor Zhu Houcong ( Jiajing Emperor) 1521–1566
    • Emperor Zhu Zaihou ( Longqing Emperor) 1566–1572
    • Emperor Zhu Yijun ( Wanli Emperor) 1572–1620
    • Emperor Zhu Changluo ( Taichang Emperor) 1620–1620
    • Emperor Zhu Youjiao ( Tianqi Emperor) 1620–1627
    • Emperor Zhu Youjian ( Chongzhen Emperor) 1627–1644 Decline of the Ming Empire
Flag 1862-1890
  • Empire of China (中華 帝國, Zhōnghuá dìguó): 1915–1916 (Hongxian dynasty)
  • Manchukuo (滿洲 國, Mǎnzhōu guó / Manshū koku): 1932–1945 Japanese puppet state in northern China
    • Kāngdé ( Puyi ): 1932-1945


The following is an incomplete list of noteworthy historical events in China for which separate articles are available.

Memento for the dynasties

There are Chinese memorabilia in which the original emperors , all dynasties and the Republic of China are listed in their chronological order:

三皇 五帝 夏商周 Sānhuáng Wǔdì Xià Shāng Zhōu
春秋戰國 秦漢 流 Chūnqiū Zhànguó Qín Hàn Liú
三國 魏晉南 北 隋 Sānguó Wèi Jìn Nánběi Suí
唐宋 元 明清 民 收 Táng Sòng Yuán Míng Qīng Mín Shōu

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