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Mohammed is in German general form of mostly as a first name used Arabic nameمحمد, DMG Muḥammad [ mɔˈħamːəd ]. The spellings Muhammad [ muˈħamːad ] and Mohammad are also widespread . The most famous bearer of the name was the Islamic prophet Mohammed . With an estimated 150 million bearers of its variations, Mohammad is the most common given name worldwide today. The Society for German Language summarizes ten of the 25 or so spellings for Mohammed found in Germany in first name rankings.


The name محمّد Muhammad is of Arabic origin and means “praised”, “praised” and thus “the praised” or “the praiseworthy” or “the praiseworthy”. The name comes from the rootحمد, DMG ḥamida 'praise, praise', from which Arabic names such as Ahmad , Hamid or Mahmud are derived. From Himyar , Muhammada has been handed down as a feminine form.

The name Muhammad was already in use at the time of the Jahiliyya , according to Muhammad ibn Saʿd in the hope that the child would be a foretold prophet. It is not finally clear whether Muhammad was the proper name or just an epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.

Other languages

The transcription from the Persian language is Mohammad [ mohæm.mæd ]. The Turkish form of the name is Mehmet and Muhammet (also Muhammed ). In the past, the form Mahomet was common in many European languages , which has its end-T from Turkish, because Turkish has final hardening . This form is still the common form of the name of the Islamic prophet in French today . The most common Italian form Maometto , like the Spanish form Mahoma and the Portuguese form Maomé, goes back to the above form. The Latin form is Maometus . In the area of ​​the former Soviet Union , the form Magomet , also as today's first name for Muslims , is by no means rare. An Africanized form common in the Gambia is momodou , while the form mamadou is common in West Africa .

Name bearer

Surname Mohamed

Surname Mohammad

Surname Mohammed

Surname Muhammad

Surname Muhammed

Surname Mahamed

Surname Muhamed


  • Voltaire wrote a tragedy critical of religion with the title Mahomet the Prophet (original title: Le fanatisme ou Mahomet le Prophète , first performed in Lille); the piece was translated into German by Goethe in 1802 .

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