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The Draghi cabinet has been the government of Italy since February 13, 2021 . It replaces the Conte II cabinet .

Draghi cabinet
67. Cabinet of the Italian Republic
Mario Draghi
President of the Council of Ministers Mario Draghi
choice 2018
Legislative period 18th
Appointed by President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella
education February 13, 2021
Duration 0 years and 3 days
predecessor Cabinet Conte II
Party (s) MoVimento 5 Stelle ,
Partito Democratico ,
Articolo 1 ,
Italia Viva ,
Lega ,
Forza Italia
minister 23

Ruling parties

Handover from Giuseppe Conte to Mario Draghi

The government is made up of the following parties:

Political party Party chairperson Political orientation European party / group
Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S)
five-star movement
Vito Crimi
Populism, moderate EU skepticism, anti-corruption, e-democracy, ecology, stunted growth - / G / EFA and non-attached
Partito Democratico (PD)
Democratic Party
Nicola Zingaretti
Social democracy, progressivism, left-wing liberalism, pro-European politics, Christian social teaching SPE / S&D
Italia Viva (IV)
Lively Italy
Matteo Renzi
Liberalism, social liberalism, pro-European politics - / RE
Article 1 (Article 1)
Article 1
Roberto Speranza
Social democracy, democratic socialism, ecology - / -
Matteo Salvini
Right-wing populism, nationalism, anti-globalization politics ID / ID
Forza Italia (FI)
Forward Italy
Silvio Berlusconi
Liberal conservatism, Christian democracy, economic liberalism, populism EPP / EPP
Draghi cabinet with President Mattarella on February 13, 2021 in the Quirinal Palace

Cabinet members

Head of government

Office or department image Surname Political party
President of the Council of Ministers
Mario Draghi 2021 cropped.jpg
Mario Draghi independent

chief of staff

Office or department image Surname Political party
Secretary of the Council of Ministers
Roberto Garofoli (cropped) .jpg
Roberto Garofoli independent


with business area

Office or department image Surname Political party
Foreign and international cooperation
Luigi Di Maio 2019 Official.jpg
Luigi Di Maio M5S
Luciana Lamorgese 2019.jpg
Luciana Lamorgese independent
Marta Cartabia (cropped) .jpg
Marta Cartabia independent
Lorenzo Guerini 2019 Official.jpg
Lorenzo Guerini PD
Economy and finance
Daniele Franco (cropped) .jpg
Daniele Franco independent
Economic development
Giancarlo Giorgetti daticamera 2018.jpg
Giancarlo Giorgetti Lega
Agriculture, Food and Forestry
Stefano Patuanelli 2019.jpg
Stefano Patuanelli M5S
Ecological transition
Roberto Cingolani - Festival Economia 2018.jpg
Roberto Cingolani independent
Infrastructure and traffic
Enrico Giovannini 2011.jpg
Enrico Giovannini independent
Labor and Social Policy
Andrea Orlando daticamera 2018.jpg
Andrea Orlando PD
Patrizio Bianchi 2018.jpg
Patrizio Bianchi independent
Universities and research
Maria Cristina Messa 2021.jpg
Maria Cristina Messa independent
Dario Franceschini 2019.jpg
Dario Franceschini PD
Roberto Speranza 2019 Official.jpg
Roberto Speranza Art.1

without business area

Office or department image Surname Political party
Relations with parliament
Federico D'Incà (cropped) .jpg
Federico D'Incà M5S
Public administration
Renato Brunetta daticamera 2018.jpg
Renato Brunetta FI
Regional affairs
Mariastella Gelmini daticamera 2018.jpg
Mariastella Gelmini FI
Southern Italy and Territorial Cohesion
Maria Rosaria Carfagna daticamera 2018.jpg
Mara Carfagna FI
Equal opportunity and family
Elena Bonetti 2019.jpg
Elena Bonetti IV
Fabiana Dadone 2019.jpg
Fabiana Dadone M5S
Technological innovation and digitization
Vittorio Colao.jpg
Vittorio Colao independent
Erika Stefani.jpg
Erika Stefani Lega
Coordinator for initiatives in the field of tourism
Massimo Garavaglia 2018.jpg
Massimo Garavaglia Lega

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