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Roy Scheider, 2007

Roy Richard Scheider (born November 10, 1932 in Orange , New Jersey , † February 10, 2008 in Little Rock , Arkansas ) was an American film actor . He has appeared in more than 80 film and television productions and was twice nominated for an Oscar .


Scheider was born the son of Anna Scheider (born Crosson ) and Roy Bernhard Scheider. His mother of Irish descent was Catholic and his Protestant father of German descent worked as a car mechanic. The wiry and athletic Scheider attended high school in Maplewood , New Jersey and practiced several sports, including. a. Baseball and boxing . He later studied drama at Rutgers University and Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster , Pennsylvania , where he was a member of the Phi Kappa Psi Student Association.

After military service, Scheider tried his hand at acting. In New York , where he first attracted attention through stage appearances, he received an Obie Award for his performance in the off-Broadway production Stephen D. in the 1967/68 season. By this time he had already made his film debut with the early splatter flick The Curse of the Living Corpse (1964). It was followed by minor appearances in movies. However, in 1971 Scheider had significant supporting roles in two major film hits, in Alan J. Pakula's thriller Klute , for which Jane Fonda won her first Oscar, and in William Friedkin's dynamic police film The French Connection , which earned Gene Hackman an Oscar and Scheider a nomination.

The producer of French Connection , Philip D'Antoni , tried in 1973 under his own direction to repeat this success with Scheider in the leading role of tough street cop. Although The Seven-Ups also contained one of the most spectacular car chases in film history, the box office income fell short of expectations. In 1975 he was hired by Steven Spielberg to play the reluctantly heroic police chief in the blockbuster Jaws . The film made Scheider and his partners Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw international stars. In 1976 Scheider played the homosexual secret agent 'Doc' Levy, brother of the title hero portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in The Marathon Man . In 1977 the ambitious remake of the French classic Wages of Fear from 1953 followed. Breathless with fear by William Friedkin with Scheider in the role of Yves Montand at the time, however, fell through with critics and audiences. Then Scheider was supposed to act in the universal film Die durch die Hell go . However, due to artistic differences, Scheider decided against it. Since Universal had a three-film contract with him, he had to star in the film Jaws 2 for Universal .

The 1978 film Jaws 2 , directed by director Jeannot Szwarc , who mainly works for television, also experienced only a fraction of the success at twice the production costs compared to its predecessor. In 1979 Scheider took on the lead role in one of the first movies Jonathan Demmes , in the Alfred Hitchcock- inspired psychological thriller Deadly Embrace . In the same year he was used against his previous image of Bob Fosse as a self-destructive choreographer in his strongly autobiographical film All That Jazz - Behind the Spotlight . This achievement earned Scheider his second Oscar nomination.

In 1982 Scheider was seen as a psychiatrist at Meryl Streep's side in the thriller In the Silence of the Night, also based on Hitchcock . He returned to action film in 1983 with the futuristic film The Flying Eye . In 1984 he appeared again in the eagerly anticipated sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey : 2010: The year in which we were able to establish contact , however, despite impressive special effects and highly acclaimed actors, did not compare artistically and commercially with Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece.

In the period that followed, Scheider remained busy, but mostly only appeared in supporting roles in films of declining quality. In the mid-1990s, he met Steven Spielberg again professionally, with some success. In the first two seasons of the Spielberg-produced television series SeaQuest DSV , Scheider played the captain of a high-tech submarine from 1993 to 1995 . In 2004 he appeared as the film father of Thomas Jane in the Marvel comic book adaptation The Punisher .

Immediately after recovering from a serious illness, Roy Scheider took on leading roles in film productions again, for example as a police officer reminiscent of Columbo in the Hamptons thriller If I Didn't Care , which premiered in October 2006 at the Hamptons International Film Festival . In 2007, Scheider was able to finish shooting the thriller Dark Honeymoon , in which he played alongside Tia Carrere , Lindy Booth , Daryl Hannah and Eric Roberts .

He had his last appearance in front of the film camera in the drama Iron Cross , in which he played the lead role, which was filmed on location in Germany , Poland and New York City . Scheider played a retired New York police officer and survivor of the Holocaust who, when visiting his son, who lives in Nuremberg , in his neighbor, portrayed by Helmut Berger , believed he recognized a Nazi officer and the murderer of his family. The film was in post-production at the time of Scheider's death and was released in the USA in December 2009.


Scheider was an ambitious baseball player and boxer in his youth , as evidenced by his broken nose. Many films made use of his physical fitness , for example in The Marathon Man , where he does push-ups in his hotel room . In this film, Scheider played an extremely brutal battle scene with an Asian killer, half-naked and undoubted.

He was married to film editor Cynthia Bebout from 1962 to 1986 . The marriage resulted in a daughter born in 1963 who died in 2006. In 1989 he married his colleague Brenda Siemer King , who later played his film wife in SeaQuest DSV . With King Scheider had the son Christian Scheider (* 1990), who has also appeared as an actor, and a daughter. Roy Scheider left two grandchildren.

In 2004 the now 72-year-old actor was diagnosed with a plasmacytoma . In June 2005 he underwent a stem cell transplant , for which the cells were obtained from his own blood. While convalescing , Scheider pointed out the irony that in the John Grisham film adaptation of The Rainmaker (1997) he played the head of an insurance company that refused to pay a customer for a bone marrow transplant. On February 10, 2008, he died after a staph infection at the age of 75 years in a hospital in Arkansas.


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  • 1964: The Curse of the Living Corpse
  • 1964: Camera Three (TV series)
  • 1965–1966: Love of Life (TV series)
  • 1966: Lamp at Midnight (TV movie)
  • 1966: Hallmark Television Playhouse (Hallmark Hall of Fame , television series)
  • 1967: The Secret of the Blue Crown (Coronet Blue , TV series)
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  • 1969: stiletto
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  • 1984: 2010: The Year We Make Contact (2010: The Year We Make Contact)
  • 1985: Saturday Night Live (TV series)
  • 1985: Mishima : A Life in Four Chapters , voice
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  • 1989: Hitman (Cohen and Tate)
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  • 1997: The Definite Maybe
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  • 1997: The Myth of Fingerprints
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  • 1998: White Raven - Diamond of Death (The White Raven)
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  • 1999: Citizen Kane - The Hollywood Legend ( RKO 281 , TV movie)
  • 2000: Chain of Command - Heroes Never Die (Chain of Command)
  • 2000: Falling Through
  • 2000: The Doorway
  • 2000: Daybreak disaster in LA (Daybreak)
  • 2001: Diamond Hunters (TV movie)
  • 2001: Time Lapse
  • 2002: Backflash 2 - Angels Don't Sleep Here
  • 2002: The Feds: US Postal Inspectors
  • 2002: Texas 46
  • 2002: King of Texas (TV movie)
  • 2002: Third Watch - Operation at the Limit ( Third Watch , TV series)
  • 2003: Red Serpent
  • 2003: Citizen Verdict - On behalf of the audience (Citizen Verdict)
  • 2003: Wes Craven presents Dracula II - The Ascension (Dracula II: Ascension)
  • 2004: The Punisher
  • 2005: Love Thy Neighbor
  • 2005: Wes Craven presents Dracula III - Legacy (Dracula III: Legacy)
  • 2006: Last Chance (short film)
  • 2007: Criminal Intent ( Law & Order: Criminal Intent , TV series)
  • 2007: The Poet
  • 2007: Blue Blood - If I Didn't Care
  • 2008: Dark Honeymoon
  • 2008: Iron Cross


  • 1968: Obie Award , Distinguished Performances category in Stephen D.
  • 1972: Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in French Connection - Hot Spot Brooklyn
  • 1980: Oscar nomination for Best Actor in Behind the Spotlight
  • 1980: Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor / Musical for Behind the Limelight
  • 1980: Drama League Critics Award , Category Performance of the Year in Betrayal
  • 1981: BAFTA nomination for Behind the Spotlight

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