Lega Basket Serie A

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Series A

Full name Lega Basket Serie A
Current season 2019/20
sport basketball
Association FIP
League foundation 1920
Teams 17th
Country countries ItalyItaly Italy
Title holder Reyer Venezia Mestre
Record champions Olimpia Milano (28 tracks)
Website legabasket.it

The Lega Basket Serie A , also known as Serie A for short , is the top division in Italian men's basketball .


The league was founded in 1920. Since 1925 it has been organized by the Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro , the Italian basketball federation.

In 1974 it was divided into two seasons, the A1 series and the A2 series. As of the 2001/02 season, the seasons were divided into two separate leagues. The teams from the former Serie A1 now played in the Lega Basket Serie A and the teams from the former Serie A2 in the now more autonomously organized Legadue , which has been called Serie A2 again since 2013 .

Since the sports-qualified clubs Basket Napoli and Orlandina Basket for the 2008/09 season did not receive a license and no other clubs were allowed to move up, 16 clubs will take part in the league between 2009 and 2019 instead of the previous 18. Nuova Sebastiani Basket Rieti , who had played as Martos Napoli , was excluded from the game in April 2010, all games of the team were taken out of the rating.

Title by city

For the list of Italian basketball champions, see Italian champions (basketball)

city title Teams
Milan 36 Olimpia Milano (28), ASSI Milano (6), Inter Milan (1), Costanza Milano (1)
Bologna 17th Virtus Bologna (15), Fortitudo Bologna (2)
Varese 10 Pallacanestro Varese (10)
Siena 6th Montepaschi Siena (6)
Rome 5 Ginnastica Roma (4), Virtus Roma (1)
Treviso 5 Pall. Benetton Treviso (5)
Trieste 5 Ginnastica Triestina (5)
Venice 4th Reyer Venezia
Cantù 3 Pallacanestro Cantù (3)
Pesaro 2 Victoria Libertas Pesaro (2)
Caserta 1 Juventus Caserta (1)
Sassari 1 Dinamo Basket Sassari (1)


17 (up to 2008: 18 and between 2009 and 2019: 16) teams are taking part in the league, after the original increase to 18 teams for the 2019/20 season did not materialize due to Avellino's withdrawal. The eight best-placed teams take part in the playoffs after the regular season . These are played in the first two rounds in the best-of-five mode, in the final series in the best-of-seven mode. The worst team is relegated to Serie A2 (until 2013: Legadue ; 2013/14: Divisione Nazionale A Gold), the second division.

Clubs in the 2019/20 season

Overview map of the clubs in the 2019/20 season

For the 2019/20 season, Fortitudo Bologna , Virtus Roma and De'Longhi Treviso rose from the A2 series . From Serie A, however, Fiat Torino (relegated) and Sidigas Avellino (bankruptcy of the main sponsor) were eliminated .

Explanations: M = master; P = cup winner; N = newbie


The main sponsor of Serie A was for a long time the Italian mobile operator Telecom Italia Mobile ( TIM ), from 2012 to 2016 it was the Turkish electronics group Beko , and from the season 2016/17 to 2018/19 the mobile operator of the Italian post office PosteMobile .

League records

Club level

record society Number of games Playing time / s
Longest successful streak Olimpia Milano 47 1961/62 - 1962/63
Longest successful streak (in one season) Olimpia Milano 26th 1962/63
Longest series of defeats Aurora Desio 30th 1989/90
record society Points Playtime date game Result
Victory with the greatest difference in points Olimpia Milano +73 1972/73 01/28/1973 Simmenthal Milano - Gamma Varese 117: 44
Victory with the highest number of points scored Dinamo Sassari 158 1994/95 02/12/1995 B. Sardegna Sassari - Pall. Pavia 158: 91
Victory with the lowest opposing score Virtus Bologna 11 1948/49 11/14/1948 Virtus Bologna - Reyer Venezia 16:11
Defeat with the greatest difference in points Robur Varese −73 1972/73 01/28/1973 Simmenthal Milano - Gamma Varese 117: 44
Loss with the lowest number of points scored Reyer Venezia 11 1948/49 11/14/1948 Virtus Bologna - Reyer Venezia 16:11
Defeat with the highest opposing score Pallacanestro Pavia 158 1994/95 02/12/1995 B. Sardegna Sassari - Pall. Pavia 158: 91
record society spectator Playtime date game Result
Attendance record Virtus Roma 14,348 1982/83 04/19/1983 Banco Roma - Billy Milano 97:83

(As of September 2017)


The player records are based on the data from the 1948/49 season, with the exception of the blocks, which are only available from the 1976/77 season. Players still active as of June 30, 2018 are highlighted in green. (As of June 30, 2018)

Playing times Games Points Game minutes
rank player Seasons
1 ItalyItaly Dino Meneghin 28
2 ItalyItaly Antonello Riva 25th
3 United StatesUnited States Dan Gay 25th
4th ItalyItaly Francesco Vescovi 24
5 ItalyItaly Giampiero Savio 23
rank player Games
1 United StatesUnited States Dan Gay 843
2 ItalyItaly Dino Meneghin 834
3 ItalyItaly Antonello Riva 797
4th ItalyItaly Francesco Vescovi 793
5 ItalyItaly Walter Magnifico 760
rank Surname Points
1 ItalyItaly Antonello Riva 14397
2 BrazilBrazil Oscar Schmidt 13957
3 ItalyItaly Carlton Myers 11320
4th United StatesUnited States Chuck Jura 9870
5 United StatesUnited States Bob Morse 9870
rank Surname Minutes
1 ItalyItaly Antonello Riva 23269
2 ItalyItaly Francesco Vescovi 20242
3 ItalyItaly Walter Magnifico 20000
4th United StatesUnited States Dan Gay 19123
5 ItalyItaly Sandro Dell'Agnello 18483
Rebounds Ball thieves Submitter Blocks
rank Surname Rebounds
1 United StatesUnited States Dan Gay 5970
2 ItalyItaly Walter Magnifico 4246
3 United StatesUnited States Roosevelt Bouie 4240
4th ItalyItaly Dino Meneghin 4141
5 ItalyItaly Renzo Vecchiato 3991
rank player number
1 ItalyItaly Riccardo Pittis 1811
2 United StatesUnited States/ Mike D'AntoniItalyItaly 1466
3 ItalyItaly Roberto Brunamonti 1276
4th ItalyItaly Francesco Vescovi 1162
5 ItalyItaly Dino Meneghin 1149
rank player templates
1 ItalyItaly Gianmarco Pozzecco 1772
2 ItalyItaly Riccardo Pittis 1454
3 United StatesUnited States/ Marques GreenNorth MacedoniaNorth Macedonia 1446
4th ItalyItaly Roberto Brunamonti 1332
5 ItalyItaly Luca Vitali * 1229
rank Surname Blocks
1 United StatesUnited States Dean Garrett 622
2 ItalyItaly Ario Costa 602
3 United StatesUnited States Dan Gay 573
4th United StatesUnited States Willie Sojourner 541
5 United StatesUnited States Mike Davis 540


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