Schwarzenburg (Breisgau)

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Schwarzenburg ruins - in the background the shell tower

Schwarzenburg ruins - in the background the shell tower

Alternative name (s): Schwarzenberg Castle
Creation time : 1122 to 1136
Castle type : Höhenburg, summit location
Conservation status: ruin
Standing position : Free nobles
Place: Waldkirch
Geographical location 48 ° 4 '11.1 "  N , 7 ° 57' 48.8"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 4 '11.1 "  N , 7 ° 57' 48.8"  E
Height: 656.2  m above sea level NHN
Schwarzenburg (Baden-Wuerttemberg)
Schematic representation of the castle complex
Castle chapel

The Black Castle , historic castle Schwarzenberg called, is a today only as ruins preserved hilltop castle in Waldkirch in the district of Emmendingen in Baden-Württemberg .

Geographical location

In addition to the Kastelburg , the Schwarzenburg is the lesser-known second castle ruin owned by the city of Waldkirch. It is located at 656.2  m above sea level. NHN high Schwarzenberg , a foothills of the Kandel .

Owner of the castle

In contrast to Waldkirch and the Kastelburg, which was founded later, the Schwarzenburg was not an Austrian fiefdom , but property of the barons of Schwarzenberg until they died out in the middle of the 15th century.


The Black Castle was probably 1,122 to 1,136 by the Schirmvögten of St. Margaret convent built by Conrad von Waldkilcha, regularly leading from 1136 as "de suarcinberc" called and so those who became the founder of the noble family of Schwarzenberg. In 1195, Runstal Castle was sold to the Salem Monastery by the then owner Konrad von Schwarzenberg .

With the last Konrad, presumably Vogt Konrad (IV) von Schwarzenberg, the male line of the Waldkirch Conradins died out. In 1213 his property passed to his sister Adelheid, wife of Walter I von Eschenbach -Schnabelburg. In 1270 Johann, a descendant of Adelheid, took over the rule with his nephew Wilhelm from Switzerland and called himself Johann I von Schwarzenberg from then on. On August 8, 1300, Johann and Wilhelm von Schwarzenberg granted Waldkirch town charter . In 1315 the rule was divided: Johann took over the Kastelburg and Wilhelm stayed on the Schwarzenburg.

The Schwarzenberg line died in 1347 with Ulrich II, lord of the castle from Schwarzenberg. His successor was Johann III. from the Kastelberger line. This led to the reunification of the two lines.

After the death of Hans Werner von Schwarzenberg in 1459, his daughter Heinrich von Rechberg zu Hohenrechberg came into possession of the estates and the bailiwick office. In 1503 Martin von Rechberg succeeded his late father Heinrich. He in turn was followed in 1540 by his son Hans Ludwig von Rechberg. After the death of Hans Ludwig in 1542, Sebastian von Ehingen acquired the property in 1546. He was stabbed to death by his son in 1559 during his daughter's wedding celebrations. In 1560 Hans Raphael von Reischach was given the power of Schwarzenberg as a fief.

In 1567, Archduke Ferdinand II of Tyrol took over the indebted rule of Schwarzenberg. Its 1578 order to demolish the dilapidated castle, however, was not followed. An inspection of Ensisheim by the Upper Austrian government in 1583 led to the finding that it was “badly dilapidated”. According to a report by a chronicler of the Margarethenstift, in 1590 nothing could be seen of the roof trusses and the walls had collapsed. The ruin was eventually used as a quarry.

The castle complex has been researched and restored since 1975 and has been accessible since 1980. In 1995 the city of Waldkirch put up a sign with the historical data of the castle near the ruins.


The hilltop castle was probably built as a refuge and protective castle, possibly also out of power-political considerations of the Schwarzenbergs, with this castle, which is visible far into the Rhine Valley , to demonstrate their position as a free noble family subordinate only to the emperor .

From the castle the remains of are shell tower , the chapel , the palace and the outbuildings obtained whereas the dungeon is completely gone off.


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