Hannibal Sehested (politician, 1842)

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Hannibal Sehested

Hannibal Sehested (born November 16, 1842 on Broholm , † September 19, 1924 ) was a Danish conservative politician of the Højre party (»rights«). The noble landowner was Danish President of the Council (Prime Minister) and Foreign Minister from April 27, 1900 to July 24, 1901.


The Sehested Conservative Cabinet, newly appointed on April 27, 1900, to which, in addition to the previous Minister of the Interior, Ludvig Bramsen, included Professor Carl Goos as Minister of Justice and Professor Hans William Scharling as Minister of Finance, was granted only a short life. In vain did Crown Prince Friedrich advocate close association of all conservatives with the Ministry on July 3rd at Odense. Despite the favorable election mode for the government, only supporters of the »Fronde« or the reform party of the “Left” ( Venstre , but de facto liberals) were elected in the supplementary elections to the Landsthing in September , and even Estrup had to be elected in order to remain a member of the Landsthing to swap his old constituency for one of the mandates given by the king. Accordingly, the 1900/1901 Reichstag session turned out to be unfavorable for the cabinet. His tax reform proposals came across not only in Folkething, which gave preference to the tax proposals drawn up by a parliamentary committee in the summer, but also in Landsthing, where on November 23, nine MPs officially resigned from the right-wing party association and united to form a special parliamentary group Resistance, so that the whole tax reform failed.

This defeat was soon followed by a second, when in the Folkethings elections (April 3, 1901) the number of pro-government Conservatives, whose majority in the Landsthing was only one vote, rose to 8 (against 75 supporters of the Reform Party of the Left, 14 Social Democrats, 2 »Wilde «And 15 members of the moderate left) melted together. This sealed the fate of the long-standing conservative party rule in D. On July 23, King Christian IX called. a cabinet composed exclusively of radicals, chaired by Professor Deuntzer .