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Association Federação Angolana de Futebol
First edition 1979
Teams 16
master CD Primeiro de Agosto (2019)
Record champions Atlético Petróleos Luanda
(15 titles)
Qualification for CAF Champions League , CAF Confederation Cup

Girabola is the common name for the Campeonato Angolano de Futebol , the top division in Angolan football . The game operations are organized by the Federação Angolana de Futebol (FAF).

With the annual Supertaça de Angola, the Girabola winner and the Angolan cup winner determine the winner of the Angolan Supercup .


Since 1941 at the latest , national champions have been played in Angola under Portuguese colonial administration . Later a multi-tier league system was introduced, with the Campeonato Estadual da I Divisão , later Campeonato da Província de Angola as the top division. The name Girabola ( Portuguese belittling, German about: rotating ball) goes back to the Portuguese radio presenter Rui de Carvalho , who later became Minister of Communications in Angola. Carvalho has referred to the Campeonato de Angola as Girabola since at least 1967 in order to subliminally operate an anti-colonial demarcation to the official terms of the authoritarian Estado Novo regime in Portugal. When, after Angola's independence in 1975, the Campeonato Angolano de Futebol was newly introduced as the top league in the country, the term continued to circulate as a common name.

The first Girabola championship under the direction of the FAF took place in 1979 . The preliminary round was held in four groups of six teams from all of the then 16 Angolan provinces . The group winners then met in the actual Girabola in 1979 . Minguito, striker of Vitória Atlético do Bié, scored on December 8, 1979 in the 11th minute in the game against Académica do Lobito, the first goal of the new Girabola. The game ended in a 1-1 draw.

Between 1980 and 1990, 14 teams were represented in the now single-track first division. After the association had increased the number to 16 in 1991, only twelve teams played for the championship in 1993 and 1994. Since 1995 the league has again consisted of 14 teams; Also since this year, the winner of a game receives three points instead of the previous two. 16 teams have been playing in the league again since 2010.

Most successful clubs

Atlético Petróleos Luanda is the record champion with 15 titles (as of December 2017). Most recently, the CD Primeiro de Agosto finished the 2019 season as the winner after winning the title last year.

Angolan masters

Since independence


Until independence

  • 1959: Sport Clube Portugal de Benguela
  • 1960: Sport Clube Portugal de Benguela
  • 1961: Sport Clube Portugal de Benguela
  • 1962: Ferroviário de Luanda
  • 1963: Sporting Clube de Luanda
  • 1964: Sport Clube Portugal de Benguela
  • 1965: Atlético Sport Aviação (from Luanda)
  • 1966: Atlético Sport Aviação
  • 1967: Atlético Sport Aviação
  • 1968: Atlético Sport Aviação
  • 1969: Independente Sport Clube (from Porto Alexandre )
  • 1970: Independente Sport Clube
  • 1971: Independente Sport Clube
  • 1972: Sport Nova Lisboa e Benfica (from Nova Lisboa)
  • 1973: Futebol Clube do Moxico (from Vila Luso )
  • 1974: Ferrovia Sport Clube de Nova Lisboa
  • 1975: not finished (1)

(1): The Clube Recreativo da Caála were leaders when the 1975 season was canceled after 12 match days. The reason was the game operations that had become impossible in connection with the Portuguese colonial war , which now turned into the vehemently erupting Angolan civil war .

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