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Hugo Samuel Freiherr von Richthofen

Hugo Samuel Freiherr von Richthofen (born August 16, 1842 in Neisse , Upper Silesia , † April 10, 1904 in Florence ) was a German administrative lawyer in Prussia. Most recently he was President of the Province of East Prussia.


Hugo Samuel came from the Hertwigswaldauer line of the Richthofen (noble family) . He was the son of the Prussian major general Eugen von Richthofen and his wife Eva nee. von Teichman and Logischen (1821-1892). His sister Eveline Luise (1849-1894) married Lieutenant General Emil von Pfuhl in 1881 .

Richthofen attended the Knight Academy (Liegnitz) . After graduating from high school, he joined the Regiment of the Gardes du Corps of the Prussian Army in 1860 and was promoted to secondary lieutenant in August 1861 . In April 1863 he resigned at his own request. He studied law and political science at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn . In January 1866 he became a trainee lawyer at the finance department of the Duchy of Nassau in Wiesbaden . A year later he moved to the internal administration of the Kingdom of Prussia . On leave from April 29, 1868 to November 1, 1869 to resume his studies, he came on March 14, 1870 as a government trainee to the government in Wiesbaden and to the civil administration of the realm of Alsace-Lorraine . From the prefecture in Bar-le-Duc he went to Koblenz . Since June 1874 government assessor , he was appointed to Landdrostei Aurich in October 1874 . He then became district administrator of the Ottweiler district (1876) and the Saarbrücken district (1883). From May 1885 he was Princely Lippian cabinet minister in Detmold . He returned to the Prussian civil service in July 1889 and served as a senior councilor in Potsdam . On May 27, 1894 he was appointed regional president in the Cologne region . The crowning glory of his civil servant career was his appointment as President of the Province of East Prussia on July 6, 1901. At his own request, he was retired on November 1, 1903. When he died at the age of 62, he was buried in his native Breslau .

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