Das Boot (TV series)

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Television series
Original title The boat
Country of production Germany
original language German , English
Year (s) since 2018
Bavaria Fiction ,
Sky Germany ,
Sonar Entertainment
length 60 minutes
Episodes 16 in 2 seasons ( list )
Director Andreas Prochaska
script Tony Saint ,
Johannes W. Betz
production Moritz Polter ,
Oliver Vogel ,
Marcus Ammon ,
Frank Jastfelder ,
Jenna Santoiani
Initial release November 23, 2018 (D / A / CH) on Sky (VoD)

Das Boot is a German television series based on the scripts by Tony Saint and Johannes W. Betz and directed by Andreas Prochaska with Vicky Krieps , Tom Wlaschiha , Thierry Frémont , Rick Okon and August Wittgenstein in the leading roles. Lothar-Günther Buchheim's novels Das Boot and The Fortress and Wolfgang Petersen 's film of the same name from 1981 served as a template . The series was produced by Bavaria Fernsehproduktion , Sky Deutschland and Sonar Entertainment . It was broadcast in double episodes on Sky 1 from November 23, 2018 , and the first season was published in full on Sky Deutschland's video-on-demand platforms on the same day .


The series begins a year after the events in Wolfgang Petersen's film Das Boot in the autumn of 1942 and tells the story of a young submarine crew who are sent on a mission to hostile waters on board the U 612 . The emergence of resistance in the French port city of La Rochelle is also discussed.

Summary of Season 1

The 3rd submarine flotilla with its 13 submarines in La Rochelle is about to begin new combat missions, which have become more difficult overall, as the German submarine weapon is now being fought much more intensely by the Allies and there have already been considerable losses at sea Has. The boat U 113 under the experienced commander Wrangel is sunk, which goes overboard. Meanwhile , Klaus Hoffmann , who has just been promoted to lieutenant captain , is assigned a new boat with the U 612 . Before that, the injured radio mate must be replaced by Frank Strasser due to a fire in the radio room. The day before the departure, Strasser's sister Simone was transferred from Alsace to the intelligence service of the headquarters of La Rochelle as a translator . The last time she sees her brother is when she brings him replacement parts for the damaged radio. While the crew is enjoying excessive alcohol in the brothel , the future commandant, Kapitänleutnant Hoffmann, is present at a civil shooting of a subordinate whose execution for insubordination was largely based on Hoffmann's testimony. During the execution, Hoffmann finally shot the grace himself .

During the first venture by U 612 in the Atlantic, tensions arise within the crew. Commandant Klaus Hoffmann and First Lieutenant Karl Tennstedt, as 1st Watch Officer (WO), two fundamentally different characters, are in rivalry with each other. There is the prevailing opinion among the crew that the energetic and daring Tennstedt, who has also been awarded the Knight's Cross, would have deserved the command due to his dashing leadership style more than the less risky commander Hoffmann, whose father is a high-ranking naval officer. Hoffmann covers up his lack of combat experience with countless drill exercises , such as B. reloading the torpedoes , which the crew has to fulfill under a certain time limit and is supposed to put them under pressure again and again. For Hoffmann, the maxim applies that the team should be prepared for all eventualities in the upcoming combat situations.

Meanwhile, Simone Strasser gets into a loyalty conflict between Detective Hagen Forster of the Gestapo , who is trying to take care of her, and a cell of the Resistance around Carla Monroe, who is connected to her brother. In La Rochelle, resistance against the occupiers is growing. At night in La Rochelle, Simone meets Jacqueline, a contact person for the cell. When they are discovered by the Gestapo, Simone escapes just in time, while Jacqueline is arrested and interrogated under torture. During an air raid, Simone managed to get to Jacqueline in prison. She gave her an overdose of pain medication to relieve her pain and to save her further torture. The crew of a returning submarine raped the young French bartender Natalie in the triumphant frenzy of the occupiers, as a result of which she died a little later. Since the perpetrators belong to the crew of the war hero Corvette Captain Schulz, known as "King Kong", this crime is neither punished nor pursued. Natalie was the friend of Frank Strasser and Simone arranged for their little child to be looked after. She is appalled by the crime, as she recently tried to get Natalie to safety using forged passports. The Resistance carried out a bomb attack on Schulz's submarine during a parade, in which Simone was also slightly injured. In retaliation, the mayor of La Rochelle is to draw up a list of 100 innocent people who are to be shot for it. However, this can be prevented in good time so as not to further harden the fronts between the Resistance, collaboration and the occupying power and since such an uprising by the French shipyard workers must be feared.

U 612 is assigned to a submarine group that is to carry out a pack attack on a US convoy under the code name "Ozelot". Shortly before the torpedoes were fired, Funkmaat Strasser received a coded order with a new order, which caused Hoffmann to stop the fighting immediately. The turning off of U 612 means that two German submarines are handed over to US destroyers without protection and are sunk. This incident exacerbates the conflicts between Hoffmann and Tennstedt, as the latter interprets Hoffmann's decision as cowardice in front of the enemy. The new assignment, which is to be kept secret from the team, includes exchanging an American for a prisoner of war. On the way to the position where the exchange is to take place, the conflicts escalate in the isolated world of U 612 . The American Samuel Greenwood, who is met with a wave of antipathy, is mistaken for a Jew. At the behest of the commanding officer and against the resistance of the 1st WO, he is given the privilege to take part in meals in the officers' mess. On one of these occasions he reveals to the submarine officers that he has a very good knowledge of the technology of their submarine. In addition, he considers their tactics of the "gray wolves" to be questionable, in which they ambush unsuspecting merchant ships such as devious snipers from periscope depth. In the course of the patrol , the so-called "bather" experienced the hardships of naval warfare. The commanding officer makes it very clear to the American that he is not outside the war, but that men must die because of him. In the absence of the commanding officers, the team regulates their tension among themselves by means of the law of the thumb, which is massively exercised by the Bavarian NCO and torpedo chief mechanic Josef Wolf. When handling a torpedo during an attack on an enemy corvette, a serious incident occurs in which a sailor is seriously injured and his arm has to be amputated without anesthesia .

The prisoner exchange takes place in heavy seas on an American ship. Its captain refrains from hostile acts for the duration of the surrender and is also prepared to accept the seriously injured German sailor as a prisoner of war. At the handover, the exchanged American is received by his father, who turns out to be the US industrialist Greenwood, who helped finance the armament of the German Wehrmacht in the 1930s. He opens up his point of view to the officers that war is generally not about patriotism or ideologies , but exclusively about business . The German exchanged for Greenwood is the captain and only survivor of U 113 , Ulrich Wrangel. Corvette captain Wrangel turns out to be a troublemaker on board the U 612 , and together with Tennstedt he leads a mutiny, as a result of which Hoffmann is deposed. Hoffmann and a seaman loyal to him are abandoned in a rubber dinghy in the middle of the Atlantic.

Commander Wrangel orders a change of course in the direction of the known escort routes and the majority of the crew is initially enthusiastic about the new order. In a daring action, a single attack on a large cargo ship is ordered in daylight. After launch of the torpedo the presence of the subducting German submarine is noted by a group of destroyers, the hunting and it immediately with water bombs combat which cause severe damage. Wrangel, who firmly believes that his rash action caused the hero's death, retires to his bunk to die and leaves the crew to their fate. In view of the certain death, the 1st WO Tennstedt is also paralyzed and unable to take command. U 612 loses control of the water depth and runs into a sandbank about 250 meters away, which turns out to be an extension of a shoal. The electric drive of the submarine failed during the attack, and air from the buoyancy tanks penetrated into the ship's interior due to a leak and the internal pressure rose steadily. After they have recovered from the shock, the LI Ehrenberg is urged to take command. Ehrenberg orders the team to look for the leak. After two leaks are found in the piping system and sealed, will now air for blowing with the electric compressor are pushed back into the tanks to create any possibility for emergence. But it turns out that the battery, which is essential for both the compressor and the electric motor, was damaged. During the first attempt at repair, a cell explodes and battery acid and chlorine gas escape , which makes further attempts at risk of death impossible. The team draws who should carry out the ascension mission. WO Tennstedt, who deeply regrets that he has given his loyalty to Wrangel and that Wrangel has proven himself to be a coward at the crucial moment, carries out the repair and is killed in the process. His death is not in vain, as the submarine can surface again.

U 612 has hardly any fuel left and is still on the dangerous convoy route, where it can be detected, fought and sunk by enemy destroyers at any time. SOS signals from a cargo ship are received there. Wrangel takes command again and decides to have the incapable of maneuvering ship boarded by a assembled commando to acquire fuel. It turns out to be a kind of Ukrainian ghost ship , with a small crew that behaves in a suspiciously suspicious manner. The submarine men found several bodies below deck. A crew member of U 612 , who bears the stigma that virgins on board a submarine would bring bad luck , takes advantage of the confused situation and rapes a gagged girl who is believed to be Jewish, whereby the girl is killed by an accidental shot. First the Germans negotiate a "repair for fuel" deal with the crew , but when they find themselves unable to repair the freighter's drive, they shoot the entire crew in order to keep the fuel for themselves. During the shooting, head mechanic Wolf is fatally wounded by a shot in the stomach.

The situation is also coming to a head for Simone. While she appears to be getting involved with Detective Forster, she develops a love affair with Carla Monroe and works for the Resistance cell. Forster reveals Monroe's identity and that of the bomber who was responsible for the attack on the submarine bunker in La Pallice . The bomber is killed. Forster informs Simone that he has received an emergency call from U 612. The Resistance enforces its goals with violence and at the cost of innocent lives by kidnapping the flotilla chief Gluck and accepting that 100 residents of La Rochelle are to be executed in return.

Meanwhile, on board the U 612 , the Smut forged the boat 's war diary on instructions from Wrangel . It states that Hoffmann was killed in a battle, whereupon Wrangel legitimately took over command. The crew is sworn to this story like a pact. A mechanic who suggests he wants to talk about the experience is suffocated in his sleep by his comrades.

Simone secretly reveals the hiding place of Monroe's cell to the Gestapo, as she cannot bear that 100 innocent people are now to atone for Monroe's actions. Forster digs out the cell around Carla Monroe, who is holding Gluck hostage. Although the flotilla chief can be freed unharmed and Monroe and all the resistance fighters perish in the firefight, Forster still has five hostages executed. The criminal inspector has long suspected that Simone was playing a double game and gave her the choice of taking the right side now. She reveals to him that she loved Carla more than him. He tries to rape her, and a fight breaks out between them, in which Forster is badly injured in the thigh and threatens to bleed to death. Simone ties his leg with a belt and then escapes.

Back in La Rochelle, Wrangel and the two surviving officers of the boat, LI Ehrenberg and the 2nd WO Schiller, present the forged war diary to the flotilla chief Gluck, who has just been freed. The latter accepted the presented version and Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz had them declared war heroes because of their contribution to the battle of the Atlantic . In her hiding place Simone meets her brother who was believed dead. At the same time, Simone's roommate Margot Bostal, who was supposed to be executed as one of the 100 innocents, is fleeing to Marseille with Frank Strasser's child .

At the end of the last episode, Samuel Greenwood's office is shown. There his secretary announces a guest who does not want to give his name. When Greenwood invites him in, to his amazement, Lieutenant Hoffmann stands across from him.

Summary of Season 2

After the return of U 612, Corvette Captain Ulrich Wrangel was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross for the heroic rescue of the boat and the crew, made credible by his initially unrecognized, untrue report , and otherwise it looks as if the cover-up of the mutiny on U 612 succeeded. The chief engineer Robert Ehrenberg, on the other hand, struggled with remorse and decided to report to frigate captain Heinrich Gluck, whereupon Wrangel and the entire crew of U 612 were arrested. When, however, it turns out that Corvette Captain Johannes von Reinhartz, who has been assigned a special order, intends to overflow there with U 822 in order to drop off “the cargo”, that is, three members of the SS with sabotage orders To hand over the boat together with the Enigma cipher , Gluck had no choice but to put Wrangel on von Reinhartz as a test due to a lack of personnel. The deserted chief radio officer Frank Strasser also has to prove himself, who was picked up by an army unit on the way to neutral Spain to his daughter Anna and was now used as a replacement for teams on leave on U 822. Strasser was informed of Reinhartz's plans when the BdU in Lorient ordered the immediate return march as his intentions became known. What Strasser does not know, however, is that his sister Simone was shot while trying to help a hidden Jewish family - father David and the children Ruth and Elias - to escape from the Gestapo. Simone had known about the whereabouts of the family for a long time and used her options with the police to keep her arrival in La Rochelle secret. Detective Hagen Forster takes advantage of the fact that the family was betrayed for greedy motives by the well-known police officer Anatole Desjesquier by announcing the upcoming raid to Simone and thus getting her to warn the family in advance. Forster does not give Simone the right time, however; he lets the trap snap shut and ultimately takes revenge on Simone for the insult in connection with the resister Carla Monroe. In New York, the abandoned and stranded Kapitänleutnant Klaus Hoffmann intends to return to Germany and contacts the lawyer Friedrich Berger, who is gathering a conspiratorial group of American National Socialists in New York. Samuel Greenwood, with whom Hoffmann went into hiding, plans to develop a new type of radar device that will be light and small enough to be used in aircraft for submarine hunting. To get the government to provide the finances, he relies on Hoffmann's knowledge of the state of German radar research, which provides the key to designing appropriately sized devices. Greenwood's father Jack Greenwood, on the other hand, is preparing his election campaign as a Senator for the state of New York and positions himself as an anti-communist patriot who throws down critical questions about his motivation.

The nurse and friend of Simone Margot Bostal accompanies the Jewish family on their escape, which is made more difficult by the fact that Elias, the young son, is ill. Much to the chagrin of Police Chief Duval, Forster and Anatole, who got information about the family through spies in the village, so that Forster wants to recognize some competence in him, with the manhunt. Duval has no sympathy for Anatole, but is subject to orders and has to endure that Anatole tortures and kills a peasant on clues. Margot and the small family are in the area and, because of the deteriorating health of little Elias, they have to seek refuge in the farm of the murdered farmer, of all places. Margot decides to look for a doctor in the nearby village and is seen by Duval, who runs after her. Under the impression of Anatole, Duval has now resolved to warn Margot and offer her help. The doctor, Bizet, is a drinker and is eyed suspiciously by David but then acknowledged when he tries to treat Elias with natural remedies when other drugs are not on hand.

On U 822, Reinhartz and Strasser found a solution for the other radio station to listen to further radio messages from Lorient, so that the team would become aware of Reinhartz's plan. Strasser sabotages the long wave receiver, who catches fire outside of his guard, so that the guilt falls on his replacement, radio mate Kraushaar. Wrangel, now on an intercepting course with the U 612, has other problems: his mixed-up crew is inexperienced, one of the diesel engines runs irregularly and the chief engineer Ehrenberg, who is in a bad position in the team after the sworn report of the mutiny, loses control about his alcohol addiction. On the U 822, von Reinhartz believes he is in safe waters and lets emerge to announce the bathing day. As the crew swims around the boat, two opposing fighter-bombers attack and the naked men have to swim back quickly and get in. The first officer on watch, Schiller, tried hard to repel the planes with the flak when everyone else had already boarded. Only Strasser is still there, but he reports himself as the last man on the bridge, locks the hatch and leaves Schiller, who has been suspicious of the radio since then, to the floods. Moderate damage to the batteries led von Reinhartz to head for a nearby utility, which Gluck found out about in La Rochelle, and Wrangel immediately ordered him to the position. Arrived at the supply ship, von Reinhartz quickly recognized the ambush, turned away and saw black smoke rising from U 612 when its starboard diesel finally failed after being overloaded. Impressed by the failure of the interception operation, the flotilla command in Lorient now gives the order to sink the U 822 and shortly afterwards the U 612 crew succeeds in restarting the failed diesel. Now, with a narrow lead, U 822 runs directly on an American submarine fighter group made up of several corvettes, so that - despite the weak batteries - diving has to be done. U 822 is bombed when Wrangel appears with U 612 and attacks the corvettes. Wrangel was able to sink two corvettes when U 822 now had to emerge completely without power and the inexperience of the crew took revenge on U 612 when reloading was not possible in time, the third corvette could not be attacked and the boat had to go deep. Wrangel's hope that the U 822 would now attack the third corvette is disappointed because the U 822 mutinies when it becomes clear to "the cargo" that von Reinhartz is planning the overflow. Strasser, on the other hand, can end the mutiny with others from the team, whereby one of the three SS agents is shot. U 612 also managed to escape the attack and continued the hunt. When the two boats meet again, the opportunity is favorable for von Reinhartz and a torpedo hits U 612, from which only Wrangel and Ehrenberg can escape, who are now picked up by U 822.

In New York the National Socialist cell is now trying to find Hoffmann to help sabotage American naval bases on the east coast. Berger gives Hoffmann the prospect of returning to Germany on the submarine that is supposed to land three agents with dynamite in their luggage, although Hoffmann has no idea that it is supposed to be U 822, on which part of his former crew is serving. Hoffmann takes affection for the Afro-American jazz singer Cassandra Lloyd, who initially knows nothing of his actual identity, let alone that he is a member of the German Navy. Little by little, Hoffmann lets Lloyd know of his intentions to return from the east coast to his unspecified homeland, so that Lloyd ultimately accompanies him to Maine by the sea, where they stay in a motel. Meanwhile, the mutiny on U 822, this time successful again, occurs as Wrangel again takes command of the boat and the crew and the loyal circle of von Reinhartz, including the former, talkative Smut and now again chief engineer Hinrich Laudrup and Strasser, in lock up the front torpedo room. At first it looks as if Reinhartz's project has finally failed and he will never step on American soil, nor will he succeed in handing over the boat and the Enigma. Wrangel is determined, however, to execute the order for U 822 to deliver "the cargo" and therefore calls at the Maine coast. Knowing that a sandbar would prevent the approach to the beach at the point in question, the boat anchored far in front of the beach and the SS agents crossed over with the dinghy. Strasser, who is forced to repair the sabotaged long-wave receiver in the radio room, takes the opportunity when Wrangel and the other officers on deck say goodbye to the SS agents in order to convince Ehrenberg in the diesel room to run the machines with the utmost speed ahead, to steer the boat onto the sandbar. Ehrenberg mimes the drunk and when the boat runs aground, the prisoners in the front torpedo room seize the opportunity and leave the boat through the torpedo port. In order not to attract any attention so close to the coast, Wrangel refuses to shoot. But when he sees Reinhartz coming through the hatch, in a frenzy of anger he reaches for the pistol and shoots.

Hoffmann spends the afternoon and evening with Cassandra Lloyd in a diner on the beach and tells her that he will be the German submarine commander and that a submarine will be expected to pick him up, whereupon Lloyd initially lets him sit. Now it becomes clear that Hoffmann, who was supposed to be eliminated by the lawyer Berger, who was supposed to be eliminated by the highest level of the SS, who saw him as a risk, was injured in the exchange of fire. His condition worsens and he begins to hallucinate; His father appears to him in the diner, who reveals himself to him and explains why German fathers, in view of the shame of the lost great war , raised their sons to be rude people. Hoffmann now sees himself stumbling down the dunes and lying on the beach when two silhouettes run towards him, who could just as easily be Strasser and Laudrup, who - when they arrive at the beach - find Reinhartz lying lifeless in the sand, who is still surrounded by a sphere from Wrangels Gun was killed. Hoffmann, on the other hand, carries the silhouettes back into a rubber dinghy, like a submarine, and he finds himself alone on the high seas when Lloyd wakes him from his delirium - Hoffmann has spent the night in the diner and has the opportunity to travel home lost.

Meanwhile, in France, Forster received a visit from the Reich Security Main Office from SS Standartenführer Gustav Eckermann with the news that he should be promoted because of his excellent work and transferred to the East to participate in the final solution to the Jewish question . Forster begins to doubt his National Socialist ideals for the first time when he realizes in Eckermann's murderous behavior the excessive brutality with which the SS acts against Jews. Nevertheless, Forster carried out his order to prepare the last transport of Jews from the area around La Rochelle, which also affected David, Ruth and Elias, with little Elias dying of poorly treated pneumonia. Margot, who is at their side, tries to get baptismal certificates from the pastor in the nearest village, but has no idea that the pastor, in conflict with himself, passes these names directly on to Forster. Ultimately, everything is exposed: Forster realizes that Duval sabotaged the manhunt and has him shot after the torture, Margot and the Resistance realize that the pastor had betrayed them and take revenge by shooting him and ultimately David and Ruth become together with other Jews on the transport train to the concentration camp. However, before he was caught, Duval was able to prepare one of the cattle cars intended for transport in such a way that a few floorboards are loose. The Resistance and Margot have prepared an attack on the train to free the prisoners, in which the engine driver is also informed, but this attempt at liberation also fails because Forster, accompanied by his hateful henchman Anatole Desjesquier and some SS men, know about the project. Forster, however, is disgusted by Anatole and takes advantage of Anatole's penchant for cynicism by giving him the opportunity to say goodbye to Margot, who Forster has now also sent on the transport, in the wagon. However, when Anatole climbs into the car, Forster gives the order to close and lock the door, and so sends Anatole to the concentration camp as well.

U 612 begins to march back and in the end two lost men with suitcases are found on a country road in Maine, trying to get away by hitchhiking. A patrol car stops and when asked what they are doing out on the street early in the morning without a hat and coat, they have no answer.


The production has a total budget of 25 million euros, of which one million euros come from the funding program for Europe's audiovisual industry as well as the cultural and creative industries from 2014 to 2020, Creative Europe Media.

Andreas Prochaska was announced as director on February 23, 2017 . The series was filmed in La Rochelle , Prague , Malta and Munich . Filming began on August 31, 2017 and ended in February 2018.

The music was composed by Matthias Weber , who integrated fragments of Klaus Doldinger's main theme into his work , which he had written in 1981 for the film "Das Boot".

The release date is November 23, 2018 in Germany, Austria, Italy, Great Britain and Ireland on Sky and in Portugal on AMC . The broadcasting rights were sold in over a hundred countries even before the premiere. All eight episodes were published on the Sky Deutschland streaming platforms on November 23, 2018, while the television broadcast on Sky 1 was two episodes each week.

On December 6, 2018, it was announced that a second season of the series had been ordered. The second season was broadcast on Sky 1 from April 24, 2020.

In February 2019, ZDF announced that it had acquired the broadcasting rights for public television. The boat has been on the main program since January 3, 2020 and can be seen around the clock in the ZDFmediathek . The first season will be presented to a broad audience on ZDF shortly before the second season is broadcast on the subscription broadcaster Sky. Season 1 of the series has also been available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc since December 6, 2019 .

AMC Networks International Southern Europe has exclusive broadcasting rights in Spain and Portugal. The series aired on AMC from February 2019.

Episode list

season 1

( total )
( St. )
title First broadcast on TV
(D / A / CH)
1 1 New ways 23 Nov 2018
2 2 Secret missions 23 Nov 2018
3 3 losses Nov 30, 2018
4th 4th doubt Nov 30, 2018
5 5 loyalty 7th Dec 2018
6th 6th Against the time 7th Dec 2018
7th 7th Damn it Dec 14, 2018
8th 8th Billing Dec 14, 2018
On November 23, 2018, all episodes of the season were premiered simultaneously
on Sky Go, Sky on Demand and Sky Ticket.

season 2

( total )
( St. )
title First broadcast on TV
(D / A / CH)
9 1 Thinking strategies Apr 24, 2020
10 2 Inconvenient alliances Apr 24, 2020
11 3 sabotage 1st May 2020
12 4th The die is cast 1st May 2020
13 5 Order to kill May 8, 2020
14th 6th Final decisions May 8, 2020
15th 7th head to head May 15, 2020
16 8th On the other hand May 15, 2020
On April 24, 2020, all episodes of the season were initially released simultaneously
on Sky Go, Sky Q and Sky Ticket (or Sky X).
The first episode was streamed on April 21, 2020 on Sky.de.

Criticism and Reviews

The historian and world editor Sven Felix Kellerhoff criticized the content of the series sharply. He sees the story of the Greenwood industrialist family beginning to relativize the responsibility of the German Reich for the outbreak of World War II. The themed in a subplot about an exchange of prisoners on the high seas finance the Nazi armaments by the company's Greenwoods evaluated Kellerhoff against the Germany radio as "... pretty much the stupidest thing [...] broadcast in fictional contemporary history television in recent years" had been.

Thomas Lückerath, editor-in-chief of the media magazine DWDL.de , thinks Bavaria Fiction and Sky are well advised not to replace anything with the ambitious series project for Wolfgang Petersen's cult film. Rather, the boat is strong, contemporary television, “which joins historically valuable and complex German storytelling tradition a la Our Mothers, Our Fathers , worthy of the film icon of yore, again gives goose bumps to the sounds of Klaus Doldinger and gives us an unused one Cast presents, in which with Rick Okon a talent who was previously under the radar becomes a shooting star ”.

Even if many viewers are certainly disappointed that the series initially reminds so little of the original, Bjarne Bock of Serienjunkies.de suspects , all in all it can be said that “the new edition or sequel to Das Boot is not a disaster, despite all expectations. Bitter advocates of the template will criticize the fact that the new series seems too smooth and oversized, at least initially, ”but by the middle of the season at the latest, the tone and the atmosphere should become significantly rougher.

The series takes the biggest step away from film by moving half of the plot ashore and introducing female characters, says Kathleen Hildebrandt in the Süddeutsche : “The women may be very central, but what the series does to them then fulfills again too many clichés: A Resistance fighter is shown almost naked after brutal torture, covered with wounds and bruises. Another woman is brutally raped by soldiers. " The boat has become a highly professional, shiny media product that" may be seen all over the world for some good reasons. But if he hadn't cared a little more, it could have been something else: original and maybe even very relevant. "

"There are no Nazis in 'Das Boot', no 'Heil Hitler', no convinced partisans, not even as an alternative to the naturally brave submarine men, who are often only hinted at as characters," writes Thomas Klein in his article for the Online edition of the Berliner Zeitung . Petersen's film was originally German and an authentic look at difficult times. The Sky series relies on internationally accepted, smooth series dramaturgy: “A bit of nudity, a touch of violence and sex, you always stay neat, you speak a lot of English - Carla, the arms financier Greenwood (Vincent Kartheiser), the 'U 612 'is going to an exchange on the high seas, even Gestapo Forster, because he can't speak French. It becomes clear that this 'boat' is ultimately not about German history or what Buchheim's story can offer a local audience in 2018, but only about the commercial exploitation of a prominent brand. 'War', says Greenwood once, 'is just a rip off.' That's exactly how Sky's 'Das Boot' feels. "

Awards and nominations

American Society of Cinematographers Awards 2020

  • Nomination in the category Episode of a Series for Non-Commercial Television ( David Luther , Episode 6, Against Time )
Vicky Krieps at the presentation of
the German Television Prize 2019

German television award 2019

Romy award 2019

  • Award with the Jury Prize

Bavarian TV Prize 2019

  • Special jury award for director Andreas Prochaska, Oliver Vogel from Bavaria Film and Marcus Ammon from Sky

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