Cross-country Scandinavian Cup

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The Scandinavian Cup (German Scandinavian Cup ) is a racing series in cross-country skiing organized by the FIS .


The Scandinavian Cup is one of the current nine Continental Cup series as a substructure for the cross-country skiing world cup . Athletes with FIS licenses from all nations are entitled to start and score points in the Scandinavian Cup; however, only athletes from Denmark , Estonia , Finland , Iceland , Latvia , Lithuania , Norway and Sweden can achieve a World Cup participation through their placements. The awarding of points for races of the Scandinavian Cup corresponds to that for World Cup races, i. H. the 30 best placed athletes in a race receive points, starting with the winner with 100 points up to the 30th who receives one point (see FIS points system ).

Overall ranking results


season First Second Third
2004/05 NorwayNorway John Anders Gaustad NorwayNorway Stig rune Kveen NorwayNorway Remi Andersen
2005/06 NorwayNorway Petter Northug NorwayNorway Øystein Pettersen SwedenSweden Fredrik Persson
2006/07 NorwayNorway Øystein Pettersen NorwayNorway Krister Trondsen NorwayNorway John Kristian Dahl
2007/08 NorwayNorway Hans Petter Lykkja SwedenSweden Fredrik Östberg NorwayNorway John Anders Gaustad
2008/09 NorwayNorway Roger Aa Djupvik NorwayNorway Geir Ludvig Aasen Ouren SwedenSweden Jesper Modin
2009/10 NorwayNorway Kristian Tettli Rennemo NorwayNorway Hans Petter Lykkja NorwayNorway Sjur Røthe
2010/11 NorwayNorway Finn Hågen Krogh NorwayNorway Hans Petter Lykkja NorwayNorway Øyvind Gløersen
2011/12 NorwayNorway John Kristian Dahl NorwayNorway Kristian Tettli Rennemo SwedenSweden Fredrik Karlsson
2012/13 NorwayNorway Tomas Northug NorwayNorway Snorri Einarsson NorwayNorway Hans Christer Holund
2013/14 NorwayNorway Simen Østensen NorwayNorway Daniel Myrmæl Helgestad NorwayNorway Emil Iversen
2014/15 NorwayNorway Hans Christer Holund NorwayNorway Mathias Rundgreen NorwayNorway Sindre Bjørnestad Skar
2015/16 NorwayNorway Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget NorwayNorway Johan Hoel NorwayNorway Daniel Myrmæl Helgestad
2016/17 NorwayNorway Håvard Solås Taugbøl NorwayNorway Daniel Stock NorwayNorway Mathias Rundgreen
2017/18 NorwayNorway Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget NorwayNorway Eirik Sverdrup Augdal NorwayNorway Daniel Stock
2018/19 NorwayNorway Mattis Stenshagen NorwayNorway Daniel Stock NorwayNorway Harald Østberg Amundsen
2019/20 NorwayNorway Gjøran Tefre NorwayNorway Johan Hoel NorwayNorway Harald Østberg Amundsen


season First Second third
2004/05 NorwayNorway Ine Wigernæs NorwayNorway Ann Eli Tafjord FinlandFinland Marjo Korander
2005/06 FinlandFinland Katja Ruotsalainen Hiipakka FinlandFinland Annmari Viljanmaa FinlandFinland Pirjo Porvari
2006/07 NorwayNorway Astrid Jacobsen FinlandFinland Kati Venäläinen-Sundqvist SwedenSweden Susanne Nyström
2007/08 NorwayNorway Ingri Aunet Tyldum NorwayNorway Sara Svendsen NorwayNorway Karianne Bjellånes
2008/09 NorwayNorway Sara Svendsen NorwayNorway Kristin Mürer Stemland NorwayNorway Agnetha Åsheim
2009/10 NorwayNorway Ingvild Flugstad Østberg NorwayNorway Marte Elden SwedenSweden Eva Svensson
2010/11 NorwayNorway Heidi Weng NorwayNorway Britt Ingunn Nydal NorwayNorway Astrid Øyre Slind
2011/12 NorwayNorway Martine Ek Hagen NorwayNorway Maria Nysted Grønvoll NorwayNorway Britt Ingunn Nydal
2012/13 NorwayNorway Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes NorwayNorway Tuva Toftdahl Staver NorwayNorway Britt Ingunn Nydal
2013/14 NorwayNorway Kathrine Harsem NorwayNorway Martine Ek Hagen NorwayNorway Marthe Kristoffersen
2014/15 NorwayNorway Kathrine Harsem NorwayNorway Silje Øyre Slind NorwayNorway Silje Theodorsen
2015/16 NorwayNorway Barbro Kvåle SwedenSweden Sofia Henriksson SwedenSweden Jonna Sundling
2016/17 SwedenSweden Anna Dyvik NorwayNorway Tiril Udnes Weng NorwayNorway Lotta Udnes Weng
2017/18 NorwayNorway Tiril Udnes Weng NorwayNorway Lotta Udnes Weng SwedenSweden Jonna Sundling
2018/19 NorwayNorway Anne Kjersti Kalvå SwedenSweden Johanna Hagström SwedenSweden Moa Lundgren
2019/20 NorwayNorway Julie Myhre SwedenSweden Linn Soemskar SwedenSweden Maria Nordström

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