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Award ceremony 2013, v. l. To the right: Georg Mascolo (laudator), Ilse Friedrich, Tom Buhrow , Jörg Armbruster (award winner), Eva Müller (sponsorship award), Marcel Mettelsiefen (award winner) and Anne Will (moderation)
Award ceremony 2015, v. l. To the right: Sascha Lobo (laudator), Andreas Spinrath (grant), Eliot Higgins (award winner), Ilse Friedrich, Marietta Slomka (award winner), Fritz Pleitgen , Thomas Roth (moderation)

The Hanns Joachim Friedrichs Prize for TV Journalism is awarded once a year to TV journalists who have achieved outstanding work in their work.

After the death of the Tagesthemen moderator Hanns Joachim Friedrichs in 1995, the award was launched by a group of 15 friends of the moderator. The non-profit association, Verein for the award of the Hanns-Joachim-Friedrichs Prize for TV Journalism eV, was founded. Since then, this jury has chosen the winner (s) every year. The prize has been endowed with EUR 5,000 (split up) since 2002 (before: DM 10,000).

Award winners

year Surname function
1995 Thomas Roth Foreign correspondent for ARD in Moscow
1996 Petra Gerster Presenter of the ZDF magazine ML mona lisa
Maria von Welser Moderator of the ZDF magazine ML mona lisa
1997 Christoph Maria Fröhder Crisis reporter for the ARD
1998 Hans-Josef Dreckmann ARD Africa correspondent (Studio Nairobi)
Carla Kniestedt (sponsorship award) Reporter and moderator of the ORB , especially for her reports on the river Oder flood in 1997
1999 Wolf von Lojewski Moderator of the ZDF news program heute journal
Tina Hassel (sponsorship award) ARD correspondent in France ( ARD studio Paris )
2000 Gabi Bauer Moderator of the ARD Tagesthemen
Maybrit Illner Presenter of the ZDF talk show Berlin Mitte
Sandra Maischberger Moderator of the talk show Maischberger on n-tv
2001 Gerd Ruge Lifetime achievement
Alexander Kluge Lifetime achievement
Günter Gaus Lifetime achievement
2002 Dirk Sager ZDF correspondent Russia (Studio Moscow)
2003 Antonia Rados Correspondent for RTL and n-tv , reporter from Baghdad
Ulrich Tilgner ZDF correspondent Baghdad, who “preserved journalistic independence under the extreme conditions of war reporting”
Eric Friedler (sponsorship award) Film convoy to the death
2004 Annette Dittert ARD correspondent Poland (Studio Warsaw)
2005 Frank Plasberg and the editors of Hart but fair Journalist and presenter, together with the editorial team for the show Hart aber fair (WDR)
Horst Königstein (special price) NDR editor, author and director ( Die Manns , Speer and Er )
Britta Hilpert (sponsorship award) Head of the ZDF studio in Moscow
2006 ZDF magazine Frontal21 Editor-in-chief Claus Richter and moderator Theo Koll
2007 Anne Will Moderator of the ARD Tagesthemen
2008 Eric Friedler NDR television reporter and documentary filmmaker (including The Quandts' Silence )
Christina Pohl (sponsorship award) Spiegel TV reporter
2009 Nikolaus Brender ZDF editor-in-chief
Astrid Randerath and Christian Esser (sponsorship award) Authors of the ZDF television documentary Das Pharmakartell
2010 Claus Kleber Moderator of the ZDF news program heute journal
Editing of the WDR documentary series die story (special award) Editing with special mention of its founder Gert Monheim
2011 John Hano Head of the ZDF studio in Beijing
Ariane Reimers (sponsorship award) ARD correspondent in Beijing
Nasser Hadar (special price) Al Jazeera freelancer
2012 Oliver Welke with the heute-show editorial team Moderator and author in the news satire heute show of ZDF
Denis check (special price) Literary journalist for Deutschlandfunk and moderator of the ARD program hot off the press
2013 Jörg Armbruster until the end of 2012 ARD correspondent for the Near and Middle East
Marcel Mettelsiefen Photographer, cameraman, television journalist, editor and book author
Eva Müller (sponsorship award) WDR reporter and author
2014 Golineh Atai ARD correspondent in the Arab world and Ukraine
Stephan Lamby TV writer and producer
2015 Marietta Slomka Presenter of the ZDF news program heute journal
Eliot Higgins and Bellingcat (Special Prize) Research network
Andreas Spinrath (sponsorship award) Reporter in the WDR investigative department
2016 Hajo Seppelt Sports journalist
Armin Wolf (special award) ORF news moderator
2017 Hans-Ulrich Gack , Luc Walpot (ZDF) and Frederik Pleitgen (CNN) Foreign reporter for ZDF and CNN in the Middle East
Isabel Schayani (special award) WDR editor with the editorial staff of WDRforyou
2018 Anja Reschke Presenter of the television programs Panorama and Zapp
Culture time (special price) Culture magazine from 3sat
2019 Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim Presenter of the TV show Quarks ( WDR ) and the YouTube channel maiLab
Harald Lesch Moderator of various science programs on ZDF

(Source: Association for the award of the Hanns Joachim Friedrichs Prize for TV Journalism eV)

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