Arminia Bielefeld II

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Arminia Bielefeld II
Club logo
Full name German sports club
Arminia Bielefeld e. V.
place Bielefeld , North Rhine-Westphalia
Founded May 3, 1905
Dissolved 2018
Club colors black-white-blue
Stadion Rußheide Stadium
Top league Regionalliga North or West
successes Champion of the Oberliga Westfalen : 2004, 2014

Arminia Bielefeld II was the second football team of Arminia Bielefeld . Most recently it was operated as a U-23 team and served the young talents as an intermediate station between the youth and the professional area. The team played for two years in the third and fourth class regional leagues north and west . The home ground was the Rußheide stadium .


Early years (until 1972)

Arminia's second team played for many years in the Bielefeld district class after the end of World War II . In 1958 they were promoted to the district class for the first time, where the Bielefeld team immediately became runner-up behind the TuS 04 Sudbrack . A year later, he made the leap into the then fourth-class Landesliga Westfalen . After relegation in the 1960/61 season, it went back to the district class a year later. The low point of the season was a 1:12 defeat at the Minden club VfL Kutenhausen . After the promotion of the first team to the II. West Division , Bielefeld's second representation began in 1962 as Arminia Bielefeld Amateure .

It was not until 1964 that the Armines made it back into the regional league. This time the team was assigned to group 5, which involved several trips to Dortmund . After a year in Group 1, where Arminen came third behind local rivals SV Brackwede and SpVgg Fichte Bielefeld in 1966 , they returned to the district class two years later. In the meantime, the Bielefeld team had to play in Group 5 again for a year. The promotion succeeded in 1972 when the professional team from the Bundesliga had to be relegated.

Elevator era (1972 to 1990)

After the Armines were able to establish themselves in the midfield of the regional league, they were relegated to the district class in 1976. The direct rise was missed in 1977 as runner-up behind SpVgg Fichte Bielefeld. Another runner-up followed two years later, this time behind Spvg Versmold . Finally, in 1981, he returned to the national league and initiated the most successful phase in the team's history. After finishing eighth and fourth in 1984, he made the leap into the Westphalia Association for the first time .

There the team met Arminia's long-time local rival VfB 03 Bielefeld . Arminia's amateurs could not maintain the level. After ninth place in the 1984/85 promotion season, relegation followed a year later as the penultimate. In 1988 the Bielefeld were able to rise to the association league for the second time. At the same time, Arminia's first team was relegated to the Oberliga Westfalen . Therefore, from 1988 onwards, the Bielefelder Reserve operated again as Arminia Bielefeld II . After the team was barely able to keep the class in 1989, they were relegated to the regional league a year later.

Between association and regional league (1990 to 2000)

Even in the 1990s, Arminia Bielefeld's second team remained an elevator team between the association and state leagues. In 1992 he was promoted to the association league for the third time. After ninth place in the 1992/93 promotion season, the promotion to the league was missed by lengths a year later. Because of the introduction of the regional league, there was an increased promotion in the 1993/94 association league season. From 1994 the association league was only fifth class. A year later, Arminia's first team rose again to the 2nd Bundesliga , so that the second team started again as Arminia Bielefeld amateurs from the 1995/96 season.

In terms of sport, the new name of the team was unsuccessful, as they had to go back to the national league in 1997 as bottom of the table. For the 1998/99 season Jürgen Prüfer took over the coaching office and initiated a sporting upswing. After the Arminen in 1999 as third with just two points behind SV Enger-Westerenger failed, the unbeaten promotion to the association league succeeded a year later. The Arminen were able to score over 100 goals this season.

Regional league and betting scandal (2000 to 2005)

The sporting upswing also continued in the association league. After a sixth place in the 2000/01 season, the first promotion to the Oberliga Westfalen succeeded a year later. The Arminen champions were 14 points ahead of SpVg Emsdetten 05 and just managed to stay up in the 2002/03 season. Jürgen Prüfer then left Bielefeld for SpVg Brakel , while Maik Walpurgis took over as coach. With an 8-0 win over FC Eintracht Rheine , the team secured the championship and promotion to the regional league on the last day of the 2003/04 season .

After a good start to the 2004/05 season , the team quickly slipped into the table cellar. Coach Walpurgis resigned in January 2005 and was replaced by Igor Lazić . The game with the amateurs of Hertha BSC , which the Berliners won 2-1, was canceled and repeated. During the investigations in the context of the betting scandal , it turned out that referee Dominik Marks had sold the game to the Croatian betting mafia for 6,000 euros .

Hertha won the replay 6-0. Since the Berliners had used four instead of the allowed three licensed players , the game for Hertha was rated as lost with 0-2 goals. For Arminia, the game was a 6-0 defeat in the rating. As penultimate in the table, the Bielefeld rose again at the end of the season in the Oberliga Westfalen.

Renewed elevator era (2005 to 2012)

Once again, Arminia's second team, which has been running under the name Arminia Bielefeld II since 2005 , became an elevator team. After a tenth place in the 2005/06 season , the team under coach Detlev Dammeier was third in the table in the following season , before the Arminen only qualified with difficulty a year later as eleventh in the table for the newly created NRW league , which from 2008 the Oberligen Westphalia and North Rhine replaced. Armin Perrey took over as coach.

Bielefeld played the first game in this league and scored 1-1 in the away game at Schwarz-Weiß Essen . After a fifth place in the opening season 2008/09 , the Bielefeld team became runner-up behind SC Wiedenbrück 2000 a year later and thus made it into the regional league for the second time. There the team was overwhelmed by sport and was relegated again as bottom of the table.

Back in the NRW league, the Bielefeld team came in fifth in the 2011/12 season . In terms of sport, the team had qualified for the qualifying games for the Regionalliga West. Since Arminia's first team was relegated from the 2nd Bundesliga to the newly created 3rd division at the same time , the Bielefeld team was not allowed to take part in the relegation. After the dissolution of the NRW League in the summer of 2012, the team continued to play in the newly introduced Oberliga Westfalen.

Last years (2012 to 2018)

In the summer of 2012, trainer Armin Perry took over the sporting management of the Arminia junior performance center. The new coach of Arminia's second team was Daniel Scherning, a former player of Arminia's second team. In the 2012/13 season , the Bielefeld team came third behind SV Lippstadt 08 and SG Wattenscheid 09 and only narrowly missed promotion. A year later , the Armines were unlucky again, despite an outstanding season.

Eight game days before the end of the season, the sporting promotion to the regional league, after 23 wins from 26 games up until then, was certain ahead of time. The team had to hope, however, that Arminia's first team would not be relegated from the 2nd Bundesliga. Ultimately, the Bielefeld professionals failed due to the away goals rule in the relegation at SV Darmstadt 98 and thus prevented the promotion of their own second team.

In March 2018, the club management around President Hans-Jürgen Laufer announced the dissolution of the U-23 after the 2017/18 season . In the last game for the time being, the Bielefeld defeated FC Eintracht Rheine 2-1.


The second team celebrated winning the championship in the Oberliga Westfalen in 2014

In the all-time table of the Oberliga Westfalen, Arminia's second team is in 20th place after the 2015/16 season. In nine years the team won 142 games with 64 draws and 100 defeats. The goal difference is 558: 419.


Former players

Players of the professional team who have occasionally played in the second team are not taken into account here.

Coach history


Rußheide Stadium (2013)

The home ground of Arminia Bielefeld's second team was the Rußheide stadium on Mühlenstrasse. The district sports facility has a capacity of 12,000 seats, 1,400 of which are covered. The stadium was built in 1970 and has a natural grass pitch and an athletics facility . In addition to Arminia's second team, the football club VfB Fichte Bielefeld and the American football club Bielefeld Bulldogs use the stadium.

In so-called risk games, the team avoided the SchücoArena . During the 2004/05 regional league season , Bielefeld played a number of home games in Herford's Ludwig-Jahn Stadium . In that season, the highest spectator interest was recorded with an average of 994 spectators per game. Until 2008, Arminia's second team played in the Brackwede Stadium , today's Böllhoff Stadium .

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