Global Kryner

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Global Kryner
Global Kryner in the cast from October 2008
Global Kryner in the cast from October 2008
General information
Genre (s) New folk music , World
founding 2002
resolution 2013
Founding members
Christof Spörk
Sebastian Fuchsberger
Last occupation
Clarinet, moderation
Christof Spörk
Martin Temmel
Anton Sauprügl (from March 2003)
Edi Köhldorfer (from October 2003)
Markus Pechmann (from October 2008)
Sabine Stieger (from December 2004)
former members
Wolfgang Peer (until March 2004)
Hardy Kamm (until October 2003)
Thomas Gansch (until May 2004)
Karl Roßmann (May 2004-October 2008)
Wolfgang Sohm
Anne Marie Höller (November 2003 – December 2004)
Jacqueline Patricio da Luz (Summer 2003 – November 2003)
Anna Hauf
Bass trombone, vocals, yodelling
Sebastian Fuchsberger

Global Kryner was a band from Vienna , Austria . In April 2004 they released the debut album of the same name, with which the band toured in Germany.

Band history

Global Kryner was an idea of Christof Spörk , who worked from 1992 to early 2005 as a clarinetist, lyricist and singer in the group Die Landstreich . His first partner at Global Kryner was Sebastian Fuchsberger , who was active at Mnozil Brass until the end of 2004 . With the singer Anna Hauf, the accordionist Wolfgang Peer, the trumpeter Wolfgang Sohm and the long-time Christl Stürmer - guitarist Hardy Kamm, Global Kryner initially played one of the first concerts on May 4th 2002 in Scheibbs on the occasion of the Lower Austrian festival under the project title "over.kryner" Folk music festivals AufhOHRchen .

Anton Sauprügl joined the accordionist in autumn 2002, and Edi Köhldorfer became guitarist in autumn 2003. Ännie Höller and Thomas Gansch finally completed the line-up with which the first CD "Global Kryner" was recorded between November 2003 and February 2004. Released in April 2004, this CD soon received gold status in Austria and was in the Austrian charts for over 40 weeks.

In 2005 Global Kryner won the Amadeus Award and took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev with the song Y Así as representative of Austria. However, they were eliminated in the semifinals. In 2006 Global Kryner won the Bonn Satire Prize Prix Pantheon.

On January 28th 2010 Global Kryner presented their new CD "Global Kryner versus The Rounder Girls " in the boxing club Box Union Favoriten, moderated by Sigi Bergmann . Accordionist Christian Bakanic played in the supporting program .

At the beginning of 2013, Global Kryner announced the breakup of the band for the end of October 2013, there was also a big farewell tour under the motto "Servus" in which the musicians once again (um) stopped by.


The Global Kryner assign their style neither to folk hits nor to pop music . The compositions are characterized by jazz harmonies , changing time signatures, rhythms and tempos. In general, the music is settled in the soulful-jazzy area. It is noticeable that no drums are used and that the " drive " comes from the bass trombone, guitar and accordion.

On the band's website it says:

"Six musicians from all corners of the world have now

  1. to translate the Oberkrainer sound from the beer tent bliss into a serious world music genre ,
  2. not to lose the wit and
  3. to prove that every song, every melody from pop , jazz and classical music can be granulated. "

The fact that the musicians presented their debut album on the same evening in the Musikantenstadl and in the important Viennese jazz club Porgy & Bess is characteristic of the ensemble's style and audience .

While their first CD still consisted of adapted foreign compositions, their second album Krynology contained titles they had composed themselves. The third CD WEG also has its own tracks, but these are only marginally in the Oberkrainer sound. The group has evolved towards cabaret jazz .


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  AT 12 
05/02/2004 (44 weeks)
  DE 100 06/06/2005 (1 week)
  AT 2 06/05/2005 (14 weeks)
  AT 68 09/21/2007 (3 weeks)
Cover stories
  AT 59 01/20/2012 (2 weeks)
Y así
  AT 23 02/20/2005 (16 weeks)
  • global.kryner , April 2004
  • Krynology , May 2005
  • Weg , September 2007
  • Live in Luxembourg , November 2008
  • Global Kryner versus The Rounder Girls , November 2009
  • Global Kryner - Cover Stories , October 2011

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