Diocese of San Fernando de Apure

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Diocese of San Fernando de Apure
Map of the diocese of San Fernando de Apure
Basic data
Country Venezuela
Metropolitan bishopric Archdiocese of Calabozo
Diocesan bishop Alfredo Enrique Torres Rondón
founding 1954
surface 43,646 km²
Parishes 25 (2017 / AP2018 )
Residents 368.914 (2017 / AP2018 )
Catholics 295.131 (2017 / AP2018 )
proportion of 80%
Diocesan priest 17 (2017 / AP2018 )
Religious priest 3 (2017 / AP2018 )
Catholics per priest 14,757
Permanent deacons 1 (2017 / AP2018 )
Friars 3 (2017 / AP2018 )
Religious sisters 25 (2017 / AP2018 )
rite Roman rite
Liturgical language Spanish
cathedral Catedral Nuestra Señora del Carmen
Catedral Nuestra Señora del Carmen

The Diocese of San Fernando de Apure ( lat. : Dioecesis Sancti Ferdinandi apurensis ) is in Venezuela situated Roman Catholic diocese , based in San Fernando de Apure . It includes the state of Apure .


Pope Pius XII founded the territorial prelature of San Fernando de Apure with the Apostolic Constitution Providentissimo Redemptoris on June 7, 1954 from cession of the dioceses of Calabozo and San Cristóbal de Venezuela and was subordinate to the Archdiocese of Caracas as a suffragandiocese .

With the Apostolic Constitution Sancti Ferdinandi Apurensis she was raised to the diocese on November 12, 1974. With the elevation of the Diocese of Calabozo to the Metropolitan Archdiocese on June 17, 1995, it became part of the new ecclesiastical province.

On December 3, 2015, there were territorial shares for the establishment of the diocese Guasdualito .


Prelates of San Fernando de Apure

Bishops of San Fernando de Apure

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