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Wilfried , actually Wilfried Scheutz (born June 24, 1950 in Goisern , Upper Austria ; † July 16, 2017 in Lilienfeld , Lower Austria ), was an Austrian singer , songwriter and actor .


He spent his school days in Bad Goisern and Gmunden . At the age of 19 he went to Graz to study. A little later his musical career began. When rock music conquered the world in the 60s, he founded his first band, The Provos, at the age of 14. In 1970 Wilfried moved to Graz and started his musical career from there. First he played as bassist with Moses, he sang on "Sad Song / Mexican Dessert", the last single of the Graz hard rock group Hide & Seek. This was followed by a short guest appearance with the French rock group Escape. In 1972 he qualified for the "Show Chance 1972" through the preliminary decision in Bruck an der Mur. There he sang his song Come Brother, which was released in 2008 on his CD "letters Blues. In 1973 he published Ziwui Ziwui, a rocking reinterpretation of Innsbruck Vogelfänger song. By this title, as well as, among others, its hard rock version of Kufstein song , he considered an early pioneer the new folk music , however. His musical work includes numerous other genres, from blues to rock to idiosyncratic pop songs such as Orange and Highdelbeeren . His greatest successes, including running hare, run counts, he celebrated in the 1970s and 1980s which made him one of the most famous representatives of the Austro-pop , of whom he said:

“This term is really just some sort of drawer. The difference between me and Ambros , between Hubert and Danzer is as big as between Lauffen and Kentucky . "

In 1974 he was with the Crazy Baby Band, which was named after his first record Crazy Baby. During this tour Wilfried got big problems with his voice, which put him out of action for a while. From 1978 to mid-1979 Wilfried was the singer of the First General Insecurity (EAV). He can be heard on the debut album 1. Allgemeine Verunsicherung and was on tour with the band. Since the EAV did not have its own record deal at the time, the album was released through his record deal with EMI . Conversely, some of his songs were written by Thomas Spitzer from the EAV. He achieved a top position in the charts in the mid-1980s with his song Südwind . He celebrated one of his greatest commercial successes in 1987 with the album and single Ikarus , which was listed in the Austrian charts for three months, with number 6 as the highest position. Wilfried did not have a number one hit, but did have numerous top positions in the Austrian charts. He was one of the most versatile musicians, playing between styles. Big hits were Mary, Oh Mary (1973) at number 3, Ziwui, Ziwui (1974) at number 6 and Let me be with you (1984) at number 12.

In 1988 he represented Austria with Lisa Mona Lisa at the Grand Prix d'Eurovision de la Chanson ; with 0 points he finished last of all 21 participants. Wilfried stated that the political situation (the Waldheim affair of 1987 was still fresh in my mind) had influenced the performance of the Austrian delegation in Dublin ("spit on" behind the stage, "evade" others when "the Austrians" came). According to Wilfried's assessment, the musical act was de facto evaluated politically and not musically, which was not meant to be apologetic, as it stood by his experience. In addition, he worked repeatedly as an actor in theater and film. In the early 1990s, he played the role of Walter Lehner in the television series Die people von St. Benedikt and was a speaker in commercials (e.g. 1987 “The Difference is Köck”).

In 1991 Felix Dvorak brought him to his Berndorf Festival, where, alongside Hans Holt and Daniela Markus, he was successful in the title role of Molnár's Liliom . There followed many appearances as an actor under the direction of Elfriede Ott at the Maria Enzersdorfer Festival.

In 1996 he founded the a cappella group 4Xang . In the early summer of 2000, he and 4Xang started the jubilation, bustle, hoarseness tour on the occasion of his 50th birthday. The premiere was traditionally in the K. u. K. Hofbeisl in Bad Ischl , because it was there that he made his first musical steps as an artist. In 2010, after 14 years and around 1,500 appearances throughout the German-speaking area, the 4Xang group disbanded. The last concert of the jubilation, hustle and bustle, hoarseness tour was given on the occasion of his 60th birthday on June 26, 2010 in the Pressbaumer Center .

Wilfried now called himself Wilfried Scheutz and performed as a duo with either Orges Toce (guitar) and Heinz Jiras (keyboard) with the programs Will Blues or letters Blues on.

Wilfried (2008)

In 2008, he published his first book , letter blues , in which he summarizes short stories, poems and wisdom, which are accompanied by a photo-life story.

In 2009 he founded the jazz formation “Fathers'n'Sons” with Hanibal Scheutz (double bass), Gerd Schuller (keyboard) and Gerald Schuller (drums) and opened the restaurant “Vereinsmeierei” with his wife.

At the beginning of 2011 he put together a new rock band with his son Hanibal Scheutz, the “New Band”, which also includes Orges Toçe (guitar), Heinz Jiras (keyboard), Carlos Barreto-Nespoli (bass) and Christian Eberle (drums). The band plays hits by Wilfried Scheutz that have been rearranged by Hanibal Scheutz and interpreted by the new band. The first appearance took place at the Graz city festival in June 2011.

In 2011 he continued his acting career; in The Watzmann calls! he took on the role of Ambros as the narrator.

At the end of November 2012 his comeback album Tralalala was released , which was recorded with the formation "New Band". At the same time, the compilation Best of 1974-1992 appeared on the same label .

In August 2016 he played the main character 'Chuck' in Petrol Station of the Damned by Georg Ringsgwandl in the version by Thomas Maurer in the Stadtsaal in Vienna. In June 2017 a new studio album was released with the title Gut Lack . At the same time it was also announced that he had written the lyrics for the musical Liebe Hoch 16 .

On July 16, 2017, Wilfried died of cancer at the age of 67.

He was posthumously honored for his life's work at the 2018 Amadeus Awards .


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Make up
  AT 19th 06/15/1980 (4 weeks)
Absolutely normal
  AT 3 08/01/1981 (12 weeks)
Request concert
  AT 10 06/01/1982 (4 weeks)
At night in the city - live
  AT 19th 07/01/1986 (4 weeks)
Good paint
  AT 12 06/30/2017 (5 weeks)
Mary, oh Mary
  AT 3 04/15/1973 (16 weeks)
Ziwui, Ziwui
  AT 6th January 15, 1974 (16 weeks)
Nights in the City
  AT 23 03/15/1979 (8 weeks)
  AT 19th 11/01/1981 (2 weeks)
Let me be with you
  AT 12 02/15/1984 (6 weeks)
South wind
  AT 14th 06/15/1985 (10 weeks)
  AT 6th 07/15/1987 (14 weeks)
Lisa Mona Lisa
  AT 27 05/15/1988 (2 weeks)


year title Remarks
1974 The crazy baby Interpreter: Wilfried Scheutz
1974 Wilfried Collection of singles, later called "Poptakes"
1979 Nights in the City
1980 Make up
1981 Absolutely normal
1982 Request concert
1983 Yes
1984 Very, very bad
1985 Totally or not at all
1986 At night in the city - live Live album
1987 Light
1988 Fire on the roof
1990 Mountain and valley
1992 Gemma!
1994 Katerfrühstück feat. Wilfried
2008 Letter blues
2012 Tralalala 2-CD Special Edition including Best of 1974–1992
2013 Back there! The live album Live album
2017 Good paint


year title Remarks
1983 Are you foolish: The hits 1973–1983
1983 Orange (best of)
1984 Udo Huber presents: Wilfried's Grosse 10
1989 Poptakes New release of the LP “Wilfried” with bonus tracks
1990 The soft core
1997 The greatest hits from 20 years
1998 Master Series
2000 ... and the sun opens again and again with 2 new songs, u. a. International
2007 Best of Wilfried 2-CD with the unreleased song Sole mio (i schnoi o)
2011 The best from Wilfried
2012 Best of 1974-1992 CD 2 of the Tralalala Special Edition
2013 The best of Wilfried Crown Edition Austropop
2015 Austropop legends


year title Remarks
1973 Mary, oh Mary c / w rock medley
Woodpecker's Music c / w Let Me Swing
Ziwui, Ziwui c / w Do Not
1974 's Katherl c / w My fathers are at home
Go, go, go c / w Oh Lord; Interpreter: Wilfried Scheutz
1975 Country blues c / w Momma, Momma
1976 Neon light Maria c / w Luise
Doberman Pinscher c / w Schmäh-Symphonie; Interpreter:

Wilfried and the Vienna Schmähorchester

Teifi eini - Tiefi also c / w Raspa skirt
1977 Dance, Franz! c / w Magdalena
1978 Hey big brother c / w Yodel Funk
Nights in the City c / w Lucy
Johnny's Discotheque c / w Singin 'My Own Song
1978 Hans “Puschi” Pusch * / Karl “Mundl” Merkatz * Tango Argentina c / w Wilfried - Every 1's A Winner
1979 In the middle of the night c / w Fire Walk
1980 I've Got to Have a Reggae on My LP c / w Right Mood
Telephone Terror c / w Incognito
I'm in c / w I'll Get Over You
1981 Highdelberries c / w you, she unfortunately
Buhuhuhu hu c / w Never Trust No One Over 30; c / w for miles
I have too much power c / w pink punk
Nobody loves you c / w The Kufstein song
1982 orange c / w 08/15 - Let your butt cheeks loose
1983 Let me be with you c / w ABC-XYZ
I'm all happy (everything on canvas) c / w The wedding
1984 I like Thursday c / w break dance
Far so far c / w conclusion
Wudu c / w Bella Parola
1985 South wind c / w My head is a cassette
Masqumje c / w pure whiskey
Nothing has a nail c / w grown up like a child
1986 At night in the city c / w at night in the city part 2
Morning star c / w The rock and roll comes from the radio
1987 Icarus c / w Orange (live)
Light c / w easy (instrumental)
1988 Lisa Mona Lisa c / w Lisa Mona Lisa (French original recording)
Congratulations Austria c / w The blues has mi
Only with you c / w My word
1989 Musique, mon amour c / w fire on the roof
1990 Ebensee c / w Very good
say why c / w 's money is gone
1993 Ziwui '93 c / w Very good

Guest Posts / Lyrics

  • 1971: Hide & Seek - Mexican Desert / Sad Song (Single)
  • 1975: Mayflower (musical LP)
  • 1978: Austria Fan Choir / FK Austria Memphis Song - Hey Prohaska (text)
  • 1979: Pop made in Austria - why are you so good?
  • 1979: Robert Ponger - Robert Ponger (lyrics and melodies)
  • 1981: U4 Live - Fever (Live)
  • 1985: Austria for Africa - Why?
  • 1986: Herbolzheimer Jr. - Herbolzheimer Jr. (complete album sung by Wilfried)
  • 1986: Band for Styria - Archduke Johann Blues
  • 1987: Meister Petz - PFAH (Des Pack I Net) (text and production)
  • 1990: Georg Danzer - Back in Vienna (Song: Schau Schatzi)
  • 1992: Blues Live from the Orpheum - Tobacco Road
  • 1993: Sea of Lights - Rock ´n´ Roll Pjevac '93
  • 1993: The People of St. Benedict (Soundtrack)
  • 1996: Applause - 25 years since Hofer - thank you very much
  • 1996: Thank you Danzer - Ollas leiwaund
  • 2000: Marianne Mendt Friends and Prophets (Song: Hold me tight)
  • 2000: Hit Power Project feat. Steirerbluat - Witches (text)
  • 2002: Gino M. - Forever Austria
  • 2004: LOLA! : kinks classics from ambros to wilfried (song: Am Grabe des Clowns)
  • 2005: Your help is needed (Song: Your help is needed)
  • 2010: Binder & Krieglstein - roast violinist
  • 2011: Mad Town Dogs - Schattenstadt (Song: The Butterflies Are Gone)
  • 2013: Opus & Friends - Live Liebenau 1985 (Songs: Telephone Terror / My Blue Suede Shoes, Südwind, Live Is Life )
  • 2016: Steinbäcker - Ja eh (Song: Ja eh)
  • 2016: The Seer - Duets ... with us there (Song: Über'n See)


  • 1979: Dagmar Rauscher - Love Train / Sea of ​​Stars
  • 1981: Fez - Fez The Night
  • 1982: Claudia Robot - alarm signal
  • 1983: Rucki Zucki palm combo - Ruck'N'Zuck! (Wild Fried Production)
  • 1983: Tom Pettings Hertzattacken - All Or Nothing (Single)
  • 1984: Super Moist - Strawberries (Single)
  • 1985: Super Humid - Now or Never (LP)
  • 1987: Ecco - Witches
  • 1987: Ecco - Everyone (Get Together, also text)
  • 1988: Ecco - So beautiful (also text)
  • 1989: Pure Laine - Morte Secura (Wild Friedproduktion)
  • 2007: Polka Potente - Polka Potente



Wilfried had been married to Marina Tatic since 1982, their son Jovan Hanibal was born in 1981. He plays the double bass at 5 / 8erl in Ehr'n . Wilfried last lived with his family in Pressbaum ( Lower Austria ).

His wife was hired as a singer and costume tailor for the EAV in 1977 . Among other things, she took part in the show Uschi im Glück and the album 1. Allgemeine Verunsicherung . 1979 both left the band.


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